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Why Android Developers Ignore Recruiters

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Android developers are in sharp demand. How much demand? Some report receiving as many as a dozen job opportunities in a given month. While you’d think recruiters would be at the top of their pitching game when talking to such popular people, Android developers say many times their approaches fall flat. What’s a recruiter to do? Here’s what the developers say. Do Your Homework “If you look at my resume online, you’d see I’m really into [artificial intelligence] and data… continue…

Three Obscure ‘Sort Of’ Mobile Technologies

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Early in the year, I outlined trends on the mobile frontier of machine-to-machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Developments in new microcontrollers, digital radios, “everywhere” connectivity and cloud-based applications are sweeping through the consumer markets, at incredible speed. Obscure new technologies that work in concert with mobile devices are also just begging to be (re)discovered and applied by the inquisitive developer. Here are some worth noting. RDBS On M2M Devices Recently, I talked to Bellevue, Wash.-based ITTIA about its… continue…

Mobile Game Landscape Gets More Complicated

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Despite all the hype surrounding mobile games — and all the money companies are investing in efforts to push them — the business model to support them hasn’t yet made itself evident. You’d think that would give some running room to independent developers who’ve got a clever approach to attracting, keeping and making money off of players. But that’s more easily said than done, especially when the industry’s leaders are putting a lot of effort into remaking themselves. Part of… continue…

Android 4.2’s Most Promising Features

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Android 4.2’s here with a spate of welcome improvements for users and developers alike. Here’s my list of the most important. Multiple-User Support for Tablets Now users can customize their home screen, widgets and apps. Seamless switching enables a quick change for multiple users of the same device. This feature is made possible by the creation of a dedicated user space on the SD card where Google Play helps determine which APKs need to be downloaded. If an app is… continue…

Get Ready for the Next Wireless Revolution

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If you’re a developer, you’ll want to keep a close eye on the hardware side of mobile, because I think we’re on the cusp of an even bigger revolution. Today’s external devices that cable-connect to your mobile are just an interim step. A whole range of new devices is coming that will add power to your smartphone — wirelessly. The Potential’s Visible Just last week, I got both a Square and a PayPal reader. These are those little dongles that… continue…

How Android Helps Avoid Awkward Social Questions

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Iceland’s population is part of a rather close family tree, which can make for some awkward social situations. While most people are likely to know whether they’re first cousins, there are always surprises, i.e., attending a family event and running into someone they’d hooked up with at some point in once-blissful ignorance. But now there’s a solution: An app. Specifically, the Islendiga-App. Cat explains.

BlackBerry Unveils 4-Year Women’s STEM Scholarship

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BlackBerry rolled out a “BlackBerry Scholars Program,” which the company describes as a first step in a global initiative to encourage more women to pursue STEM careers. The announcement was made at the BlackBerry Live event in Orlando, by Alicia Keys, who’s the company’s global creative director when she’s not in concert and recording albums. The program will provide full, four-year scholarships to “outstanding women” interested in technology careers, particularly in mobile. Says BlackBerry: “This scholarship program is the first… continue…

Pure Android Collection: An App Promotional Powerhouse

Introduced in October 2012, the Pure Android Collection on Google Play is an exclusive group of apps deemed worthy by Google’s Android Development & Design Teams. This group of apps is so exclusive only two have been accepted since the program’s inception last year. (Watch this episode of The App Clinic, where the collection is introduced to learn more about the criteria for selection.) “These apps represent examples that follow the Android design guidelines and coding best practices to create… continue…

Netgear Contest Pushes Connected Appliance Apps

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Netgear’s launched an app-development contest meant to encourage developers to create solutions for connected homes and businesses, and to join its Smart Network Developer Program. The winning developer will get $10,000, but of course all participants will be encouraged to market their apps through the Netgear genie+ marketplace. The company wants to offer consumers more options for interacting with connected devices, like refrigerators and other appliances, which are increasingly seen as potential development platforms. Cedar Milazzo, the company’s vice president… continue…

Iceland: This App Will Keep You From Dating Your Cousin

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“She’s my sister. She’s my daughter. My sister. My daughter. She’s my sister AND my daughter.” Those classic lines from Chinatown, uttered by Faye Dunaway’s character Evelyn Mulwray, have been oft parodied since the film’s 1974 release, but who’d think that one day there would actually be an app to prevent such awkward familial relationships from occurring? There is in Iceland, where “bump the app before you bump in bed” may become the catch phrase for a generation who really… continue…