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Scot Herrick is the author of “I’ve Landed My Dream Job–Now What???” and owner of Cube Rules, LLC. provides online career advice and products for workers who typically work in a corporate cubicle. Scot has a long history of management and individual contribution in multiple Fortune 100 corporations.

Three Steps To Building Your Personal Brand

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Personal branding is a buzz word that is generally misunderstood. Every pundit tells you to have a personal brand, but what, exactly, does that mean? The simplest answer is: Your personal brand is how you want to be known in the market (including by your current manager) for the work you do. You Already Have A Personal Brand You know what your personal brand is now? It is the current perception of your work by your manager and co-workers. Are… continue…

The Simplest Step to Add People to your Business Network

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Everyone knows you are supposed to network, network, network to find out about job openings and other opportunities in the marketplace. “So go and network,” the pundits say. Great. You’ve Got Nothing. Where Do You Start? The simplest step to start adding people to your business network is this: get personal contact information for people you would like to stay in contact with and then consistently communicate with them. “Personal” contact information means the contact information that doesn’t go away… continue…

Three Critical Actions You MUST Take to Build Your Network

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Business networking has a bad connotation — we have visions of meetings handing out business cards dancing in our heads. They remind us of being back in high school wondering if we’ll go to the prom or get picked for the team. But having and supporting a business network is one of the keys to a successful job search. Even if you are not in a job search now, cultivating that business network is critical to your long-term employment security.… continue…

There IS an ‘I’ in Team, and What it Means to You

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Little Hero
Most of us work in teams with a common manager. In our performance reviews, teamwork is usually evaluated, and management literature lauds teamwork and constantly provides advice on how to improve it. Sometimes it seems teams are just little blobs of people, floating through the workplace. But teams don’t work that way. At the foundation, they’re made up of individuals. Yes, they’re working on a common goal, but really it’s not one team working on the goal, it’s five or… continue…

Two Reasons to Quit Your Job Search – For Now

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The conventional wisdom says that if you really, really want a job you’re supposed to keep searching no matter what. No matter the circumstances. Persistence will overcome everything. Never quit. Well, I think there are some good reasons to stop looking for a job and do something different, despite all the advice. And they are… Sometimes, You Need to Take a Vacation From Your Search When you are working, you take a vacation to get away from it all. Recreation… continue…

How to Plan For the 3 Phases of Your Job Search

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Which Way to Go
Job searches are simple — go find a job. But they’re complicated in that there’s a big blob of stuff you have to do to get the job. We miss the fact that we have phases to go through and need different skills in each to succeed. Comments on Dice show people responding to something not related at all to the phase the article is about. It is like the article is about apples and readers respond with something related… continue…

Job Interviews Only Have Three Questions

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Pulling His Collar
Job interview questions are interesting, tough, conversational, crazy and insane. I think I’ve written about fifty articles about different interview questions and how to answer them. Others have lists of questions asked at specific companies. Crowd sourcing, almost: Everyone going through an interview at a specific company adds to the list of the interview questions asked. When you get right down to it, though, there are only three interview questions that really count. Answer them, and you put yourself in… continue…

You Can’t Decide About a Job Until They Offer It to You

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A lot of people here on the Dice Blogs and other career sites advocate for you, the job seeker. There is their advice, of course — some of it very specific in its intent to help you get a position. After all, we want you to succeed. Often, though, the reaction we get isn’t about the advice, it’s about the job itself. As in, the job sucks so why try so hard? As in that company sucks, so why put… continue…

Three Reasons No One Is Asking You in for an Interview

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Locked Doors
Getting a job interview can be tough, especially with the tremendous competition for each position. Even if you are qualified, you can easily miss out. If that’s your case, it’s time to seriously study your resume to find out how you can improve it. Why the resume? Well, your resume is what gets you the phone interview. Your resume won’t get you the job, it won’t get you a face-to-face interview. No, it can only get you the initial talk.… continue…

Four Reasons to Use Personal Accounts for Your Career Information

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Looking Around
On my earlier post on Three Ways to Turn Off the Hiring Manager, a commenter made a really good point about career results: Keep a running list of them so that you have your accomplishments close at hand. The only problem? Putting that list on your work laptop or computer. On Cube Rules, I have a mailing list of almost 4,000 people who receive my newsletter. Every time I send one out, my in-box fills with hundreds of “out of… continue…