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Storing Web Assets for Performance and Scale

Google App Engine
There are a lot of good cloud platforms out there, and it seems like more are popping up every day. When evaluating them, you need to understand what your real needs are and not simply pick one because it’s a well-known name. For example, if storage of Web assets is critical you should choose a platform that offers the best content delivery network at the best price. If such storage is not your primary concern, and a flexible set of… continue…

Oracle Touts VDI That Goes Beyond Windows

Oracle’s joining the fray of the many providers offering virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions. At VMworld 2012, I spoke with Stuart Scurti, an enterprise account manager for Oracle’s VDI. Scurti argues that Oracle’s VDI beats its competitors because: It’s certified on all Oracle applications. They’re not just a Windows OS shop. Oracle’s VDI can connect to any OS you want it to. It has an integrated smart card. By pulling the smart card and bringing it to another machine, you… continue…

Unisys Stealth Enables Virtual Networks

Security is an obsession for everyone who talks about the cloud and virtualization. Hoping to add another layer of comfort to your security concerns, Unisys has introduced its Stealth Solutions Suite, an NSA-certified technology that stealth-enables network endpoints, making them seem invisible on your network. “You can’t hack what you can’t see,” notes Jill M. Walsh, stealth portfolio manager, Technology, Consulting and Integration Solutions at the company. The stealth technology executes low in the protocol stack. On top of the… continue…

How IT Can Leverage Consumerization

“Most traditional approaches to IT security we saw last year were fundamentally breaking down,” said Brian Madden of during an interview at VMworld 2012. Last year at VMworld in Las Vegas, Madden and I spoke about the consumerization of IT. To summarize, Madden pointed out that the world of IT had changed because users are no longer beholden to IT to get services. The endless variety of available Web services means they can circumvent IT security policies and more… continue…

Consumer Cloud Pushes Data, Programming and Networking Skills

Cat Miller
Consumer demand for cloud services from folks like Amazon, Apple and Google is driving the creation of new companies and increasing demand for professionals with a variety of skills, from data warehouse decision support and big data technologies, to C and Linux network applications. Since total cloud computing is projected to be a $241 billion business by 2020, it’s a safe bet that you’ll need to learn how to apply your skills, or develop them, to create and maintains its… continue…

Peek Inside VMware’s Hands-On Labs

Facebook Oregon Servers
One of the most sought-after experiences at VMworld 2012 was to spend time in the user labs and get some hands on experience with VMware’s latest and greatest. We got a rundown of the entire environment with Adam Zimman, Senior Director of Integration Engineering at VMware R&D. The promise of the labs is to let users get access in a full-blown encapsulated environment. More than just seeing the new technology, they get to try out different business scenarios. For example,… continue…

HP’s Cloud Services Wants OpenStack Lovers

HP Cloud Services wants to talk to people who are passionate about the public cloud and OpenStack. The HP unit is building its offering on top of OpenStack, and is looking for all types of technical talent like Ruby on Rails developers, architects, QA leads and DevOps specialists. In total it has 125 job openings, mostly in Seattle, Austin and Silicon Valley, plus some positions in Colorado, Atlanta and the UK, says Jim Ashe, a Senior Sales Executive for HP… continue…

Avaya’s Approach to UC in a Virtual Environment

Avaya displayed its new Collaborative Pod at VMworld 2012. The approach allows for the delivery of Unified Communications and Contact Center applications in a virtual environment. Interested? Here are some more points of interest: Everything runs on virtual machines over vCenter. Top of the rack delivers 10 Gigabit switching. Media gateway allows for DSP resources and PSTN access. On top of vCenter you can deploy other needed management services such as utility or element management. Includes KVM Ewitch and Compute… continue…

How VMware’s Leadership Sees Virtualization

VMware CEOs
  The morning of the first day of VMworld 2012 conference, VMware CEO Paul Maritzhis soon-to-be successor Pat Gelsinger answered open questions from the press. Here are some of their comments. With regard to VMware’s global virtualization penetration, they’re aware that while VMware is well established in mature markets, they’ve got a lot of work to do in less mature markets. Can VMware be ported over to ultra density ARM-based servers? Users technically have the capability to do that already.… continue…

Some Unexpected Benefits from Virtualization

Plus Signs
Virtualization has been sold for the host of benefits it offers, things like reduced capital expenditures, consolidation and speed of deployment. But it’s not until you actually deploy a virtualized environment that you realize some of the other wonders it can bring to your operation. On the show floor at VMworld 2012, I asked attendees — all of whom had virtualized — some of the unforeseen gains they’d seen by virtualizing. Image: Plus Sign Illustration from Bigstock