Lori Mac Vittie

Lori MacVittie is a subject matter expert on cloud computing, cloud and application security, and application delivery responsible for education and evangelism across F5’s entire product suite. MacVittie has extensive development and technical architecture experience in both high-tech and enterprise organizations, in addition to network and systems administration expertise. Prior to joining F5, MacVittie was an award-winning technology editor at Network Computing Magazine. She holds a B.S. in Information and Computing Science from the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, and an M.S. in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University, and is an O’Reilly author.

Imagine if OpenStack Could Get Its Act Together

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Linux won. If you think that statement is inaccurate you need only look at the nearest Android device or AMI options on Amazon to find out you’re mostly wrong. It took years — more than a decade and then some — but Linux has not only arrived, it’s nearly taken over the world. Fast forward 10 years and we’re looking at another highly recognizable open source effort, OpenStack. OpenStack is most often referenced in conjunction with cloud because it’s seen as one… continue…

Why You Should Back Up Your Cloud

Backup Key
IT professionals are well aware of the need to retain documents based on everything from regulatory compliance to corporate policies. What many don’t consider is that data migrated to the cloud still may require a backup plan. A recent article in CIO Magazine makes this point: He [Holger Mueller, an analyst with Constellation Research] says IT leaders should pay attention to the fine print in agreements with cloud providers, which often don’t provide timely or complete data backup. If you… continue…

Why DevOps Is CPR for Cloud Applications

In the old days (all you kids, get off my lawn!) moving an application from any environment to production was, well, quite the production. There was the scheduling, the change control meetings, the coordinate and the sign offs — oh the sign offs. Once all that was complete, there was the Saturday night (because maintenance windows only happen on Saturday nights, don’t you know?) move that required everyone responsible (across all impacted teams) be present and ready to test. If… continue…

Cloud: Throughput Versus Bandwidth

One of the least acknowledged gotchas in cloud computing is the cost of transferring data. Most providers charge for data transfers in much the same way mobile service providers do. That means you not only have to estimate how much compute and storage you might need, but how much throughput, as well. Yes, I said “throughput,” not “bandwidth.” There’s a difference, and it’s an important one to understand as you consider migration to a cloud environment. Both bandwidth and throughput… continue…

Even in the Cloud, You’re Oversubscribed

Ever since Nicholas Carr wrote The Big Switch and introduced the concept of utility computing, the industry has been enamored with the idea. “Pay for what you use, and nothing more” is the current mantra and mindset, and the entire industry is moving inexorably toward such a model. Except the model’s not there – and it may never be. A true utility model, based on consumption, is not available for most infrastructure resources simply because the systems don’t exist to track such fine-grained usage data as memory and… continue…

What are ‘Cloud’ Skills, Exactly?

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What are these elusive cloud skills that everyone says are so much in demand? IDC, in Climate Change: Cloud’s Impact on IT Organizations and Staffing, estimates that cloud computing created 1.5 million jobs in 2011. Though the white paper paints with a superficial brush designed to provide insight for CIOs rather than career guidance for professionals, other research has delved into specifics. Among them: Developers, if they aren’t already, should become polyglots and include in their repertoire of skills more scripting languages like Python and PERL.… continue…