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Lekan Oguntoyinbo is a national award-winning veteran of several major daily newspapers, including the Detroit Free Press and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. His work has appeared in numerous other publications, including Black Enterprise, the Washington Post, Crain's Detroit Business, BusinessWeek, Workforce Management and Sports Illustrated. In addition to Dice.com, he is a contributing writer for efinancialcareers.com and healthcallings.com.

Experience Trumps Certifications for Cloud Jobs

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If you’re a cloud engineer, architect, developer or support specialist with strong cloud computing skills, you’re in luck. Demand for professionals like you vastly exceeds supply. Some 1.2 million cloud jobs went unfilled during 2012, says Marcus Robertson, chief technical officer of True Ability, a San Antonio IT staffing company. Research firm IDC says that number is close to 1.7 million and estimates there will be as many as 7 million cloud jobs by 2015. “I have hired about 150 people… continue…

7 Interview Questions About Citrix

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Citrix serves nearly a quarter of a million clients around the globe with its dozens of products. Its software includes open source cloud computing technologies as well as server and desktop virtualization tools. When scouting for engineers who know Citrix, employers want not only a broad understanding of its applications, but considerable hands-on experience as well. If you’re interviewing for a Citrix-related position, you can expect to hear these questions. How many Citrix users do you support in your current… continue…

5 Interview Questions for Firewall Engineers

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Your ability to secure data using the right mix of hardware and software is critical to a company’s operations, and even its bottom line. Among the most important things recruiters and hiring managers look for during an interview seems basic: technical competence. At the same time, they want to see that you can fit into the corporate culture. That’s the kind of thing many tech people struggle to demonstrate. This means you can expect your interview to cover areas that… continue…

5 Interview Questions for Consultants

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A key to landing a consulting job is to answer interview questions with specific examples of previous challenges you’ve addressed and a sound demonstration of your ability to tackle projects, solve problems and think quick on your feet. Of course, the right answers alone won’t get you the gig, but they could make you a memorable candidate. Here are some of the questions you should be ready for in your interview. What types of projects do you typically work on?… continue…

How to Get Started as a Game Writer

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In the four years since Ed Kuehnel became a full-time freelance writer for video and computer games, he’s stayed busy. The Portland, Ore., resident has clients throughout the U.S. and as far away as the Netherlands, India and South Korea. “It’s been pretty rare that I have nothing to do,” he says. But while there are increasing opportunities for gaming writers, success stories like Kuehnel’s are still relatively rare. “Breaking into the industry just as a writer is very, very… continue…

Less Spending, More Playing: Gaming on the Cheap

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We love video games. We love them so much that in 2011 we spent nearly $25 billion on games, hardware and accessories, according to the Entertainment Software Association. And by “we,” I mean consumers in the United States alone. Of course, one reason we spend that much is because gaming is expensive. A new game for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 can cost as much as $60, and you can expect to spend more than $50 for a new title for Sony’s… continue…

Do You Really Need That Computer Science Degree?

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Jon Cooper has spent one semester as a computer science major at the University of Florida—and he’s had enough. He’s taking a Java class this semester, he says, and the course has been slow going. “I could have learned all we’ve learned in three months in about two weeks,” he says. “It kind of sucks.” So at the end of the semester, Cooper, who has been doing freelance Web development for the last year or two, is suspending his studies and… continue…