UI Design: Two Choices, a Third Answer

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Options for Commands Are Good
User Interface (UI) design can be contentious. Often I heard people talking about it and inevitably an argument breaks out: one person says that one way is the best way to achieve a task, and the other person has another idea. After a heated debate, neither gives up and the problem remains. How do designers appease a wide variety of audiences for their software? Considering that no two people are alike: everyone has a slightly different approach to things. Both… continue…

SOPA: Due Process Is for Chumps!

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freedom of speech
The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) [H.R.3261] would subvert the rights and protections from tyranny listed in the United States Constitution. Why? Here’s what I think. But first a little “digital lawn” tending. {Translation: back story explaining my philosophy on things.} One of my pet peeves is people who like to distort things to make them or their ideas look good in order to get people to side with them. One of the first tricks is to get you to… continue…

Apple’s iTV: Some Don’t Like What They Haven’t Seen

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Apple iTV Highlight Screen
Did I already write and publish my axiom about Tech pundits? If not, it goes something like this: The minute a tech pundit starts dismissing new technology, they lose touch of their field and lose relevancy. I’ve always followed the “Evolve or Die” axiom, and try to learn one new thing a year. So, often I touch on those that say, “I can’t” or “This (insert new technology) won’t work” and hold them up as examples of how defeatist attitudes… continue…