iOS is what started the smart-device revolution, and people who know how to work with it are in high demand. Here you’ll find stories on development, new products, trends and advice for those who want to break in.

Apple’s Doing Mac Game Developers No Favors

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Mac Games
Ever since the first Mac appeared in 1984, Apple has nurtured the idea that its products are so new, so slick, that anyone who used them was cooler than everybody else. So as the popularity of ever-faster, ever-more-realistic games climbed, it seemed like a sure bet that the Mac was going to be a prime field of competition. And then… Nothing really happened. It’s an issue that has dogged Apple for years. The products known for leading-edge graphics and sound… continue…

BlackBerry’s Rise or Fall Depends on BB10 Apps

BlackBerry BB10 Thumbnail
In unveiling its long-awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system and slick-looking Z10 and Q10 smartphones, the renamed Research in Motion has offered up a critical key to winning over developers and, it hopes, building up its lackluster app ecosystem. Can the company — now named BlackBerry — pull it off? Developers say maybe, depending on how their community reacts to BB10′s Android porting and repackaging approach. Port Me Over, Scotty “BlackBerry is working to make an inclusive platform, one where you… continue…

Don’t Sign That NDA Until You Read This

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Signing a Document
Back in November, Facebook surprised a Silicon Valley iOS Meetup when it requested that attendees sign non-disclosure agreements before they were allowed into its building to hear a presentation on Facebook for iOS. Later, some erstwhile attendees said on the Meetup website that they’d refused and gone home. Although this seemed like a somewhat unusual situation, we all know that NDAs aren’t uncommon in the tech world, whether you’re at developer conferences, trade shows, some meetups, and … even applying… continue…

SF Conference to Focus on Business of iOS Apps

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Monday marks the start of Renaissance, a three-day San Francisco event for Apple iOS developers who want to — or already have — quit their day jobs to turn their apps into ongoing businesses. Organizer (and iOS developer) Tim Burks developed the event around topics that proved popular at his hyper-popular Silicon Valley iOS Developer Meetup, though he’s also included some that he’s personally interested in, an approach similar to the one he’s taken to the meetups. The result, he… continue…

Good News, Bad News About Tim Cook’s Apple

Apple Thumb
Apple CEO Tim Cook has led the company along the path to both Steve Jobs-worthy products and a $488 billion valuation, more than Google’s and Microsoft’s combined. He got enough notice to nearly beat out Barack Obama to be Time’s person of the year. Despite all that, life in Cupertino’s executive offices may not be as sunny as you’d think. “Cook’s record hasn’t been flawless,” observed Time’s Lev Grossman, “but he has presided in a masterly way over both a… continue…

Why I Picked an iPhone 5 Over the Nexus 4

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Nexus 4
The time has finally come for me to replace my ancient iPhone 3GS. There have been several exciting new devices announced in the past few months, and I’ve been able to narrow down my choices to the Apple iPhone 5 and the Google Nexus 4. Since I’m upgrading from a 2009 smartphone, either one of these devices would be a massive improvement in every way imaginable. The iPhone 5 may be an obvious choice for me. I’ve invested considerably in… continue…

Google’s New Maps Shows Apple How It’s Done

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Google Maps Icon Thumbnail
The launch of Apple Maps was not one of Cupertino’s finer moments. Fortunately for iOS users–and Apple, actually–Google’s come back into the iWorld with an iOS 6 compatible app. Aside from the revelation a few days ago that Apple Maps turns out to be a good tool for getting yourself lost in Australia, things have been quiet on the Apple-embarrassment front lately. Personally, I found the service in Japan, where I’m based, to be acceptably accurate. But it’s nowhere near… continue…

Apple’s Slim Bench Strength Could Lead to Trouble

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Steve Jobs and Tim Cook
Tim Cook’s juggling of Apple’s executive ranks could be a sign that the company, built around the vision and imperious leadership of co-founder Steve Jobs, is having difficulty identifying strong leaders within its own ranks. Over the past two months, CEO Tim Cook has been busy realigning his senior ranks, reportedly ousting controversial iOS head Scott Forstall and retail chief John Browlett. More recently, Internet software and services leader Richard Williamson resigned following the debacle with Apple Maps. “Apple is… continue…

Swipe Glitch Spotted in iPhone 5

Screenshot iPhone scroll issue
As users become increasingly habituated to the iPhone 5, new ticks are bound to be discovered. Most recently a scrolling glitch, possibly hardware-related, has been revealed. The glitch manifests itself during repeated, rapid diagonal swiping. When two iPhone 4s units and two iPhone 5 units, one of each running iOS 6 and iOS 6.01 are being tested side by side, repeated diagonal swiping on the iPhone 4S  causes no issues, while on both iPhone 5s, the screen lags intermittently before… continue…

How to Get Started as an App Developer

iPad Mini
Apple’s highly anticipated iPad Mini with its  7.9-inch screen is going head to head with Google’s Nexus 7. Apple also says that it has sold 100 million iPads and that customers have downloaded 35 billion apps. These amazing numbers are the new normal for mobile. So, if you haven’t figured it out already, this is a great market for developers to get into. Both Android and iOS are fantastic development environments. Colleges are now offering very popular mobile development courses,… continue…