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Microsoft Risks Confusion With New Windows 8 Branding

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Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be launched in less than three months, and some developers and media have already gotten a look at it. But while everything appears to be copacetic, it’s not. The Redmond-based giant has stopped using the word “Metro” to refer the tile-based UI used in both Windows Phone and Windows 8, likely due to a trademark dispute with the German retailer  Metro AG. In the end, the kerfuffle may not be a big deal — as long… continue…

How Hackers Attack – Without Your Passwords

So you’re a geek with tech and gadgets integrated into a large part of your life. And chances are that, even if you consider yourself tech-centric, you don’t consciously think much about them until something goes terribly wrong, and everything in your digital life is wiped out. Your smartphone stops working. Turning to your computer for solutions, you realize that all of your data, which you never backed up, is completely wiped out. You head to Twitter to drop the… continue…

Apple May Finally Make the iPad’s Smart Cover… Smarter

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Apple may call it the “Smart Cover,” but this particular accessory is nothing more than an expensive addition that may or may not fully protect your tablet if it drops. That’s not saying much, but it appears that Apple has a range of ideas to smarten it up. In a patent application just made public, Apple detailed how it wants to make the Smart Cover a ridiculously useful accessory that could dramatically change the way iPads are being used. The… continue…

Makerbot Mixtape Goes Retro With Cassette Tapes

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MakerBot Mixtape
Over the past decade, technology has changed the way we share music. There is no longer a need to painstakingly record mixtapes and physically send cassettes to their respective recipients. The task has now been reduced to just several mouse clicks or taps. But there’s something missing. People can no longer experience the dedication in creating a mixtape. Receiving a playlist on Spotify is not the same as receiving a physical mixtape in person. To bring back this nostalgic experience, MakerBot, a… continue…

Microsoft’s is a Huge Improvement Over Hotmail

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Microsoft has relaunched its Hotmail with a new Metro interface and a new brand — Outlook. The interface is Redmond’s best attempt yet to provide a clean and uncluttered webmail service, one that’s worth checking out even if you haven’t liked Hotmail in the past. Microsoft’s moving in the right direction with both the new interface and brand name here. While Hotmail was loved by many in its heyday, over the years it became an object of ridicule, regarded as… continue…

Why an Amazon Smartphone Is a Wise Move

Amazon is reportedly preparing to join the smartphone arms race by next year, which would dovetail nicely with the expected iteration of the Kindle Fire tablet later in 2012. For Amazon, there are three key reasons why a smartphone would be a wise move, and why developers would be equally wise to take notice. Leverage Kindle Fire Strategy Reason 1: Amazon can leverage its Kindle Fire strategy.  The tablet has opened up a whole new category by being the only… continue…

Apple’s iPhone 5 Has to Be Dramatic to Succeed

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iPhone 4S
The iPhone 4S is a lackluster product in the eyes of many Apple fans and industry watchers. Before its launch, the rumor mill buzzed over the possibility that it would offer drastic improvements over its predecessor, including a major redesign, LTE connectivity, a larger screen and a new home button. Despite not living up to the hype, Apple managed to sell 4 million of the phones in its first three days. Considering that the 4S wasn’t much of an upgrade —… continue…

Why RIM Says BlackBerry 10 Will Be Worth Waiting For

BlackBerry 10
Research In Motion’s rise and downfall has been well-documented, even more so after the it announced its less-than-stellar Q1 performance in June. Aside from the disappointing numbers, investors weren’t particularly happy with the fact that the first BlackBerry 10-powered device won’t be available in the market until next year. According to RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, he’s buying more time to deliver the most polished BlackBerry experience yet, instead of launching a half-baked product. The message Heins is trying to send is simple:… continue…

Why a Mini iPad Makes Sense, Whether Apple Likes It or Not

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Nexus 7
First, Microsoft announced its Surface — one of the higher impact gadgets we’ve heard about lately — then Google unveiled its Nexus. Within its 7-inch package, the Nexus offers Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 1GB RAM — for only $199. Make no mistake. While Google would love to see Android-powered tablets dethrone the iPad, the Nexus 7 is aimed squarely at Amazon’s Kindle Fire, a 7-inch non-Google certified Android tablet with the same price tag. The… continue…

Apple Should Give Laptop-Tablet Hybrids a Second Look

Windows 8′s arrival will kick off a fundamentally new way to look at mobile computing. I opined not long ago that the new OS would be the first real threat to Apple’s iPad. If it turns out to be true, Apple will need a new game plan in order to keep its number one spot in the tablet market. The most obvious solution would be to offer its own version of a laptop-tablet hybrid, an idea Tim Cook rejected back… continue…