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Can Google’s New Nexus Face Down the iPad?

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Nexus 7
Will the new Nexus tablet take on the iPad? Google and Samsung certainly hope so. They’ve partnered to develop the next generation of Nexus tablet, which will come with a 10-inch screen and the kind of high-end innards that befit a top-of-the-line device.  It will also feature a 2,560 x 1,600 display, besting the Retina display/pixel density of the iPad. Despite Android OEMs’ efforts to change the status quo, the 10-inch, high-end tablet market remains dominated by Apple. Hardware innovation and… continue…

Wearable Camera Captures Your Day Automatically

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Digital cameras, especially those built into our smartphones, have made photography relatively hassle-free. But to the team behind Autographer, it’s not frictionless enough. Autographer is a wearable camera that recognizes the best moment to capture picture, and takes it automatically. It uses five sensors to detect changes in light, color, motion, direction and temperature, then uses their information to determine whether the scene is camera-worthy. The result: a collection of geo-tagged photos taken throughout your day. Using the accompanying app, you can… continue…

Apple’s iPad Mini: A New Generation of Apps?

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iPad Mini
If the relentless rumor machine is correct, Apple may soon release a 7.85-inch iPad Mini with a non-Retina resolution of 1024 x 768. Much of the 10-inch iPad’s success can be credited to the 250,000-strong iPad-optimized offerings in the App Store. The lack of those in Google Play is one reason 10-inch Android tablets are struggling to wrestle market share from Apple. Seven-inch Android tablets, like the Nexus 7, and Kindle Fire are faring better than their 10-inch cousins, in… continue…

Samsung Ads Say Thinking People Buy Galaxies

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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3
Apple and Samsung are at war, with each claiming that they make the best smartphones and tablets on the market. Apple had the top brand recognition in the mobile space, though Samsung’s gone one to make some of the most successful Android devices yet, beating out competitors like HTC and Sony in the process. The latest and greatest devices from both the companies are often compared not only by the media and consumers, but by Samsung itself. The South Korean… continue…

How the iPhone 5 Changes Mobile Gaming

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iPhone 5s
Apple’s new iPhone 5 beats its predecessor in almost every way. With a 4-inch display, it’s the first of the line to depart from the conventional 3.5-inch screen size, and the first iOS device to sport a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Sure, that’s nothing to shout about. High-end Androids have had rocking 720p displays for quite some time. But to the iOS app ecosystem, this is a big deal. The iPhone 5 ushers in a new era of widescreen iOS apps and… continue…

iPhone 5: Why the Unexpected is Expected of Apple

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Apple iPhone 5
Apple shoulders a lot of expectation whenever it unveils a new device. The recent announcement of iPhone 5 was no different. The company’s flagship smartphone now has a larger screen, faster processor and graphics, LTE, new reversible connector, and is thinner and lighter than any of its predecessors even with all the improvements. It doesn’t come with any novel, game-changing, or jaw-dropping features that we haven’t already seen on any other smartphone in the market. The same can be said… continue…

Windows 8 Jeopardized by Misleading Reviews

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s Windows 8 will make its debut Oct. 26th, but buzz surrounding the new operating system hasn’t been spectacular. Negative scuttlebutt has been heard from both low-level to prominent sources. Valve co-founder Gabe Nawell has been most vociferous in his criticism. From my observation, most of the complaints stem from the Modern UI (previously referred as Metro UI), which is a user interface that’s foreign to even veteran Windows users. As the face of Windows 8, it’s become an object of ridicule.  I even wrote a… continue…

Why Facebook Needs To Build A Superior Android App

Facebook released a major update to its iOS app last month, transforming the slow and stress-inducing app into a snappy, decent one. I’ve always wondered why the world’s largest social network, with close to a billion active users, couldn’t get its mobile application right. The company has finally decided to right this wrong, even if it has to build the new iOS app from scratch, using native code instead of HTML 5. The updated application may not be the best… continue… the Sound of Coding to Coders at Home

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One of the disadvantages of working at home is being on your own most of the time. But while some might consider it a blessing, not having co-workers — or even a supervisor — around means you could get lonely at some point. The lack of people working, in an environment that is hardly conducive to focus (I wonder if there’s any cake left in the fridge?) can lead you astray. If this sounds familiar, can help. The website… continue…

What Will Make Smartwatches Mainstream? NFC

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Sony SmartWatch
Tablets have changed the way we consume media, smartphones changed the way we talk to others, email changed the way we send messages. So here’s a question: What gadget, which we use every day, hasn’t changed much in close to a century? Watches. It just seems no one’s come up with a way to add real value to a device that tells time. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t trying. Early smartwatches from companies like Sony are already on the… continue…