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3 Steps to Creating an Agile Environment

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I recently enrolled my child in a Montessori school where the emphasis is on independent thinking as well as students’ personal accountability for themselves and their environment. To the uninitiated, the classrooms appear chaotic and lacking in structure, though this isn’t the case. While some may question its free-for-all approach, the program uses Agile theory to educate and whether you’re four or 40, it’s an effective, intuitive way to get things done. As an Agile PM, I often hear that agile… continue…

How to Manage a Project from Far, Far Away

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Managing projects has become more complex as companies distribute their teams across time zones. Each country has its own set of rules and assumptions about the way they work. And whose job is it to sync everyone up? Why, the project manager’s, of course.

How to Effectively Estimate Your Project’s Budget

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Project sponsors typically want to keep a close eye on their budget. They want to know what’s been spent and what the expected total will be at completion. When you’re trying to estimate budget costs , you have two ways to look into the future: Estimate at Completion (EAC) and Estimate to Completion (ETC). So what do these really mean and how do you effectively use them? EAC is simply the forecasted cost of the project. There are a few… continue…

5 Steps to Pump Up Your PMO Performance

Delivering projects on time and on budget is a common IT struggle. And it’s why many corporations leverage PMOs to create sets of standards and methodologies to help facilitate project management and enable its PMs to deliver the best results for the customer. Larger companies and specific industries tend to also leverage PMOs to boost IT efficiency, cut costs, and improve project delivery. But I find it’s important that all companies, of any size, develop a set of standards and a… continue…

Gold Plating: When Less is More

Do people gold plate anymore or do they just expand the scope to include new features and functions? You know what “gold plate” is don’t you? It’s a general term that usually means adding more to the system than specified in the requirements. I’m always amused when I hear, “It didn’t take much time.” “It works better this way,” or “I needed to do this to make the other requirement work.” It can seem like some folks are just adding… continue…

Top Tips For Managing IT Projects That Combine Offshore-U.S. Workers

Managing projects across geographic lines and cultures is becoming more complex as companies expand their workforce options. Project teams can span multiple countries as companies choose offshore resource pools. Each country and organization has their own set of rules and assumptions for they way they work, and it’s up to the PM to help the team understand that and provide those guidelines back to the team. Here are some tips for managing IT projects that combine offshore and U.S. workers:… continue…

How to Piggyback Projects Without Getting Slaughtered

If you work in a large enough IT organization, you’ll eventually need to manage your project alongside other projects of similar scope.  As you start working through the initial planning stages, reach out to management and other PMs to understand what other projects are running and start identifying commonalities. Here are some quick guidelines to help manage your efforts. 1) Assess Project Overlaps Work with other PMs and BAs in the organization to find out if there are any overlaps… continue…

What You Need to Know About Project Management [DiceTV]

Cat Miller
When it comes to getting products out the door, the project manager’s the one everyone looks at. They decide how to build it, what to build it with, how much time to give it — all while staying on-budget, of course. But no pressure. Here’s how they get it all done.

PM Priorities for Working at Home Effectively

How many project managers actually work from home? I’m always curious. Most of my time is spent managing teams or dealing with customers, so it would seem difficult to actually work from home. But some do it. I recently spoke to a few work-at-home PMs and got the lowdown on how to ensure organization, effectiveness and overall trust with the team they manage. Here are a few tips to ensure you get off to the right start and stay focused… continue…

How to Chart Your Critical Path for Project Management

Do you know how to deliver business value to your project management customers in the shortest amount of time?  No? Then, you need to start with a critical path. A project’s critical path includes all the items that must be delivered, as well as the projected effort needed to complete these items. As a project manager, I think it is very important to understand the scope of the project you are managing, and it’s equally important to understand what it… continue…