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Program Taps Recent Grads for Startup Positions

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Venture for America
New York City-based Venture for America is putting recent graduates to work at a number of tech startups across eight cities in the U.S. The program also places graduates in other sectors, as well as accelerators, venture capital firms and economic development programs. But of the companies and organizations participating in the program during 2013, 30 of the total 47 were in the tech space, says COO Eileen Lee. Modeled after the education program Teach for America, the nonprofit’s mission… continue…

When’s the Right Time to Join a Startup?

Imagine for a moment that you’re among the most fortunate people in the world: Four promising startups have offered you a job, each company at a different stage of its evolution. You have to choose one as the next step in your career path. But, which one? The Companies: Company 1’s founder has money from friends and family, and a good idea. You aren’t being brought in as a co-founder, but as employee No. 2 you can play a major… continue…

Your New Hires Should Be Your Best Recruiters

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Team Recruitment
When you’re looking to draw talent into your company, one thing to consider is whether the people you hire can attract others from their network. Especially when you’re hiring managers or executives, an inability to bring in known quantities is a red flag for you to think about, says venture capitalist Hunter Walk. Investing in an incoming executive with personal agency can have significant returns, especially when compared to someone with great references but no former teammates willing to work… continue…

How to Cut Your Engineering Recruitment Time in Half

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Candidate Selection
Looking to hire an engineer? Aren’t we all. That’s the problem to the supply and demand equation, which is creating the engineering shortage. But Bret Reckard, a technical recruiting manager at Sequoia Capital, recently offered up some sage advice on how to cut the recruitment time in half. It comes down to employee referrals, according to a TechCrunch post by his colleague Bryan Schreier. He notes Reckard estimates that a company looking for a dozen engineers will spend roughly 1,200… continue…