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Lekan Oguntoyinbo is a national award-winning veteran of several major daily newspapers, including the Detroit Free Press and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. His work has appeared in numerous other publications, including Black Enterprise, the Washington Post, Crain's Detroit Business, BusinessWeek, Workforce Management and Sports Illustrated. In addition to Dice.com, he is a contributing writer for efinancialcareers.com and healthcallings.com.

NextGen Seeks Both Techs and Recruiters

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NextGen Information Services is a rapidly growing staffing and recruitment firm, 80 percent of whose business is in IT. Founded in 1997, NextGen is headquartered in St. Louis and maintains satellite offices in cities like Chicago, Denver and Atlanta, and does business in 35 states. Certified as both a woman- and minority-owned business, NextGen is is among the fastest growing companies in the St. Louis area. Diversityinc.com ranks it one of the top 100 Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States.… continue…

What Answers.com Wants in New Hires

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In the nearly seven years since it was founded, Answers, a St. Louis-based knowledge exchange that operates the Answers.com website, has seen double-digit revenue growth annually, company officials say. Jim Yang, Vice President of Products and Community, attributes the rise in part to rapidly increasing mobile traffic. “We expect to grow throughout 2013 at a sustained rate as we continue to invest in new products and lines of businesses,” he says. In addition to Answers.com, the company operates WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers,… continue…

H-1Bs: The Picture in Washington

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H-1B Special Report
The immigration reform proposals now being hashed out by the Senate Judiciary Committee include several ideas that would benefit highly skilled foreign workers. However, it’s important to keep the topic of guest workers in perspective. While the tech industry pays closest attention to H-1Bs and similar visa programs, these make up just a slice of the issues now being faced on Capitol Hill. Overall, Washington is focused more on areas like border security and paths to citizenship than it is… continue…

H-1Bs: Current Immigration Laws and Policies

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H-1B Special Report
Despite all of their arguments, those on both sides of the H-1B debate agree on one thing: Along with the rest of America’s approach to immigration, the program is long overdue for an overhaul. Many analysts are optimistic that House Republicans will bless the kind of comprehensive reform package that they’ve resisted in the past. The GOP wants to improve its standing with Latinos, the nation’s fastest-growing ethnic group, and one that overwhelmingly votes Democratic. (Of course, this assumes the current proposal… continue…

Jobs in Building Information Modeling

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Long before construction managers of the new Yankee Stadium gave the go-ahead to break ground, they knew exactly how the massive project would play out. Even before the earth movers dug up the first mound of dirt, engineers and architects had identified multitudes of possible snags. And even before physical work began, they were able to address them, saving thousands of man hours and enabling construction to finish months ahead of schedule. “It’s a very sophisticated building,” says Paul Sullivan,… continue…

A Hung Jury on Certifications

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When it comes to enhancing skills, the most often-asked question is about certifications: Are they worth the time and money? Do they really help you get that new job, or do hiring managers just shrug them off? Once upon a time, the right certification was a ticket to job security, but more recently the tech industry has reshaped its attitude. While some employers still require them, a growing number are giving more weight to experience. Some certifications are still in… continue…

How to Land a Job at Asynchrony Solutions

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Asynchrony Solutions
In the last three years, Asynchrony Solutions, a rapidly growing St. Louis-based IT consulting company, has doubled its workforce, increasing the number of employees from 77 in 2010 to 140 at the beginning of 2013.  Sandi St. John, the company’s senior manager for corporate recruiting, says that number will rise to 169 by the end of April, and that Asynchrony plans to add as many as 40 software developers by the end of the year. According to St. John, the… continue…

How ‘Zombie’ Startups Can Bring Themselves Back to Life

These aren’t the best of times for consumer and e-commerce startups. After years of seemingly unbridled access to venture capital, many have seen funding slow to a trickle. For some, investors are wary of their slow growth. For others, investors are wary of pretty much everything, and so won’t put in any money at all. Either way, investors’ caution is threatening a number of these companies, “zombies,” in Silicon Valley parlance. It’s unclear how many of these startups are in… continue…

SWOT Can Put You on the Right Career Path

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After graduating from the University of San Diego, Hussein Yahfoufi knew he ultimately wanted to end up as a CIO or CTO. But he had a couple of hurdles to scale. First, his degree was in finance. Second, his first couple of jobs were in finance, not tech. On the other hand, he excelled at IT work, and received rave reviews for his project work. Still, he knew he had to carefully review his situation if he wanted to find… continue…

Microsoft’s App Incentive Won’t Excite Many Developers

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Is Microsoft’s incentive program for app developers a sign of desperation? The software giant’s offering developers $100 for each app published in the Windows and Windows Phone stores. The cash is limited to $1,000 per store. It’s part of a campaign to take a bigger share of the market that’s overwhelmingly dominated by Apple and Google. By some estimates, there could be as many as 800,000 apps out there, but not many of them are built for Windows. There are… continue…