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Meet the New Venture Capitalist: Your CIO

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Chief Information Officers will soon behave more like venture capitalists and less like their old selves, making bets and taking losses while racking up the occasional big win. What’s more, their bosses are going to like the new approach. So says Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2014, an annual report that attempts to tease out the big trends in information management. Topping its list of developments is this notion of CIOs accepting higher risk than previously acceptable while managing a portfolio of… continue…

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Tournament of Sevens Contest Update: A Saga

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Tired Runner
I picked the game for this contest with the thought that it would be simple and straight forward. Was I ever wrong! The contest was due to start Jan. 1, but a sudden unexpected vacation took me to Vegas through Jan. 2. With jet lag and such, I wasn’t really up to sorting the entries it for a day or two after. I had most of my competition runner created, though I hadn’t debugged it. By that point, there were… continue…

Why You’re Going to Love Your Wi-Fi Power Strip

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W-Fi Power Strip
The promise of the Internet of Things has been around for the better part of a decade. For the most part, however, the things have been few and far between – but that’s quickly changing. Now, a combination of technologies has begun to make things cheaper, less complicated and much easier to implement. There was a time, not all that long ago, when Wi-Fi networks were more novelty than necessity. They were expensive, unreliable, difficult to configure and slow. Moreover,… continue…

Is ‘Big Tech’ On the Way Out?

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Out the Door
Are big tech companies on the decline? In a post on Re/code, venture capitalist Matt McIlwain argues that they are. Though I don’t think the evidence he cites is either new or compelling, tech workers should still be aware. “IBM just reported its seventh straight quarter of declining sales, and I believe that the value of big cap technology companies as a group will substantially decline in the coming years,” McIlwain wrote. He says the changes in enterprise technology markets… continue…

Air-Sickness Bags? Unusual Ways Geeks Spend Their Off Time

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Sick Bags
While the archaic stereotype of a sweaty, plugged into the motherboard kind of geek continues to disintegrate, we’re still stuck on the one that posits that a 16-hour work day trumps any kind of outside life. Dice News connected with five tech professionals who have some unexpected hobbies. None of them are trapped at the office. They’re fully engaged in their outside passions and enjoy sharing them with others, thank you very much. Steve Silberberg: Bag Man “Well I’m not… continue…

How Facebook Ships Code Twice a Day

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If you think of open source and don’t think of Facebook, you probably should. The social network has quietly been enhancing open source technologies, including PHP and Mercurial source control. “Facebook’s main source repository is enormous — many times larger than even the Linux kernel, which checked in at 17 million lines of code and 44,000 files in 2013,” wrote Durham Goode and Siddharth Agarwal in a Facebook blog. “Given our size and complexity, and Facebook’s practice of shipping code… continue…

Krishna Gupta: Building Startups From the Web to Your Cup

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Krishna Gupta is a Los Angeles-based technology entrepreneur, occasional hard-rock guitarist, whiskey aficionado, real estate mensch and all around good-idea manufacturer. He has his dad to thank for his tech nerd and entrepreneurial genetic material. Before starting his own business, Gupta, Sr., was a hardware/software engineer during the pioneer days of personal computing. He was on the Sycor team that built the first microprocessor for Intel. He would bring home the latest and greatest computers, introducing Krishna to computing before… continue…

Dilbert Digs at Google Engineers

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Dilbert’s cynical take on office politics can be cruel, for sure, and Google has certainly taken its blows in the strip over the years. But this time, its creator Scott Adams has pointed his pen at Google engineers and their reputation for arrogance. In a comic strip published on Dec. 27, Dilbert makes fun of the supposed hubris in the Googleplex. The infamous pointy-haired boss comments on hiring a Google engineer who’s so smart he’s “evolved into a life-form that… continue…

The Top 10 Technology Trends for 2014

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The growth of Infrastructure as a Service will be one of the top technology trends during 2014, according to three major research firms — Gartner, IDC and Forrester Research. IDC expects data centers to turn into specialized cloud infrastructure services that focus on certain workloads as part of the Cloud Services trend, while Gartner envisions a rise in Hybrid Cloud and IaaS brokers as personal clouds merge with external private clouds. Forrester, meanwhile, foresees a generic IaaS for public, private… continue…