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Myra Thomas is an award-winning business reporter. She started her career in finance, eventually becoming AVP for a Lloyd’s of London intermediary. She applies her extensive business knowledge to the world of reporting. Her stories run the gamut of topics, including tech, banking, healthcare, personal finance, and small business. She has a BA from Vassar College and an MFA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Myra lives in Fanwood, New Jersey with her husband, two daughters, and two fierce Cairn Terriers.

Why Microsoft Can’t Find Ballmer’s Replacement

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Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer
Microsoft still hasn’t found a replacement for outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer, despite its stated intention of having a new boss in place early this year. And the truth is, according to The Wall Street Journal, the company had really planned to have the job filled before the end of 2013. What’s the problem? According to the Journal, it’s the lingering presence of both Ballmer and Bill Gates. Ballmer may be giving up the company’s top spot, but there’s no indication… continue…

How Women Can Change the Tech Investment Landscape

Woman Investor
It’s inevitable that sometimes women tech entrepreneurs will face gender bias when they’re out pitching investors. Still, it pays to be persistent. Because, like their male counterparts, women can still gain contacts and feedback that will be helpful in the future, even when they don’t get the answer they want. While the blogosphere is filled with posts about how women can’t secure funding, the truth is women simply aren’t pitching enough, says Natalia Oberti Noguera, founder and CEO of the Pipeline… continue…

Closings, Mergers Threaten Hospital IT Jobs

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Health IT
IT workers at the nation’s hospitals are watching as healthcare’s shifting tides reshape how they do their jobs – and if they’ll be able to keep them. Hospitals are grappling with regulatory changes, shrinking Medicare reimbursements, HIPAA-related privacy and security issues and, more than anything else, significant budget cuts. In turn, IT personnel are facing layoffs, and some are rethinking how and where they work. Nowadays, the rate of hospital closures and acquisitions is rising. The Centers for Disease Control… continue…

Dilbert Digs at Google Engineers

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Dilbert’s cynical take on office politics can be cruel, for sure, and Google has certainly taken its blows in the strip over the years. But this time, its creator Scott Adams has pointed his pen at Google engineers and their reputation for arrogance. In a comic strip published on Dec. 27, Dilbert makes fun of the supposed hubris in the Googleplex. The infamous pointy-haired boss comments on hiring a Google engineer who’s so smart he’s “evolved into a life-form that… continue…

Y Combinator Garners Increasing Global Attention

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Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator is gaining global interest among entrepreneurs, says its co-founder Paul Graham. Bloomberg reports that the organization is expected to admit about 70 startups from 22 countries, including such places as Croatia, Denmark, Israel, South Korea, Switzerland and Turkey. “The thing we noticed about this batch was that the startups are from farther afield,” Graham wrote in an e-mail. “Although we’ve had lots of foreign founders in the past, most have been from countries like Canada,… continue…

3 Things to Remember When Selling Your Tech Company

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Sold Sign
You might imagine that every tech entrepreneur is just waiting for the moment when they can cash out of their company. But if you’re selling – rather than going for the vaunted IPO – doing the deal can be a complicated process, not to mention an emotional journey. For starters, there’s setting a fair price for the venture. And, if you’ve spent years building the technology behind the company, as well as handling the nuts and bolts of running the… continue…

Microsoft to Hire for Washington Data Center Expansion

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Hiring 250x200
Microsoft plans to expand its data center operations in Quincy, Wash., with construction on the new center expected to begin in the spring of 2014, according to the Columbia Basin Herald. The first phase of the expansion is plotted for completion by early 2015 and will create about 100 full-time jobs, as well as a number of indirect jobs, according to the company. “As demand grows for our online and cloud services, Microsoft is anticipating growth in its cloud infrastructure… continue…

Why Negotiation Skills Are Vital for Women in Tech

Contract Negotiation
In their book Women Don’t Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide, economist Linda Babcock and writer Sara Laschever argue that women are less likely to negotiate on the job. They contend that their inability to be assertive in the work world leads women to lose out on pay raises and miss out on promotions. Obviously, that’s a real problem: Negotiation can be a way to increase job satisfaction, decrease attrition and rise up the ranks. According to a study by… continue…

Benjamin Moore Cuts, Outsources IT

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Benjamin Moore Logo
Paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore is laying off about half of its IT department — more than 50 people — as it outsources its technology operations to an unnamed India-based vendor, according to the New York Post. “They’re laying them off in waves in the spring, and they’re being forced [now] to train the people that are going to replace them,” a source told the Post. “This is the new culture.” The move comes as Montvale, N.J.-based Benjamin Moore freezes the… continue…

Angels Should Mentor, Not Just Provide Cash

Tech entrepreneurs need mentors. No one questions that. But few consider the idea that angel investors – in addition to providing money – can offer coaching and advice. According to Brian S. Cohen, chairman of New York Angels and co-author of What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know: An Insider Reveals How to Get Smart Funding for Your Billion Dollar Idea,” entrepreneurs should seek out angels who can provide tech and business expertise. Having been both an entrepreneur and… continue…