Leslie Stevens-Huffman

Leslie Stevens-Huffman is a business and careers writer based in Southern California. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the staffing industry and has been writing articles, blog posts and moderating the Dice Discussion Board since 2006. In addition to her writing pursuits, Leslie is a part-time instructor for UC Irvine Extension and a member of the Human Capital Institute’s Contract Talent Advisory Board. Leslie has a bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism from the University of Southern California.

Discussion: Should I Jump to a Startup?

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A Dice News reader asks: I’ve spent my entire career in the corporate world, but there’s an interesting startup I’d like to work for. How can I decide whether to make the jump? The answer, of course, depends on how you feel about your own situation and the company’s prospects. Ask yourself these questions: How will this move impact my career? If you’re a well-connected professional with highly marketable skills, then you may have little to lose — and possibly… continue…

Interview Answers for Big Data Architects

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Big Data architects are the ones responsible for designing the domain where the data resides, but they don’t operate in a vacuum. Whether they use Hadoop, Storm, NoSQL or MapReduce, these versatile builders must consider the vision and needs of data scientists and analysts when creating their technical blueprint. “Big data architects need to demonstrate their flexibility when answering technical questions,” says R. Emmett O’Ryan, the Dice Big Data Talent Community guide. “Each platform design has pros and cons, and… continue…

Interview Questions for C++ Programmers

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Even if you know C++ syntax and have memorized STL components, you could stumble during a technical interview since some managers like to explore the boundary of a programmer’s C++ knowledge. To make sure you land on your feet, we asked Dice C++ Community Guide David Bolton to share a few standard questions, as well as some posed by these boundary explorers. Is it legal and moral for a member function to say delete this? What Most People Say: No,… continue…

How to Answer ‘Where Else Are You Interviewing?’

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One of our community members asked: How should I respond when hiring managers ask where else I’ve been interviewing? If I say nowhere, they’ll think I’m desperate. Or, they may think their job is my second choice if I mention high profile companies. What do I do? This question requires a strategic response. The key is to provide just enough information to satisfy the interviewer’s curiosity without hurting your chances. Here’s how to do it. Describe the companies without mentioning… continue…

How to Run a Background Check on Yourself

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You’d probably check your credit score before shopping for a house or car, so why not apply the same strategy to your job search? Since 90 percent of U.S. companies run a criminal background check on applicants, making sure your record is clean and accurate will give you peace of mind, or prepare you for questions you may be asked. You can hire an agency like Been Verified, some of which provide a free app or initial search. Or, you… continue…

Technical Interview Questions for Linux DevOps

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Demand for DevOps professionals is soaring as companies find that those with development and operations experience can accelerate the development process and produce more reliable software. As a result, more people are pursuing DevOps opportunities involving accessible open source programs like Linux, says Rob Reilly, the Dice Linux Talent Community guide. However, he issues a warning for those trying to break in: DevOps is a very tough niche. “The roles can be exceedingly technical and there’s no faking or embellishing… continue…

How to Answer Inappropriate Interview Questions

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You’re in the middle of a job interview when, out of the blue, the manager asks what your significant other does for a living. Questions about your age, race, national origin, gender, religion, marital status and sexual orientation are strictly off-limits, but how do you respond to those that solicit irrelevant or personal information? Should you tap dance around the issue or put the boor in his place? Gather your things and head for the nearest exit? The answer depends… continue…

Tech Interview Questions for iOS Developers

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While some managers ask code-oriented questions to assess a developer’s proficiency with iOS, others like to explore their knowledge of advanced algorithms first. So how do you know which type of test you’ll receive? “Ask if you’ll be taking a computer-based exam,” suggests Eric Schweitzer, guide of the Dice iOS Talent Community. “If so, you should refresh your knowledge of algorithms and be ready to write some code.” To help you prepare, we asked Schweitzer to share a few code-oriented… continue…

Interview Questions for Android Developers

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Android has the largest installed user base of any mobile platform in the world. As a result, developers who have mastered the OS are in great demand, and can command salaries ranging from $100,000 to $150,000 per year. Of course, when it comes to getting a job, you’ll have to demonstrate your expertise – indeed, your passion — for the technology and pass a technical interview to score top pay. That can be challenging. Not only has Android been updated… continue…

Sample Resume: Chief Technology Officer

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William Lane 123 Easy St. Detroit, Mich. T: (000)555.1212 ■ C: (000)555.1212 ■ wlane@email.com CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Extensive experience in R&D, Product Development, Engineering and QC Dynamic leader known for jump-starting product development, resolving manufacturing issues and increasing revenues by 36 percent through the creation of award-winning designs and processes Areas of Expertise: • Budget Development and Cost Control • Product Design and  Development • Contract Negotiations • Strategic Technology Planning • Leadership and Supervision • Vendor Management • Process… continue…