Yvonne Lee

Yvonne Lee is the Dice community manager and Silicon Valley community guide. A veteran business and technology journalist, she reported on a wide range from microprocessors and developers' tools through finished products ranging from big iron and enterprise software through mobile devices. One of her favorite accomplishments is creating the first NCAA conference website. Her current online haunts include MOOCs and the sports forum she runs.

Recruiters Challenge Candidates on Social Media

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As employers increase their monitoring of social media websites, job seekers worry about how their search could be affected. And now there’s a new rub: While it’s not unusual for recruiters to request social media connections, some are demanding them as a condition of representing candidates. In this week’s Hangout, Dice News Associate Editor Dawn Kawamoto and Managing Editor Mark Feffer discuss what to do if a recruiter requires you to connect, and examine whether your social media behavior can… continue…

Tech Trends for the Year Ahead

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Dice News Managing Editor Mark Feffer and Associate Editor Dawn Kawamoto look at this year’s most promising tech trends, and how they’ll lead to jobs.

How to Program for the Internet of Things

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Observers say that 2014 will be the year that the Internet of Things finally comes into its own. But how many more connections will we really see between the network and our refrigerators, house alarms or microwaves? Potentially a lot, and that could mean a range of new opportunities for developers. Dice Linux Talent Community Guide Rob Reilly and Linux Pundit Principal Analyst Bill Weinberg discuss what’s involved in writing a program for connected devices, and what kinds of skills… continue…

Hackbright Boot Camp Moves Women Into Coding Careers

Hackbright Academy
Hackbright Academy in San Francisco is a 10-week boot camp with a twist: Not only is the year-old program for women only, all of its graduates began with established careers in non-STEM fields. Through its intensive training, mentoring, final projects and “speed dating” career day, Hackbright has been able to place graduates into positions as software engineers at startups and established organizations including Change.org, Eventbrite, Facebook, Flixster, Heroku, New Relic, Rdio, Perforce, Pinterest, Pivotal Labs, StubHub, SurveyMonkey, Trulia, Twilio and… continue…

It’s Never Too Early to Build a Robot

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More educators are developing programs to engage students in computer science, and often at younger ages than they have before. They’re teaching elementary school kids to build robots and code video games, taking advantage of new tools that let students get their hands dirty without bogging down in the kind of debugging that can discourage any newcomer. In this week’s Dice News Hangout, we explore the influence such programs can have on a child’s education, how quickly coding can grab… continue…

VC Associates: Your Path to the Partners

If you’re hoping to get venture funding for your startup, one of your first contacts may be an associate, like Matthew Goldstein of Trinity Ventures in Menlo Park. While you’re probably thinking mostly about a firm’s partners, getting to know an associate like him could be a key to landing the funding you want. Goldstein is one of two associates who form Trinity’s team along with eight partners. The firm focuses on two kinds of technology investments: Its consumer practice… continue…

How to Get Low-Cost – or No-Cost – Training

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A programmer’s skills need constant updating. You know the story: Technology that was hot two years is old hat as far as employers are concerned – which means they want something different today. And while it used to be companies would spring for the cost of training, that’s become increasingly rare. So, how do you get the training you need? That’s what we explore in this week’s hangout. Our panel — Software Engineering Talent Guide Catherine Powell, C++/C# and Java… continue…

The Ins and Outs of Financing Your Startup

Money Roll
You’ve got a great idea for a company. Now how do you finance it? Do you pay for it with your own savings? Ask Mom and Dad for help? What about a bank loan, angel funding or venture capital? In this week’s hangout, we look at the risks and rewards of different strategies, including how each can affect both your relationships, and your bottom line.  

4 Co-Working Spaces in Silicon Valley

Time was, people who wanted to start a company in Silicon Valley worked in their garages. Then, they began working at home and collaborating in coffee shops and libraries. Still, even if you get out for the occasional meeting, working from home can be isolating, and it’s not always the best thing for your motivation. As a solution, entrepreneurs have increasingly turned to co-working spaces – shared rented areas with collaborative space, cubicles, offices, conference rooms and all the comforts… continue…

Developing Countries’ Women Learn Tech Entrepreneurship

When you hear the phrases “technology entrepreneur” and “third world women,” chances are you conjure up very different mental images with very little overlap. A project in Silicon Valley is trying to change that. In its third year, TechWomen is a State Department program launched by former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as a means to advance women’s rights and foster cross-cultural awareness between the U.S. and the Middle East. It provides women already in science, technology, engineering and mathematics… continue…