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Yael Grauer writes about world-changing tech startups, strategic content marketing, and cutting-edge fitness and nutrition research. She also works as an editor for publishers, agencies, and brands. Find her at yaelwrites.com or on twitter @yaelwrites, or check out her portfolio at yaelgrauer.contently.com.

Is Your Recruiter Legitimate, Or Just Filling a Quota?

Recruiter spam is so ubiquitous that there’s even an entire Website devoted to collecting data on it. It’s easy to tell when a recruiter is just spamming developers with the wrong jobs. But not all recruiters resort to email-bombing in order to meet a quota; some are genuinely trying to cast a wide net for technical talent. How can you tell which is which? Evaluate the Email The first way to differentiate between a targeted email and spam is to… continue…

Best Tips for Secure Data Retention

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Corporate retailers including Home Depot, Target, Michaels, Dairy Queen, and Kmart have all been victims of security breaches, and are still feeling the aftereffects. In addition to the financial repercussions, even mainstream brands suffer from diminished trust when customer data is compromised. This trust can be difficult to rebuild, and the negative effects are often even more pronounced for small- or medium-sized businesses. To find IT security jobs, click here. Privacy Policies Being upfront with users about how long you… continue…

Is Tech Culture Really Hostile To Women?

Not too long ago, Business Insider CTO Pax Dickinson was forced to resign after he posted a series of tweets that were dismissive of concerns over the role of women in tech. In defending himself, Dickinson pointed out that he reported to a woman at Business Insider for the past three years, and that his longest tenured senior developer was a woman. The incident followed on the heels of two sexist, inappropriate presentations at TechCrunch Disrupt in September. In light… continue…

Top 10 Places to Learn Rails Online

Learning Ruby on Rails online isn’t ideal. Pair programming is considered a best practice. However, if those resources aren’t available or if you’re looking for something to supplement that kind of effort, check out some of the resources below, presented in no particular order. RailsBridge Installfest: Before getting started with Rails, you need to actually get it running. This working tutorial is field-tested and filled with details that other guides leave out. The Official Ruby on Rails Guides: “I frequently… continue…

Growth Spurs Need for Healthcare Informatics Specialists

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Some 50,000 jobs in healthcare informatics need to be filled within the next five to seven years, according to the University of Illinois at Chicago. In an infographic, The Intersection of Healthcare and IT, the university also projects a 21 percent increase in healthcare IT jobs between 2010 and 2020. Health informatics is defined as “the science behind the convergence of healthcare, information technology and business.” Put another way, it’s about IT-based innovations that can help with management, planning and… continue…

Free Software Developer School For Women Launches

In an effort to address both the mounting talent shortage in technology in the state of Washington and gender imbalance in the industry, Ada Developers Academy is launching a free yearlong intensive software developer school in Seattle for women who have no previous programming experience. The classes are not only free, but students can even apply to receive a $1000 per month stipend. But, you better act fast. The deadline for applications is Sept. 30 – just a few days… continue…

Software School ‘Smart Factory’ Opens In Minneapolis

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Two Minneapolis-based tech entrepreneurs are starting a hands-on school for experienced software professionals. The school, which they’ve dubbed Smart Factory, will open its doors in October. Combined, Founders Jeff Lin and Mike Bollinger have 31 years of experience in software design and engineering. Bollinger is the Founder of Livefront, a product mobile-app design and development firm. Lin is the Founder and CEO of Bust Out Solutions, which creates mobile and Web software. “Both Mike and I run our own service… continue…

BlackBerry Guts Sales Staff

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BlackBerry has given pink slips to half of its sales force, according to a report on the Canadian tech blog Cantech Letter. Bloomberg reports the number of people being laid off is 60. BlackBerry is cutting 60 jobs, primarily in sales, Adam Emery, a spokesman for the Waterloo, Ontario-based company, said in a phone interview. The cuts and redeployment of salespeople are intended to get employees closer to key customers in the U.S., Emery said. The news comes on the… continue…

Scaling Ruby on Rails: Practical Advice

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It’s the problem everyone wants to have — the need for scalability due to an influx of users and clients compared with what you expected when you launched your application or website. LessAccounting’s Steven Bristol is familiar with the problem. As the business bookkeeping system for entrepreneurs increased in popularity, the company worked to increase its servers’ ability to process an increasing number of requests. Although Bristol believes that scaling in Ruby on Rails is similar to other frameworks, Andrew… continue…