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IT Service Broker: A New Role for the Hybrid Cloud

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The widening adoption of cloud computing in the enterprise is spurring the growth of a relatively new role in corporate IT: The service broker. In part, the need for these professionals is being driven by the growing use of hybrid cloud solutions. Gartner calls the melding of internal and external cloud services an “imperative.” “Enterprises should design private cloud services with a hybrid future in mind and make sure future integration/interoperability is possible,” the researcher says. Click here to find… continue…

Yep, ‘Flappy Bird’ Is Coming Back

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The popular game is being revived, according to its creator. continue…

Ukrainians Resort to Crowdfunding Army

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The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is relying on money sent via text to help finance troops. continue…

Smartwatch Wars Kick Off with Moto 360

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Google (and Motorola) are wasting no time with this “smartwatch” trend. continue…

Twitter Stopped Encryption Project: Report

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According to The Verge, Twitter halted a project that would have cloaked direct messages and other non-public communications. continue…

Is Apple Cutting iPhone 5C Price a Sign of Desperation?

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Apple first rolled out the iPhone 5C in 2013 as a lower-cost alternative to the iPhone 5S. Why cut its price again? continue…

Danny Kim Wants to Change How You Drive

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The Lit Motors founder thinks the two-wheeled C-1 can forever alter how people move through urban settings. continue…

Dorian Nakamoto Officially Denies Creating Bitcoin

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In a lengthy statement, Nakamoto dismissed reports that he’s the founder of the popular crypto-currency. continue…

Steve Jobs Denied Apple at Work On a Television: Report

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A new book suggests that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, contrary to earlier reports, was not working on a next-gen television set. continue…

Amazon Game Controller Images Leak Online

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If genuine, the images suggest the online retailer is indeed hard at work on an Android-based gaming console. continue…