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Improve Your Job Search With a Personal Project

More and more, hiring managers tell us that they want to hire candidates who work on personal projects outside of their jobs. Don’t believe me? Just check out a few of our recent Landing@ stories. They say the first place they look up a potential candidate is on Github. Personal projects and open source contributions are both great ways to demonstrate passion for the industry. They show initiative and can be a great way to sharpen your coding skills before… continue…

Get Ready for Disruption in Mobile Hardware

Project Ara
In spite of the ongoing battles in Washington over the economy, NSA spying, and international policy, I’m absolutely certain that there’s never been a better time to be in tech, particularly in anything mobile. I think we’ll see a bunch of new jobs evolving as we transition into the coming age of hardware disruption. It’s not just about the latest superphones with their multicore processors, miniaturized architecture and ever expanding warehouses of applications. Motorola just announced that it’s been working… continue…

Factorial Fluency Challenge Update

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Here are some Intermediate results from our Factorial Fluency Coding Challenge. Of the 27 entries received thus far, I’ve marked 11 and omitted two because of errors. Results Everyone who entered should have received an email back acknowledging the entry. If you haven’t, then please contact me. It’s an interesting example of Java v C++/C# and so far it’s C++ that has the fastest time, being 9 billion times faster than the slowest one that took 5.78 seconds. With 15… continue…

Three Java IDEs Compared

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As a Java developer you are most likely to be familiar with Eclipse, but it’s not the only game in town. Other options to consider include NetBeans and Intellij IDEA. Which one’s the best? Here’s an overview of each to help you decide. Eclipse It started in 2001, when IBM released Eclipse into open source. Back then, It was a simple IDE to let programmers manage Java source code and edit it. It’s since become a major platform that’s used… continue…

How to Move from IT Management to Programming

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So, you’re in IT management but you’d rather get into programming. How do you go about making the transition? Two of our Talent Community Guides – David Bolton (C++ and Java) and Rob Reilly (Linux) – explore the options in this conversation.  

A Walk Through the Java Ecosystem

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To a new developer, the world of Java can be a very confusing place. While Java itself is a relatively straightforward programming language to learn, there are a number of associated technologies that you really should know. In this article I’ll look at the most important ones. First is Eclipse. Possibly the most successful open source IDE ever, Eclipse is a highly useful development tool that integrates with the Java Compiler to highlight compilation errors in the background. Yes you… continue…

Coding Challenge: Prove Your Factorial Fluency

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This is the first coding challenge in a regular series and runs through October. We’re looking for you to write a computer program in C#, C++ or Java to solve a programming problem. If you win, you get not only bragging rights, but a genuine Dice T-Shirt, too (!). To enter, you must submit just source code, not executable binaries. That way if there’s a problem with your code, we may be able to fix it and of course by… continue…

New Vulnerabilities in Older SIM Cards

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It’s just over 22 years since the first SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards appeared and now they’re everywhere in cell phones and other mobile devices. They’re mandatory in GSM devices. And now it’s been revealed that some older SIM cards have a serious vulnerability that could affect 500 to 750 million cell phones out of the estimated 6 billion in use worldwide. Or maybe more, since satellite phones also use SIM cards. The vulnerability was discovered by German security expert… continue…

What is a Lambda Expression?

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Java 8 will include Lambda expressions. They’re being added in as part of Project Lambda. But what is a Lambda expression? The term “Lambda” comes from mathematics, where it’s called lambda calculus. In programming, a Lambda expression (or function) is just an anonymous function, i.e., a function with no name. In fact, some Lambda expressions don’t even have a function body. Why are Lambda expressions being added to Java? It’s because they encourage a functional style of programming, and it’s… continue…

Why Should I Care About the JVM?

Possibly the cleverest thing that Sun ever did was create the JVM that underpins Java. JVM is short for Java Virtual Machine and it comes as quite a surprise to many Java developers to find out that the most commonly run JVM (Oracle’s HotSpot) is actually written in C++. So what is a JVM and why is it needed? Portability for one, but also it allows Java code to be executed in a virtual environment rather than directly on the… continue…