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Cloud: Throughput Versus Bandwidth

One of the least acknowledged gotchas in cloud computing is the cost of transferring data. Most providers charge for data transfers in much the same way mobile service providers do. That means you not only have to estimate how much compute and storage you might need, but how much throughput, as well. Yes, I said “throughput,” not “bandwidth.” There’s a difference, and it’s an important one to understand as you consider migration to a cloud environment. Both bandwidth and throughput… continue…

Amazon’s Seeking Engineers for Super-Secure CIA Cloud

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Having trumped IBM for a $600 million cloud contract with the Central Intelligence Agency, Amazon Web Services is hiring the hundreds of engineers and other professionals necessary to bring the spooks’ new super-secure cloud to life. The company is reportedly hiring 500 employees at AWS’s recently opened Herndon, Va., facility, located not far from CIA headquarters in Langley. Included in many of the descriptions posted on Amazon’s jobs site is a qualification already familiar to those the company expects to… continue…

Even in the Cloud, You’re Oversubscribed

Ever since Nicholas Carr wrote The Big Switch and introduced the concept of utility computing, the industry has been enamored with the idea. “Pay for what you use, and nothing more” is the current mantra and mindset, and the entire industry is moving inexorably toward such a model. Except the model’s not there – and it may never be. A true utility model, based on consumption, is not available for most infrastructure resources simply because the systems don’t exist to track such fine-grained usage data as memory and… continue…

EMC’s Joe Tucci Forecasts Future for DBAs

Wonder what the future holds if you’re a database administrator or other IT pro? EMC’s CEO Joe Tucci on Tuesday sent a clear message on the future of the data center – be ready to transform yourself. Tucci, a keynote speaker at Oracle’s OpenWorld, addressed how technology has morphed into a software-defined data center, where the magnitude of unstructured data is growing at a phenomenal rate and millions of new applications are being built to access the information from across… continue…

Integrating Your App with Amazon Web Services S3

By Jeff Cogswell If you can write software for the cloud, you’re one step ahead of other job hunters. In particular, one area you want to know about is Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s huge and sophisticated, yet surprisingly easy to integrate into applications. Let’s look at how you can program AWS with Microsoft C# and Visual Studio. Specifically we’ll look at how to store data in the AWS cloud storage called S3. To get started, you have to sign… continue…

Addressing the Risks of Your Cloud Migration

By the end of this year, nearly half of all workloads will be processed in the cloud, predicts Gartner. That means companies will have to be ready to address financial risk, data loss, downtime, business interruption, theft of intellectual property, outages and security intrusions within their cloud environments. What are those risks, and what steps are necessary to mitigate them? To explore these issues, we gathered security architects, product managers and insurance and risk analysts to delve into tactics and… continue… to Lay Off 200 Workers

Layoffs Thumbnail is cutting 200 positions worldwide, as it squeezes out redundant operations in its cloud business following its acquisition of ExactTarget, the company announced Thursday. The layoffs come despite posting strong second quarter results that beat Wall Street’s expectations. According to a company statement provided to CBC News, said: Combining ExactTarget with our existing Marketing Cloud provides synergy, and we will be reducing our total headcount by approximately 200 people globally to reflect this opportunity…We care deeply about… continue…

What are ‘Cloud’ Skills, Exactly?

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What are these elusive cloud skills that everyone says are so much in demand? IDC, in Climate Change: Cloud’s Impact on IT Organizations and Staffing, estimates that cloud computing created 1.5 million jobs in 2011. Though the white paper paints with a superficial brush designed to provide insight for CIOs rather than career guidance for professionals, other research has delved into specifics. Among them: Developers, if they aren’t already, should become polyglots and include in their repertoire of skills more scripting languages like Python and PERL.… continue…

Cisco to Lay Off 4,000 Workers

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Cisco plans to lay off 4,000 workers beginning this quarter, the networking giant announced Wednesday. The cuts amount to 5 percent of its workforce. The layoffs come as Cisco anticipates a rocky economic environment and seeks to ensure its expenses remain in line with its revenues, said John Chambers, Cisco CEO, during the company’s fiscal fourth quarter earnings call. “The economy is more mixed and unpredictable than I have ever seen it,” Chambers said. He noted that a large portion… continue…

Can You Buy and Sell The Cloud’s Future Value?

Can you put a value on cloud capacity three months from now? A number of people think you can. In other words, one day businesses may be able to buy and sell cloud computing capacity before it’s needed. But what would be involved? That’s what a panel of cloud practitioners and financial experts explored in San Francisco this summer. You’ve probably heard about trading futures in pork bellies or corn. These folks were talking about buying and selling futures in… continue…