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Sony Eyes Compact Full-Frame Camera

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Sony RX1
Sony is preparing to lift the lid on a new compact camera that features a full-frame sensor, rumors say. Up until now, full-frame sensors, which are traditionally the domain of higher-end DSLRs have rarely been seen in smaller cameras – the price tags of which tend to be astronomical. That is not to say that the Sony RX1 is not expensive, it is, but with a projected retail price of $2,799, it is sill less than half the price of… continue…

Windows Locked? Ask Wireless, Battery-free System

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Window Sentinel System
Anyone like myself who has a nasty habit of leaving their windows unlocked might want to take a look at a sensor system currently under development by Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Germany. It’s Window Sentinel System uses a 3D magnetic field sensor that is described as being roughly the same size as a fingernail. This sensor is placed in the inner frame of the window and a sliding magnet goes on the bottom of the sash. The two… continue…

Steam’s Greenlight Turns to Crowdsourcing

Steam Greenlight
Valve recently pressed the go button on Steam network’s Greenlight program, which seeks member advice on what games the company should develop. It seems a natural development, given the popularity of crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Greenlight, notes an MSNBC.com post, functions in much the same way, except that it is only for Steam games. Briefly, a developer uploads screenshots and a synopsis of a game and members of the Steam-using public get to voice their opinions. It amounts… continue…

Apple’s Mountain Lion Climbs Quickly

Apple Thumb
Apple’s OS X 10. 8 Mountain Lion looks set to pass the adoption rate of the previous OS X — 10.7 Lion — in the next three weeks. It’s a fairly impressive feat for a paid upgrade that is not especially friendly to older Intel-based Macs. Apple’s OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion was the operating system behind 10 percent of all Mac-based ad impressions, according to a report from advertising network Chitika. Mountain Lion reached 10.3 percent of impressions on August 27, which… continue…

Tiny Rocket Thrusters Pave Way For Smaller Satellites

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These small cube-shaped objects are rocket thrusters that can be used to allow a small satellite to roll or adjust its orbit. That might not sound like a big deal but for nanosatellites, it’s huge. The microthruster, which was developed by MIT’s Paulo Lozano, is about the same size as a penny and weighs about as much as a typical computer chip. It’s useless on Earth, but is perfectly capable of repositioning a shoebox-sized nanosatellite in the zero-gravity environment of… continue…

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 Is Easier to Fix Than iPad

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Samsung Galaxy Note
When it comes to repairing, maintaining and upgrading Apple products, things have gotten progressively more difficult over the last few years. You deal with tricky screws to remove cases, and delicate ribbons that are complicated to fit make removing components a considered risk. Some Apple fans would have you believe that easy repairs are the sacrifice required in order to achieve the super-thin form factor of modern Apple products – which makes iFixit’s teardown of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 very,… continue…

Could Mobile Phone Throwing Head to the Olympics?

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Lost Mobile Phone
Most of us have a mobile device horror story or two that we could share. Have you dropped yours off a boat? Driven over it when you backed your car out of the driveway? Besides feeling a bit foolish do such accidents send you into some kind of withdrawal? And what’s your reaction when your boss calls you during dinner, or your mother calls you during your honeymoon night? (Don’t laugh.) To celebrate our love-hate relationship with smartphones, Finland’s created… continue…

New Infrared Lenses Could Make Driving Safer

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cheaper infrared lense
Driving at night in bad weather, or in the dark, or both can be a dangerous thing. But there’s good news ahead for drivers everywhere. A group of German researchers has created a production process that may significantly cut the cost for forward looking infrared (FLIR) lenses for use in cars. FLIR can make driving at night safer, but the cost has been an enormous barrier. So, the technology remains an aftermarket add-on to a few luxury vehicles. Thanks to… continue…

Scientists Fake Touch; Fantasies Intensify in Second Life

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A team of researchers at the University of Illinois is developing devices that allow users to experience the sensation of touch, without actually touching anything. The team calls their devices “electrotactile stimulators.” They work by turning electrical signals into sensation. A flexible circuit is installed onto a pliable, finger-shaped tube which, when it comes into contact with the wearer’s skin, tricks the brain into into thinking they’re touching something. Though tactile feedback devices are nothing new, this product takes it… continue…

FBI Thought Kim Dotcom Was Capable of ‘Mass Data Destruction’

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The FBI convinced the New Zealand government to raid the mansion of Kim Dotcom with its elite counterterrorism unit by claiming that he was in possession of a “doomsday device.” The FBI believed that the Megaupload founder had developed a way to immediately eliminate all evidence of computer-related crimes from his systems with the flick of a switch. Unfortunately for the FBI — or fortunately, depending on how you look at it — he didn’t. That’s  evidenced by the fact… continue…