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The Creative Resume That Interested Airbnb

Airbnb Resume
Over at Business Insider, there’s a short piece on a most unusual resume. Reportedly tired of applying for a job at Airbnb and receiving no answer, a young marketing pro named Nina Mufleh decided to design an online resume that resembles Airbnb’s website. The centerpiece of the resume is Mufleh’s breakdown of why and how Airbnb can break into the Middle Eastern market, particularly Dubai; it includes listings of key regional events, possible partners, and market challenges. “I moved to… continue…

Check Out Dice’s New Skills Center

Dice Skills Pages
Ever wanted to find out as much as possible about a particular skill? Dice’s new Skills Center, now in Beta, offers at-a-glance access to information on hundreds of skills, from ACF2 to z/OS. If you’re an experienced tech pro (or an employer in constant need of tech pros), chances are pretty good you’ve heard of a sizable percentage of these skills; but you could easily spend an hour or two reading pages on skills that you’ve never heard of—Squish, anyone? Each… continue…

Analytics Suggest Gender Bias in Job Postings

Textio Screen
In March, Kieran Snyder, CEO of machine-learning firm Textio, published a piece in Fortune that teased out the stark differences in how men and women write resumes. By using her company’s software to analyze 1,100 tech-industry resumes (512 from men, 588 from women), Snyder found that women tend to write longer resumes, go into more detail about professional experiences, and include more information about their personal lives than their male colleagues. “If you want top talent, you need to recognize… continue…

Dice Report: Fastest-Growing Tech Skills

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It’s no surprise that tech pros skilled in data analytics and building apps continue to be in high demand by employers. That being said, some skills are more frequently requested than others, as demonstrated by Dice’s latest analysis of its online job postings. In the past few years, several tech skills have skyrocketed in terms of demand. Although some of these sought-after skills don’t enjoy the widespread popularity of JavaScript, C# and other ubiquitous languages and skill sets, they’ve become… continue…

A Wallflower’s Guide to Networking

Some tech pros love networking; they’ll merrily spend hours shaking hands and meeting new people. Others would jump through flaming hoops, while being pursued by tigers, in order to avoid attending a meet-up or industry get-together. For those who fall into the second group, here are some tips for dipping a toe into the big (and sometimes scary) world of professional networking: Start Slow: A massive network isn’t built overnight. If you hit two or three networking events in a… continue…

Don’t Make This Mistake in Technical Interviews

Technical interviews can prove a stressful affair: You’re never quite sure what the interviewer is going to ask beforehand, and whether you’ll be able to solve the offered problems. Sure, you can ask the interviewer ahead of time whether you’ll face a whiteboard test, a coding challenge, or some sort of app-building nightmare; you can also find out whether the interview is a one-on-one or group affair. Whatever research you can do beforehand, however, the technical questions are often opaque… continue…

Interview Qs for OpenStack Developers

Dice Interview Qs Icon
The cloud has fueled the popularity of the OpenStack platform, as well as demand for developers and architects who have experience with its compute, storage and networking capabilities. According to the Dice Salary Survey (PDF), salaries for professionals with OpenStack skills rose 8.5 percent between 2013 and 2014. Check out the latest OpenStack jobs. When searching for OpenStack candidates, Ruchi Bhargava, director of datacenter and cloud software engineering at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, focuses on logical thinkers who are… continue…

Silicon Valley Quest for Innovative Talent Continues

What’s New This Quarter How do we know that things are going pretty well these days in Silicon Valley? Because 23 newly minted billionaires told us so: The most recent Forbes list of the richest of the rich found some of the moguls in Silicon Valley are among the world’s youngest, including the co-founders of both Uber and Snapchat. The final numbers from 2014 showed that Silicon Valley’s tech economy continues to boom, with 58,000 new jobs and 42,000 new… continue…

How to Vet Your Hiring Manager

Aside from your gut feelings during the job interview, how do you determine whether the hiring manager is someone you really want to work for? While it’s not politic to ask a manager for references, there are still ways to learn about his or her background, technical skills and approach to management. Determining whether you’re a good fit with your hiring manager is important—if you accept the job, you’ll spend a lot of working hours with that person, so you… continue…

How to Become a Data Scientist

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What’s the best advice I would give a budding data scientist? Not everyone has the time or the inclination to get a Ph.D. (and doing so full time or part time is a lengthy endeavor). But there is a big demand for the profession right now, with an estimated shortage of as many as 190,000 data scientists, which is unlikely to get filled anytime soon by the people already enrolled in Ph.D. or undergraduate programs. Check out the latest data science… continue…