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Big Data Widens Opportunities for Business Analysts

Data Opportunities
One of the newest trends in business analysis is the melding of the BA and BI roles – where BAs become more like data-centric business intelligence analysts, similar to data scientists. As more companies jump onto the Big Data wagon, the widening need for data may breathe new life into the business analysis role, opening more avenues of responsibilities — and corresponding increases in salaries as a result. Click here to find business analyst jobs. Most BAs have technology and… continue…

Business Requirements Are the Foundation of a BA’s Success

Presenting Business Plan Thumbnail
Teams sometimes gloss over a project’s business requirements in their haste to begin development. They do this at their peril, and it’s often up to the business analyst to lead them away from danger. The term “business requirement” describes a need that leads to one or more projects meant to deliver solutions and result in desired business outcomes. Business opportunities, business objectives, success metrics and a vision statement are key elements. Without them, it’s impossible to clearly decide what should… continue…

9 Points to Weigh Ahead of Your Next BA Role

Thinking Man
There’s a strong demand for business analysts out there, which means you could find yourself in the sweet spot of having a number of opportunities to pick from. If you do, don’t jump too fast. Take the time to consider these points as you evaluate your offers. Remember, it’s as important for you to be comfortable with your employer as they are with you. So when you’re searching for your next job, take a look at: The company’s recruiting process,… continue…

Why Retail Analytics Specialists Need New Skills

Following the consumer fallout of the massive security breach that engulfed Target, retail analytics specialists may find it tougher to glean valuable shopping data from consumers. Consumers’ privacy concerns have already been heightened by the National Security Agency phone spying debacle, and may be exacerbated by the Target incident, making them more reluctant to willingly share information with retailers. Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan predicts that 2014 will be the year of privacy, says InformationWeek. In the wake of all… continue…

Why Business Analysts Should Value Business Models

Business Puzzle
As a business analyst, have you ever come across a project where you had to collect requirements and help design a solution for a business group, but every time you talked to someone, you seemed to get different, often conflicting, explanations of how the business works? Most experienced Business Analysts have faced this at one time or another. Many end users only know a narrow slice or view of the business in their areas. Rarely do they understand the whole,… continue…