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The Dice News 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

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Enterprise Pizza Cutter
“Holiday gifts for your guy,” “holiday gifts for your girl…” We’re throwing out those old tropes and offering a gift guide for the tech-centric. We’re also eschewing seriousness and good taste. So whether you’re fulfilling Secret Santa obligations, finding gifts for those relatives you usually don’t shop for, or just giving into a whim, hang loose and keep smiling. Your lowest common denominator desires are just a click away. Sartorial Statements Inflatable Beard $3.95 Not everyone has the genetics to… continue…

Scardino On Board Doesn’t Answer Twitter’s Questions

Faced with a firestorm of criticism for lacking a woman director, Twitter last week named media executive Marjorie Scardino to its board. While Scardino’s appointment to the previously all-male board finally quashes the raunchy (forgive us) “three Peters and Dick” joke that was making the rounds within the company (because of its directors Peter Chernin, Peter Currie, Peter Fenton and CEO Dick Costolo), it still begs several questions, like why did it take Twitter so long to add a woman… continue…

It’s Never Too Early to Build a Robot

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More educators are developing programs to engage students in computer science, and often at younger ages than they have before. They’re teaching elementary school kids to build robots and code video games, taking advantage of new tools that let students get their hands dirty without bogging down in the kind of debugging that can discourage any newcomer. In this week’s Dice News Hangout, we explore the influence such programs can have on a child’s education, how quickly coding can grab… continue…

Where Women Find the Value of ‘Leaning In’

Carla Gentry would have laughed if she’d been advised to just “lean in” when she was a divorced mom trying to raise two boys. Gentry, who operates her data analytics business from Louisville, Ky., recalls being greeted with a blatantly sexual comment from the head of a previous employer on her first day on the job. Eight months after Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book came out, people are still talking about it, largely because workplace issues persist for women in… continue…

Coding Challenge Results: The Most Factorially Fluent

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Dice Coding Challenge Winner Badge
Thank you to everybody who entered our first Coding Challenge: Prove Your Factorial Fluency. We received a total of 61 entries, from 58 individuals — three players submitted extra entries in different languages, and I treated each one as a separate entry. C++ proved to be the fastest language, with eight of the nine fastest programs written in it. The author of one of them, Rick Matter, proved that Java could be fast as well: His Java entry took 0.00000007706… continue…

Deep-Skin Dedication to Spacecraft Engineering

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Terrance Yee loves space, so much so that the 45 year old spacecraft engineer, who lives in San Diego with his wife of 21 years and two of their three kids (the oldest is in college), is firmly convinced that the future of humanity lies beyond earth. To that end, he recently partnered in the company Black Sun Planetary Solutions, a cutting-edge, solar startup created to raise the funds necessary to advance breakthrough research and technologies that would cut the… continue…

Should Silicon Valley Secede, Or Just Leave?

Secession is a popular topic in Texas, parts of Colorado and a rural area of northern California and Oregon that calls itself the “State of Jefferson.” But now the idea of breaking away has come up in an unlikely place: Silicon Valley. Yes, we’re talking about seceding from the U.S. Some call it “the ultimate exit strategy.” Such a move – support for which seems somewhere between “serious but not really” and pure fantasy – could separate technologists from their… continue…

Silk Road: A Lesson in Information Security

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By now you know how the Silk Road, an online marketplace for all things illegal and semi-legal, has been shuttered by the FBI. Ross William Ulbricht, the alleged owner of the anonymously hosted website, is in a lot of trouble. Ulbricht was caught for a number of reasons, but what first brought him to the attention of the authorities was likely a simple Internet search. After that, the authorities were easily able to connect the dots between Ulbricht’s allegedly different… continue…

Yes, The iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Jeopardizes Privacy. So What?

Apple’s decision to include a fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S and presumably the next generation iPad, has been met with a certain level of righteous indignation from privacy advocates. If the phone stores your fingerprint, then it doesn’t take much of a leap to figure out that it could send your fingerprint to any law enforcement or intelligence agency with an appropriate loosely worded subpoena. Fingerprinting is for criminals – I am not one, ergo the government has no… continue…

Can Chen Make a Miracle at BlackBerry?

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If a turnaround is possible at BlackBerry, John Chen, former CEO of enterprise mobility firm Sybase, is being touted as the man who can lead it. Indeed, he’s being called the type of leader the troubled smartphone vendor should have tapped when co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis stepped down in late 2011. On Monday, the company said a buyout by a consortium led by hedge fund Fairfax Financial Holdings isn’t happening. Instead, Fairfax is helping put together a $1… continue…