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Will 2013 Be AMD’s Time to Shine?

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AMD Logo
With CPU sales down 30 percent, it would be easy to dismiss 2013 as yet another annus horribilus for AMD. But the next few years present some interesting opportunities for the chipmaker’s floundering CPU division. In simplest terms poor sales might be bad news, but in AMD’s case the situation is far more complicated. Computer sales have been down across the board for a number of reasons: The economic climate obviously has had an impact, developments with ARM processors have… continue…

Are Phablets Really a Fad?

Samsung Galaxy Note II
How significant is the phablet? If we are to take a report released by app analytics firm Flurry at face value, the answer would be a resounding, “not very.” They ought to know. Flurry sources its data from somewhere in the vicinity of a billion devices. And sometimes statistics reveal more than meets the eye. Flurry went as far as to suggest that phablets are so insignificant in terms of user base that they don’t justify support. What’s a phablet?… continue…

Why Sony’s PlayStation 4 Could Change the Game

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Sony PS4
With Sony’s PlayStation 4 set to launch some time around “Holiday 2013,” let’s take a look at what to expect from the long-awaited console. The PS4 is one of two, possibly three, next-generation consoles that are set to hit the market before the end of the year. By piecing together information from Sony’s various announcements, we can gain a reasonably good understanding of what Kaz Hirai and company have in store for us. Specifications For Sony fans, the updated specifications… continue…

NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 Could Reshape Mobile Gaming

NVIDIA Tegra 4
NVIDIA’s Tegra SoC platform has always been interesting, but with the next generation 22-nm Tegra 4 boasting six times the graphical processing power as its quad core predecessor, it’s gone from interesting to exciting. The Tegra 4 achieves this boost thanks to 72 custom GeForce GPU cores, which allow the chip to power higher-resolution displays at higher frame rates. It will be the first SoC to make use of ARM’s 1.9-GHz Cortex-A15 (Tegra 3 had a 1.7-GHz processor), which is… continue…

Gigabyte’s Twin Thunderbolt Ports Power 4K Display

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Gigabyte Dual Thunderbolt
Here’s something new for Intel’s pricey Ivy Bridge connection standard. Motherboard maker Gigabyte’s been showing off a 4K monitor array using one of its new twin Thunderbolt motherboards and the HD 4000 graphics that you’d find on any third-generation i5 or i7 processor. To pull this off, Gigabyte blended a few technologies. Each Thunderbolt chip is able to output 2K worth of graphics which can be split over two standard 1080p monitors using a DisplayPort to Dual-DisplayPort adaptor that gives… continue…

Lost Your Keys? This Sticker Can Find Them

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Always lose your keys just as you’re about to walk out the door? If so, a solution is nearly at hand. At first glance, the Stick-N-Find Bluetooth stickers don’t look like anything special but what they do is is pretty nifty, especially if you have trouble keeping track of things. The Stick-N-Find stickers are a hot funding project on Indiegogo, where they’ve exceeded their $76,000 goal with 40 days to spare. Currently in pre-production, samples have been built and beta… continue…

Olive ONE Is Not Just Another Media Player

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Olive ONE
On the surface, the Olive ONE might look like just another media player, but if you poke around in its guts you’ll realize that it’s actually an entirely different animal. The digital age has made pretty much made everything except music better. Back in the 80s, television came out of a heavy box with a tiny screen: a tiny, low-definition screen. Today, I have a 56” monstrosity that takes up much less room. The picture is so great that I… continue…

New Engine Could Fly London to Sydney in 4.5 Hours

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Rocket Plane
The British company Reaction Engines is working on an engine technology that could make air travel faster–much faster. You can’t accuse the developers of false modesty: They call their Sabre engine “the biggest breakthrough in propulsion since the jet engine.” If it manages to do everything that it’s been designed to do, they could turn out to be right. The magic in the Sabre comes from a compressed helium cooling system that’s able to cool air entering the engine from… continue…

Google’s New Maps Shows Apple How It’s Done

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Google Maps Icon Thumbnail
The launch of Apple Maps was not one of Cupertino’s finer moments. Fortunately for iOS users–and Apple, actually–Google’s come back into the iWorld with an iOS 6 compatible app. Aside from the revelation a few days ago that Apple Maps turns out to be a good tool for getting yourself lost in Australia, things have been quiet on the Apple-embarrassment front lately. Personally, I found the service in Japan, where I’m based, to be acceptably accurate. But it’s nowhere near… continue…

A Really Expensive Way to Lose at Scrabble

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LED Scrabble Thumbnail
Every once in a while you come across an example of the best sort of over-engineering. In this case it’s a board game that we all know and love, tweaked to a level of perfection that none of us needs, but all of us can appreciate. The Prague Mind Sports Festival, a game focused event that begins Dec. 1, is introducing an RFID-equipped, LED illuminated Scrabble board with a carbon fiber base. Produced at a cost of some $30,000 the… continue…