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Introduction to Rx – Reactive Extensions

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Thirty years ago life was much simpler for desktop developers. Processors only had one core, GUIs, mice and event driven programming didn’t exist outside universities and UIs were simple affairs using cursor positioning on a text screen. Most software was developed procedurally at that time — object oriented programming hadn’t made the jump to mainstream. Now it’s all become much more complex. Windows, mice, text and graphics are all manipulated by event driven object oriented software. Technologies like LINQ help… continue…

Factorial Fluency Challenge Update

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Here are some Intermediate results from our Factorial Fluency Coding Challenge. Of the 27 entries received thus far, I’ve marked 11 and omitted two because of errors. Results Everyone who entered should have received an email back acknowledging the entry. If you haven’t, then please contact me. It’s an interesting example of Java v C++/C# and so far it’s C++ that has the fastest time, being 9 billion times faster than the slowest one that took 5.78 seconds. With 15… continue…

Is Developing in Xamarin Better Than Xcode?

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Apple makes its Xcode IDE available for free to iOS and Mac developers. Should experienced C# developers use the cross-platform Xamarin Studio instead? Talent Community Guides David Bolton and Eric Schweitzer discuss considerations such as GUI developers, debuggers and learning curve, as well as the speed of cross platform development, in this Dice News Hangout.

How to Move from IT Management to Programming

Dice News Hangouts
So, you’re in IT management but you’d rather get into programming. How do you go about making the transition? Two of our Talent Community Guides – David Bolton (C++ and Java) and Rob Reilly (Linux) – explore the options in this conversation.  

A Free C++ Compiler for Android, But…

Intel has just launched a C++ compiler for Android that compiles C++ source code and generates Android compatible bytecode. It isn’t the first C++ compiler to do it: The c4droid C++ compiler and IDE is available in Google Play for a few dollars, and the Android Developer Tools (ATD) plugin for the Eclipse IDE includes support for compiling code written in C or C++. It is, however, the only Intel C++ development tool that’s completely free for developers. Intel’s C++… continue…

Coding Challenge: Prove Your Factorial Fluency

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This is the first coding challenge in a regular series and runs through October. We’re looking for you to write a computer program in C#, C++ or Java to solve a programming problem. If you win, you get not only bragging rights, but a genuine Dice T-Shirt, too (!). To enter, you must submit just source code, not executable binaries. That way if there’s a problem with your code, we may be able to fix it and of course by… continue…

Integrating Your App with Amazon Web Services S3

By Jeff Cogswell If you can write software for the cloud, you’re one step ahead of other job hunters. In particular, one area you want to know about is Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s huge and sophisticated, yet surprisingly easy to integrate into applications. Let’s look at how you can program AWS with Microsoft C# and Visual Studio. Specifically we’ll look at how to store data in the AWS cloud storage called S3. To get started, you have to sign… continue…

5 C# Libraries You Need to Know

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A few weeks ago, in honor of our new C++ and C# talent community, I told you about five of Community Guide David Bolton’s favorite C++ libraries. In an effort to maintain equality, here’s his top five for C#.

Why You Should Learn to Use LINQ

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One of the biggest steps forward for C# came in C# 3.0/.NET 3.5 when Microsoft introduced Language Integrated Query (LINQ). The easiest way I’ve come up with to explain LINQ is that it’s almost an exact analog to SQL queries on a table in relational databases. If you use C# you should really learn LINQ. A table in a relational database is just like a spreadsheet, where every row has exactly the same columns in it. Let’s look at what… continue…

How to Build a Windows 8 App – Part I

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By Jeff Cogswell Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has been building up its own app store, just as Apple and Google have done. It supports both Windows Phone as well as the desktop operating system, Windows 8. As a programmer, you can create apps for Windows 8, upload them to the Windows store and (hopefully!) start making money. If you’re willing to create apps that make use of the new Windows 8 interface, you can make the apps… continue…