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Lekan Oguntoyinbo is a national award-winning veteran of several major daily newspapers, including the Detroit Free Press and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. His work has appeared in numerous other publications, including Black Enterprise, the Washington Post, Crain's Detroit Business, BusinessWeek, Workforce Management and Sports Illustrated. In addition to Dice.com, he is a contributing writer for efinancialcareers.com and healthcallings.com.

Consultants: Talk Specifics When Describing Past Projects

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Tip of the Day When consultants are asked by an interviewer to describe the types of projects they typically work on, they should make their answer as specific as possible. Don’t just talk about the technologies that were used; instead, go into whether you were brought in to kick off new projects, or if you usually work on improving existing ones. Click here to find consulting positions. Also, explain the purpose or goal of several recent projects, their current use,… continue…

How to Get a Job at Jama Software

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Jama Software, a privately held company that develops management software to help businesses solve complex delivery challenges, has seen substantial revenue growth since it was founded six years ago. Executives of the Portland, Ore.-based firm say sales have doubled each year for the last four or five years. In 2012, sales were $8.5 million, and they’re poised to double again this year, they say. So these are heady times for Jama. In 2011 and 2012, Forbes named it one of… continue…

How to Get Hired by Lockheed Martin

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Lockheed Martin is a $46 billion aerospace, defense, security and advanced technology giant. The third largest aerospace and defense company (after Boeing and United Technologies), it has a diverse business portfolio. For example, in 2012 it was one of eight vendors awarded a $15 billion contract by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to consolidate the center’s data services. Company officials say the highly sensitive nature of their business demands that they hire top-notch workers with a security clearance.… continue…

How Online Marketer Yodle Hires Engineers

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Yodle, an online marketing firm with approximately 1,200 employees, serves more than 35,000 businesses of varying sizes. The New York-based company maintains offices in Austin, Sugar Hill, Ga., Charlotte, N.C., and Scottsdale, Ariz. Business has been good for Yodle. In 2012, the company generated $132 million in revenue, and the company says revenue increased by more than 350 percent from 2008 to 2011. “We have a great product set,” says Eric Raab, Yodle’s chief information officer. “Local online marketing is… continue…

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Signing an Employment Contract

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Employment contracts are good news/bad news things. On the one hand, a contract could make your life easy in the coming years by guaranteeing a severance package, bonuses, stock options, perks and job security. On the other, it could screw you if you don’t do your due diligence. Though hard figures are difficult to come by, anecdotal evidence suggests that more companies are requiring new employees to sign contracts. “I have seen more employment contracts than I used to see… continue…

Four Strategies for Overcoming Degree Requirements

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Matt Goldenberg’s client wanted to get into Web marketing and analytics. He had an aptitude for his work at a real estate company but faced one big hurdle: He lacked a Computer Science degree, and many of the job postings he’d seen required one. So Goldenberg, a Portland, Ore., Career Coach, devised a clever strategy.  He had the client approach his current employer with a plan to do some Web marketing for the company, at a reduced rate. In exchange,… continue…

Ancestry.com is Hiring; Here’s How to Get One of Its Jobs

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Claiming 2.1 million subscribers, Provo, Utah-based Ancestry.com bills itself as the world’s largest family history resource. It began as Ancestry Publishing in 1983, producing genealogical books and magazine titles. Today, its properties include MyFamily.com, family-tree generator Mundia.com, Newspapers.com, AncestryDNA and Archives.com. Ancestry.com has more than 1,300 employees. Although the majority work in Provo, the company also has offices in San Francisco, Sydney, London, Dublin, Munich and Stockholm. Revenues have jumped significantly over the last five years, from $166 million in… continue…

How to Get Hired by Cloudera

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Cloudera, a Palo Alto, Calif., open source Big Data platform provider, offers Hadoop-based software support and services. Four years old and privately owned, the company guards its internal information closely. Officials there declined to share information on its number of employees, hiring plans and revenue. However, they say it’s growing steadily because of increasing demand for Hadoop solutions and Big Data processing, and that growth means they’re always looking for tech professionals to join their team. Read more Dice Landing@… continue…

Why Hadoop Works for NSA’s Prism

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While news of the government’s monitoring of Internet and telephone communications took many by surprise, subsequent reports that officials harnessed Apache Hadoop to help process the data was simply logical to many Big Data experts. Although Hadoop is just one of the components of the NSA’s Big Data-based surveillance program, reports indicate the NSA considers it critical to the initiative. First developed about seven years ago, Hadoop is open source and frequently lauded as easy to use. It requires relatively… continue…

Interview Questions for Hadoop Developers

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Hadoop is an open distributed software framework that enables programmers to run an enormous number of nodes handling terabytes of data. One of its most significant abilities is allowing a system to continue to operate even if a significant number of nodes fail. Since Hadoop is continuing to mature, hiring managers and recruiters are finding few Hadoop specialists out there. Consequently, many of those being hired for Hadoop-heavy jobs are those able to demonstrate that they can learn it quickly… continue…