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What Google Glass 2.0 Needs to Succeed

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As previously rumored, Google has discontinued selling Google Glass, its augmented-reality headset. The company put a positive spin on its decision: “Glass was in its infancy, and you took those very first steps and taught us how to walk,” reads a posting on the Google+ page for Glass. “Well, we still have some work to do, but now we’re ready to put on our big kid shoes and learn how to run.” Formerly a project of the Google X research… continue…

The Most Popular Bad Passwords of 2014

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Despite near-constant news of high-profile hacks, and the omnipresent threat of identify theft, millions of people around the world persist in using terrible passwords. SplashData just released its annual list of the 25 most common passwords (a list it compiled from 3.3 million leaked passwords over the course of 2014), and the results are depressing, to say the least: 1. 123456 2. password 3. 12345 4. 12345678 5. qwerty 6. 1234567890 7. 1234 (Up 9) 8. baseball 9. dragon 10.… continue…

What to Expect From Windows 10

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Windows 10 UX
On Jan. 21, Microsoft plans on giving the world a more in-depth look at Windows 10, the next major version of its primary operating system. While many features of the new operating system remain under wraps, enough details have leaked out of Microsoft to give an idea of what’s in store when the software makes its marketplace debut later this year. Click here to find Windows-related jobs. For starters, Windows 10 will almost certainly include a new browser, Spartan, with… continue…

Watch Super Mario Gain Artificial Intelligence

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Nintendo Super Mario
Super Mario, arguably the most iconic video-game character of all time, is developing a mind of his own thanks to a team of artificial-intelligence researchers at the University of Tubingen, Germany. Those researchers took a copy of Super Mario Advance, a Mario adventure for the Game Boy Advance, and integrated it with CMUSphinx speech-recognition software developed by Carnegie Mellon. According to CNET, Mario will not only listen and respond to a human controller’s instructions, but will act on his own… continue…

Is Apple Building a Stylus for the iPad Pro?

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Apple iPad
Apple co-founder Steve Jobs hated the very concept of a stylus. When introducing the iPhone in 2007, he famously declared the human finger far superior to a plastic pen. “Nobody wants a stylus,” he told the crowd at the event. “We’re going to use a pointing device we’re all born with—born with ten of them.” But Jobs’ successors at Apple might think a stylus isn’t such a bad thing: According to the latest rumors percolating around the Web, the company… continue…

Does Apple Have a Software Problem?

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Mac OS X
Over the past few weeks, the Apple-focused blogosphere has rumbled with tales of discontent about the current state of Mac and iOS software. The blogosphere is rumbling because a few of those tales of discontent come from prominent Apple fans, including Marco Arment and Glenn Fleishman. The crux of the collective argument goes something like this: Although Apple continues to build industry-defining hardware, Mac OS X and iOS have become increasingly buggy over the past few releases. While Arment later… continue…

Google Glass Undergoing Huge Shift

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Google Glass
Google doesn’t seem quite ready to give up on its Google Glass project, but the search-engine giant is reportedly making some big changes to how it develops the augmented-reality headset. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google Glass is no longer a part of the Google X research lab that birthed the project; instead, it’s now part of a standalone unit overseen by Tony Fadell, the CEO of Google subsidiary Nest. Given Fadell’s rising profile in the technology world, it… continue…

Apple’s ‘GoPro Killer’ Shows Price of Disruption

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shutterstock_Matej Kastelic
Earlier this week, news leaked that Apple had patented a sports camera, and the stock price of GoPro—currently the reigning champ of sports cameras—plunged. But as several publications have noted, the patent in question was not only filed 2012, it didn’t even come from inside Apple—rather, it was one of many patents that Apple acquired from Kodak when the latter was selling off its intellectual property in a bid to stay solvent. For more camera-related jobs, click here. As Apple… continue…

Oculus Rift’s New Use: Curbing Car Crashes

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Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 7.34.23 AM
Ask people about Oculus Rift, and those who know about the virtual-reality headset will probably tell you that it’s meant for playing video games. A few companies and governments have tested out more practical apps for the platform: the Norwegian Armed Forces, for example, experimented with using Oculus Rift to control real-life tanks. Now Toyota wants to use Oculus Rift to reduce car crashes. At the Detroit Auto Show this week, the carmaker unveiled the TeenDrive365 simulator, which is meant… continue…

The iPhone at Eight: A Brief Look Back

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Apple iPhone Steve Jobs Presentation
Eight years ago this month, Steve Jobs stepped onto a stage in California to unveil the first-generation iPhone. The device didn’t come as a total surprise: for months, rumors had circulated that Apple was working on a telecommunications device of some sort. The big surprises would come later, when the iPhone changed how we interact with our devices, with our computing lives centering more and more around smartphones as opposed to the PC. That change wasn’t instantaneous. The mainstream press… continue…