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Scot Herrick is the author of “I’ve Landed My Dream Job–Now What???” and owner of Cube Rules, LLC. provides online career advice and products for workers who typically work in a corporate cubicle. Scot has a long history of management and individual contribution in multiple Fortune 100 corporations.

Status Report as Killer Communication Tool

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Writing in the journal
Admit it: you hate writing a status report for your manager every week. Every manager has a different format for writing it, it seems no one looks at it, and every manager wants something different on it. Did I mention it is a pain to write? All true. I’d contend, however, that the lowly status report — written correctly — is your ultimate communications tool to show your results from your work. Consider: You prove your work delivered results every week You have an… continue…

Get Uncomfortable, Be a Success at Job Seeking

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How to Make the Leap to Management Through 'Discomfort'
Being a success at something requires you to get uncomfortable. You have to do things you didn’t do before until you become competent — and awesome — at what you are trying to do. We do not make the Pro Bowl or All Star game without going through a lot of uncomfortableness. Even great talent requires practice and honing of skills. This applies to getting a job. We’re not very good at doing it. You see, the least used job skill we… continue…

Three Essential ‘Soft’ Job Skills

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Team Tug of War
When asked about what job skills to improve, most people respond with “hard” job skills. You know, the stuff that gets you in the door from your resume. It’s the certifications you have, the awards you’ve achieved, the proof that you really know how to program 15,000 languages starting with the abacus. You know the interesting thing about all those hard job skills? They will get you in the door. But they won’t get you the job. Too many people… continue…

Take These Actions Now to Boost Your Career for 2012

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The New Year is here. Are you ready? Here are three action items you can do now to help your career in 2012. 1. Update your resume with business results from 2011 The past quickly fades from view, and if you don’t record your business successes — with numbers — you won’t remember what they were when you need them. Like when you’re looking for a new job or going after that promotion within your company. Business results are the impact of… continue…

5 Tips to Succeed in Video Interviews

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Skype to Facebook video call
The video interview is coming. Whether it’s because of tight travel budgets, or that you will telecommute, or even use video for your on-the-job meetings, video is increasing in use as bandwidth issues become a thing of the past. Throw in something like Apple’s Facetime for making everyday calls to your friends and how far behind will video interviews be in the marketplace? But a video interview is a very different experience than a traditional face-to-face interview. Sure, you can… continue…

The Secret to Networking

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Business networking is often characterized as the most important way to keep and find great jobs that match your skills. To a large degree, that’s true. But when we characterize networking as the most important piece to a job search, many of you — if not most — look at that statement and run from it. No networking on my watch. No business-card sharing, professional group, two-minute elevator speeches for you. No way. No how. Just: NO. You’d be right.… continue…

Do Your Skills Match What the Hiring Manager Wants?

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Two Way Street
We spend a lot of time talking about job skills here on Dice — the need to have them, ways to get more of them and a fair number of arguments about how many you need. The focus of these skills are what I would call “hard” job skills — certifications, programming skills, methodology skills, and all those things to show you know how to do the work. But what if all of that, when it comes to the hiring… continue…

How To Build Job Skills Through ‘Adjacency’

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Job Skills
Adding job skills to your resume is a critical practice for building your employment security in today’s job market. Adding job skills, though, gets harder to do with companies cutting back on training and not targeting what you need for your career work. One option is to look at the work being done around you and acquire new job skills. I like to call these “adjacent” job skills — the work happening right next to you. The way to look… continue…

Five Ways to Build Employment Security

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Employment security. What’s that, you say? It doesn’t exist, right? And planning for a career? Well, that’s like herding cats. Consequently, we can only build employment security – the ability to stay consistently employed in positions — in places where we like to work. Sure, one company may lay you off or go out of business, but you have the job skills and the business results to show other employers you can help them with their goals. Let’s take a look at five principles you should… continue…

The Two ‘Right’ Answers Hiring Managers Are Looking For

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Most people miss the simple truth about job interviews: You only need to answer two questions: Are you motivated to do the work? Will you fit in with the manager and team? Most people don’t realize your resume is all about getting the initial phone interview. Nothing else, just the phone interview. And during the phone interview, you must prove — to a person who does not know the job as well as you or the hiring manager — that… continue…