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Report: Calif. is Prime Target for Global Cybercrime

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A report from the California Attorney General claims the state’s success in business, especially high-tech, makes it a target for cybercrime. continue…

WPA2 Security Cracked Without Brute Force

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WPA-2 encryption leaves an open door to “determined intruders” with fast wireless scanners. continue…

NSA Wizards ‘Time Travel’ Through Captured Phone Calls

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Newly revealed NSA program captures every call in a targeted country, stores them for 30 days, and lets analysts ‘time travel’ to check out a new suspect by eavesdropping on calls that already happened. continue…

Google Android Watch is a Phone Screen on Your Wrist

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Google’s Android Wear watches will have voice recognition, touch-to-flip screens and Siri-like helpfulness. continue…

iRobot Ava 500 Robot Upscales Virtual Presence

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Coupled with Cisco TelePresence, the $69,500 ‘bot is an alternative to being there in person. continue…

Why Systems Administrators Are Gold

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Cloud services like Amazon’s AWS are creating a talent gap by eliminating the need for systems administrators. That means companies have to build their business without having the in-house expertise needed to run their own data centers when the time comes. The rise of cloud services providers means fewer people are developing the operational skills needed to build and maintain a business’s infrastructure. As a result, finding people who can tackle that work has become more difficult, Steve Curry, president… continue…

Apple Made iOS6 Security Flaw Worse for iOS7

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Apple replaced the random number generator that caused problems in iOS6 with one in iOS7 that’s even more predictable. continue…

New Spy Chief: NSA Needs Better PR, Not Reform

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New NSA director Michael Rogers rejected suggestions by the Senate that his agency should cut back surveillance or submit to more oversight. continue…

Russia Deploys Armed Robots to Guard Missile Bases

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Russia’s defense ministry announced it is deploying armed, semi-autonomous robots to bolster missile-base defense. continue…

Report: Target Bosses Ignored IT Alert of Impending Breach

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Target IT spotted BlackPOS malware while it was still being installed, but bosses ignored warnings, according to an investigation by Bloomberg. continue…