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Square Offers Coding Camp to Women and Girls

San Francisco-based Square is offering an intensive computer science program for women in high school and college, joining a growing number of companies aiming to increase the number of women in the field. The programs are selective, with only eight spots available for Square’s High School Code Camp and 20 in its College Code Camp. The high school program, held after school for eight months, offers lectures, labs, a monthly hackathon and the ability to build an Android app for an end-of-the… continue…

Bay Area CIOs Predict More Hiring in 4th Quarter

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CIOs expect hiring freezes to thaw during the fourth quarter, according to a report released Wednesday by Robert Half Technology. As a result, more of the executives are bullish about filling vacant positions and expanding their staff headed into the close of the year. The survey noted that only 13 percent of the Bay Area CIOs surveyed plan to put IT hiring on hold during the year’s final quarter. That’s 9 percentage points lower than the previous quarter, when 22… continue…

Was Google’s ’20 Percent Time’ Such a Good Idea?

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When Marissa Mayer left Google last year to become Yahoo’s CEO, she took more than a decade of experience with her. One thing she didn’t take was Google’s practice of giving its employees what amounted to one day a week to work on personal projects on company time. Once perceived as a smart, even revolutionary, way to keep employees engaged, the “20-percent time” approach appears all but dead at the Googleplex, with observers wondering whether it did the company any… continue…

Google’s Buying a Lot of Valley Real Estate

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In what is described as the largest Silicon Valley office space deal of 2013, Google has leased 500,000 square feet in Mountain View, near the company’s Googleplex headquarters. Under local government rules, the new space could house up to 2,500 workers. When it comes to Silicon Valley real estate, Google is nearly as dominant as it is in search. The company already has plans for a separate 1 million square foot campus on the grounds of NASA’s Ames Research Center,… continue…

Hangout: Men Re-Enter the Workforce, Telecom Jobs

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The Dice News staff takes a look at what’s impacting careers throughout Silicon Valley. This month: Do men have a tougher time than women in re-entering the workforce? How women entrepreneurs can shoot themselves in the foot, and why telecommunications jobs are coming back. Watch our Dice News Hangout.

Here’s How to Find the Next Silicon Valley

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There is no shortage of places vying to become the next Silicon Valley. Pick your times zone and climate, they span across the U.S. Whether New York, Boston, Texas, Southern California or Colorado, each has advocates claiming its tech sector is about to get really hot. Let’s say you’re planning a career move, already live in Northern California and want to geographically position yourself to be in the Next Big Place. Where should you move? According to new research from… continue…

Distant Companies are Large Silicon Valley Employers

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Thousands of Silicon Valley area tech professionals work for distant companies, reports the San Jose Mercury News. For instance: Germany-based SAP employs more than 3,500 in the region, mostly in Palo Alto. Western Digital, an Irvine, Calif., based storage disk maker, employs 5,350 in Silicon Valley, including those at two manufacturing plants. Dell, headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, employs more than 700 workers at its Silicon Valley Research and Development Center in Santa Clara. These are just of few of… continue…

IBM to Lay Off 203 in San Jose Monday

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IBM plans to lay off 203 workers in Silicon Valley on Monday, as part of its $1 billion restructuring plan that has already resulted in over 3,000 job cuts. Ironically, the move comes as Big Blue is also gearing up to initiate a one-week forced furlough to many of its U.S. workers affiliated with its hardware operations, as means to avoid layoffs. The upcoming layoffs are specifically hitting IBM’s San Jose, Calif., facilities, according to documents IBM filed with the… continue…

Layoffs Coming to Symantec Next Week

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Symantec is preparing to cut 180 people from its Mountain View headquarters and Culver City, Calif., office. The layoffs are part of a restructuring plan announced earlier this year under new CEO Steve Bennett, and represent only a fraction of the reported 1,700 cuts the security software giant is planning to make. Back in January, Symantec announced a restructuring that called for simplifying its organizational structure – that’s code for eliminating layers of middle managers and executives – and removing… continue…

Seagate Won’t Comment on Possible Hiring

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Despite a 24 percent drop in revenue and a 66 percent plunge in net income during the fiscal fourth quarter, hard-disk drive maker Seagate Technology will continue developing a $180 million R&D facility in Fremont, Calif. In an interview with Dice News, spokesperson Brian Ziel said the company will transfer about 500 recording-media engineers, researchers and technicians from an existing facility in the city within the next 12 to 18 months. Although media reports indicate an additional 100 people may… continue…