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Android 4.2’s Most Promising Features

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Android 4.2’s here with a spate of welcome improvements for users and developers alike. Here’s my list of the most important. Multiple-User Support for Tablets Now users can customize their home screen, widgets and apps. Seamless switching enables a quick change for multiple users of the same device. This feature is made possible by the creation of a dedicated user space on the SD card where Google Play helps determine which APKs need to be downloaded. If an app is… continue…

Vine Branches Out to Android

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Vine is offering its popular video mobile app on Android, branching out from its iOS base where it’s grown from 13 million users in a year. Vine, which made the announcement Monday, has not only gained traction since Twitter acquired it in October – five months after it was founded by Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov, but it’s hitting the sweetspot of pre-teens. With Vine, Twitter is able to reach into the mindset of tweens, a group who tend to… continue…

Linux, Constantly Moving

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One of the great things about Linux is that it’s constantly changing. New or improved versions of packages come out all the time. Take the case of LibreOffice. Version 4.0.0 came out a couple of months ago. Not long ago, 4.0.2 was released. I was most interested in two specific areas. First was the Impress Remote via Android capability that lets you control your Impress slides using your smartphone. You simply start your LibreOffice presentation, start the remote application on… continue…

How Android Helps Avoid Awkward Social Questions

Cat Iceland Family Tree
Iceland’s population is part of a rather close family tree, which can make for some awkward social situations. While most people are likely to know whether they’re first cousins, there are always surprises, i.e., attending a family event and running into someone they’d hooked up with at some point in once-blissful ignorance. But now there’s a solution: An app. Specifically, the Islendiga-App. Cat explains.

Pure Android Collection: An App Promotional Powerhouse

Introduced in October 2012, the Pure Android Collection on Google Play is an exclusive group of apps deemed worthy by Google’s Android Development & Design Teams. This group of apps is so exclusive only two have been accepted since the program’s inception last year. (Watch this episode of The App Clinic, where the collection is introduced to learn more about the criteria for selection.) “These apps represent examples that follow the Android design guidelines and coding best practices to create… continue…

Netgear Contest Pushes Connected Appliance Apps

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Netgear’s launched an app-development contest meant to encourage developers to create solutions for connected homes and businesses, and to join its Smart Network Developer Program. The winning developer will get $10,000, but of course all participants will be encouraged to market their apps through the Netgear genie+ marketplace. The company wants to offer consumers more options for interacting with connected devices, like refrigerators and other appliances, which are increasingly seen as potential development platforms. Cedar Milazzo, the company’s vice president… continue…

Create A Micro Network With Your Android Smartphone

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Lots of applications let you connect a notebook or tablet to the Internet through your Android smart phone using 3G and 4G. It’s commonly known as tethering and is very handy, especially when you’re away from a WiFi connection or in “roaming-portable” mode. I use the Portable WiFi Hotspot from Core Technology on my Android Galaxy S3. It even works rolling down the highway at 65 mph, although a co-pilot or passenger should probably be the one looking at the… continue…

Iceland: This App Will Keep You From Dating Your Cousin

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“She’s my sister. She’s my daughter. My sister. My daughter. She’s my sister AND my daughter.” Those classic lines from Chinatown, uttered by Faye Dunaway’s character Evelyn Mulwray, have been oft parodied since the film’s 1974 release, but who’d think that one day there would actually be an app to prevent such awkward familial relationships from occurring? There is in Iceland, where “bump the app before you bump in bed” may become the catch phrase for a generation who really… continue…

How Do You Manage 10,000 WiFi Mice?

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I recently downloaded the WiFi Mouse application for my Samsung Galaxy S3. As you might guess, it lets you control a desktop PC from your phone. The app is jammed full of features, supporting regular cursor control, left and right buttons, on-(phone) screen keyboard input and even speech-to-text input. That last capability actually worked amazingly well. Perhaps I’ll try writing a story with it next time. You’ll also understand that I was unable to resist trying out the app while… continue…

Is Your Next Development Platform in the Kitchen?

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The Internet of Things is alive and growing. Household gadgets drop-shipped via UPS, appliances, and even cars are steadily joining mobile devices on the information superhighway (which, for those of you who don’t know, is what we called the Internet back in the day). Some connect to your smartphone for added functionality. All of this is well and good, and even reminiscent of our expectations for the year 2000 as predicted on the futurist TV show Beyond 2000. And it… continue…