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Vincent covers mobile, startup, social media and the web in general on Dice Blog Network. He also writes on SheepTech ocassionally, a blog he started in 2008. You can reach him on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus.

Why Spend All That Money on a Chromebook Pixel?

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Chromebook Pixel
Big companies have been known to make decisions that aren’t readily understandable to outsiders, and Google’s Chromebook Pixel is the latest in the series. For those of you who haven’t been following the story, the Pixel is the company’s self-designed laptop, priced at $1,299 for the base model and $1,499 for the LTE version. It’s got journalists, analysts and the technorati scratching their heads. Most reviewers agree that the Pixel’s hardware is on-par with similarly priced high-end laptops, like Apple‘s… continue…

Why Doesn’t Facebook’s iOS Messenger Connect With Desktops?

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Blue public phone
Given the number of free VoiP apps available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, Facebook’s free calling feature in its iOS Messenger app may not seem groundbreaking… except for its potential to bridge calling between desktop and mobile. Note the word “potential.” If you’ve managed to keep your Facebook friend list limited to actual friends, you’ll avoid the app’s one hideous drawback: Adding anyone on Facebook has become equivalent to exchanging phone numbers. The friend-happy may want to exercise… continue…

Tactus Adds On-Demand Buttons to Touchscreens

tactus thumbnail
If you’re not impressed by what’s been going on — or not going on — with smartphone technology over the past few years, good news: It looks like the days of incremental devie upgrades are numbered. More consumers seem to think that faster processors, thinner chassis, bigger screens and better camera just don’ it. And, yes, I’m looking at you, Apple. But a touchscreen with on-demand physical buttons? Oh yes, please. At CES 2013, California-based Tactus showed off an invention… continue…

Is the iWatch Meant to Be the Smartphone Killer?

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Smartphone as a Child's Toy thumbnail
Could Apple’s rumored smartwatch — dubbed the iWatch, of course — push smartphones into the backseat of the mobile market? Jay Yarrow at BusinessInsider thinks it might. “Just as the smartphone killed the flip phone, and the iPad is killing the traditional PC, something is going to come along and kill the smartphone,” he writes. I’m not convinced, at least about the smartwatch. But I do think the notion of smartphones disappearing being replaced by a technology that’s more capable… continue…

Why I Picked an iPhone 5 Over the Nexus 4

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Nexus 4
The time has finally come for me to replace my ancient iPhone 3GS. There have been several exciting new devices announced in the past few months, and I’ve been able to narrow down my choices to the Apple iPhone 5 and the Google Nexus 4. Since I’m upgrading from a 2009 smartphone, either one of these devices would be a massive improvement in every way imaginable. The iPhone 5 may be an obvious choice for me. I’ve invested considerably in… continue…

Samsung’s New Chromebook: A Low-Performing Bargain

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Samsung Chromebook
Google’s new Chromebook, manufactured by its trusty hardware partner Samsung, comes with a 11.6-inch, 1366 x 768 display, Samsung Exynos 5 Dual processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage space, VGA webcam, 2 USB ports, one HDMI port and a battery that can last 6.5 hours. The specifications are very decent, but the success of the device will ultimately depend on how many people are willing to spend money on a computer with a browser-based operating system. Although the offline capabilities of Google… continue…

iPad Mini Carries a Premium, Yet Justified, Price Tag

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Apple announced a whole range of refreshed products in its special event last week. The impossibly thin iMac is arguably the most impressive of all, but the iPad mini, the cheapest among all the announced products, caught the most attention from journalists and the public alike. The reason was unveiled in the event itself: Apple sold over 100 million iPads since the first version was announced, and due to its much lower prices, it reaches more customers than the iMac… continue…

Windows 8 Gives App Developers Big Opportunities

Steve Ballmer
At the Windows 8 launch, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer highlighted the opportunities that the new OS offers to developers. Said he: “There are 670 million devices just waiting to be upgraded to Windows 8.” And the way to reach their users, he said, is through the Windows Store, the sole distributor for Windows 8 apps. On top of that, Ballmer said, 400 million new PCs are expected to be sold over the next year. If those numbers prove true, Windows… continue…

Can Windows 8 Take Over the Desktop?

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Microsoft Windows Sketch
Microsoft begins a new era tomorrow with the release of the new generation of Windows, Windows 8. The success of the OS is critical to the company’s future, especially when it comes to the mobile market. If Windows 8 doesn’t get traction there Microsoft’s aspirations to be a player could fade away, and its influence could dim overall as PC sales slow. With its Modern UI, Windows 8 is a one-size-fits-all solution designed for both PCs and tablets, with heavy… continue…

What’s The Point of Apple’s iPad 2?

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iPad Lineup
Apple’s iPad 2 is still sticking around in Apple’s product lineup despite the launch of a fourth generation device along with the iPad mini. This puts the iPad 2 in an awkward position, with specifications that are less impressive than mini’s in every possible way but screen dimension. Yet it’ll sell for a higher price — $399 compared to the mini’s $329. The mini has the same processor, battery life and resolution as the iPad 2, but way better front… continue…