iOS is what started the smart-device revolution, and people who know how to work with it are in high demand. Here you’ll find stories on development, new products, trends and advice for those who want to break in.

Google’s New Maps Shows Apple How It’s Done

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Google Maps Icon Thumbnail
The launch of Apple Maps was not one of Cupertino’s finer moments. Fortunately for iOS users–and Apple, actually–Google’s come back into the iWorld with an iOS 6 compatible app. Aside from the revelation a few days ago that Apple Maps turns out to be a good tool for getting yourself lost in Australia, things have been quiet on the Apple-embarrassment front lately. Personally, I found the service in Japan, where I’m based, to be acceptably accurate. But it’s nowhere near… continue…

Apple’s Slim Bench Strength Could Lead to Trouble

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Steve Jobs and Tim Cook
Tim Cook’s juggling of Apple’s executive ranks could be a sign that the company, built around the vision and imperious leadership of co-founder Steve Jobs, is having difficulty identifying strong leaders within its own ranks. Over the past two months, CEO Tim Cook has been busy realigning his senior ranks, reportedly ousting controversial iOS head Scott Forstall and retail chief John Browlett. More recently, Internet software and services leader Richard Williamson resigned following the debacle with Apple Maps. “Apple is… continue…

Swipe Glitch Spotted in iPhone 5

Screenshot iPhone scroll issue
As users become increasingly habituated to the iPhone 5, new ticks are bound to be discovered. Most recently a scrolling glitch, possibly hardware-related, has been revealed. The glitch manifests itself during repeated, rapid diagonal swiping. When two iPhone 4s units and two iPhone 5 units, one of each running iOS 6 and iOS 6.01 are being tested side by side, repeated diagonal swiping on the iPhone 4S  causes no issues, while on both iPhone 5s, the screen lags intermittently before… continue…

How to Get Started as an App Developer

iPad Mini
Apple’s highly anticipated iPad Mini with its  7.9-inch screen is going head to head with Google’s Nexus 7. Apple also says that it has sold 100 million iPads and that customers have downloaded 35 billion apps. These amazing numbers are the new normal for mobile. So, if you haven’t figured it out already, this is a great market for developers to get into. Both Android and iOS are fantastic development environments. Colleges are now offering very popular mobile development courses,… continue…

Apple Bites Into Its Core Management

Right in the middle of a hurricane and a Google Nexus announcement, Apple let loose with a major management overhaul. A bit of bad news may ultimately turn out to be good news for Apple fans and the tech world. Here’s the whole story. Apple announced a new iPhone and iOS 6 in September. Unfortunately, Apple also replaced Google’s Maps app with its own mapping application. Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iOS, took the stage, as usual, and among… continue…

iPad Mini Carries a Premium, Yet Justified, Price Tag

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Apple announced a whole range of refreshed products in its special event last week. The impossibly thin iMac is arguably the most impressive of all, but the iPad mini, the cheapest among all the announced products, caught the most attention from journalists and the public alike. The reason was unveiled in the event itself: Apple sold over 100 million iPads since the first version was announced, and due to its much lower prices, it reaches more customers than the iMac… continue…

Attorney General Issues Privacy Warning to App Developers

California’s attorney general this week began notifying about 100 mobile application developers and companies that they have 30 days to comply with the state’s privacy law. Within that time, they must conspicuously post an easy-to-understand privacy policy within their apps that states which personally identifiable information is being collected from consumers and how that information will be used. And the kicker is consumers must be given an opportunity to opt-in to this policy before downloading the app – not after.… continue…

iOS Meetup’s Next Topic: Facebook Developer Initiatives

iOS 6
Local iOS developers have the chance to learn more about Facebook’s developer initiatives when the Silicon Valley iOS Developers Meetup visits the company’s Menlo Park offices on November 19. Besides the initiatives, Facebook representatives will discuss how developers can work with social networking giant, according to Tim Burks, the meetup’s organizer and an independent consultant and developer of iOS apps. It’s events like this that have made the group one of the more popular meetup groups in Silicon Valley. Each… continue…

Will Apple’s Mini Bring iPads to the Masses?

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iPad Mini
Apple’s unveiled its highly anticipated iPad mini, offering up a 7.9-inch screen built into a device that you can hold in one hand. The iPad mini and its larger sibling, the fourth generation iPad, will ship on November 2, with pre-orders beginning this Friday. The entry-level mini, with 16GB of memory, will cost $329 for a WiFi version and $459 for Wifi and cellular. The new full-sized iPad will start at $499 for WiFi and $629 for WiFi and cellular.… continue…

Android Fragmentation and What Google Can Do About It

Jigsaw Puzzle
Chitika ad network’s stats on iOS 6 adoption between September 18 and October 1 should make Apple users happy. In fact, they have every right to taunt their Android friends. For right now the sad truth for Android fans is that their fragmentation persists, while Apple customers needn’t worry this will ever be an issue for them. A Little History Apple is great at building operating systems. They have a long history of creating robust products like Mac OS, originally… continue…