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Leslie Stevens-Huffman is a business and careers writer based in Southern California. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the staffing industry and has been writing articles, blog posts and moderating the Dice Discussion Board since 2006. In addition to her writing pursuits, Leslie is a part-time instructor for UC Irvine Extension and a member of the Human Capital Institute’s Contract Talent Advisory Board. Leslie has a bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism from the University of Southern California.

4 Interview Questions for Project Managers

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Project manager is one of the hottest jobs on the planet. Since books and courses can’t begin to cover the challenges PMs encounter over the course of a project, IT directors prefer veterans who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. “First and foremost, PMs are problem-solvers, and most problem-solving skills are developed through on-the-job experience,” says Cathlynn Carman, a freelance project manager and guide for the Dice Project Management Talent Community. “IT managers want to hear… continue…

Are Traditional Resumes Passé?

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Has social media eliminated the need for the traditional resume? The short answer: Not yet. Although a great majority of companies use platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn to source candidates, 77 percent always ask for a resume before scheduling an interview and 19 percent request one most of the time, according to a survey by Chequed.com, a pre-employment testing and screening software firm located in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. To be sure, there’s less need for a paper resume nowadays,… continue…

How to Answer Bad Technical Interview Questions

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If you go on enough interviews, sooner or later someone will ask you to explain a database in three sentences to your eight-year-old nephew or to name as many options of the ls command as you can. You may be tempted to roll your eyes, but that’s not the best way to respond. After all, what seems like a really bad question could be the interviewer’s way of assessing your diplomacy or the way you interact with technically-challenged end users.… continue…

5 Interview Answers for Web Developers

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Given the diverse nature of Web projects, anticipating a hiring manager’s needs and preferences can be difficult. It’s not a field where managers are swayed by fancy degrees or certifications, observes Michelle Greenlee, a self-taught Web developer and guide for the Dice Android Talent Community. The ability to describe the problems you’ve solved and the outcomes you’ve achieved is the common denominator among successful candidates. “You don’t have to ace every technical question to impress a hiring manager,” says Greenlee.… continue…

How Can I Find Free Technical Training?

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A member of the Dice Community asks: I work for a small company that doesn’t offer in-house training or tuition assistance and I can’t afford an expensive boot camp. I really need to upgrade my skills, can you help me find free training? Thanks. Most states offer employers some sort of funding for employee training. So volunteering to find the funds and a qualified training program may be a good first step. For example, the Tech America Foundation provides tax-payer… continue…

Interview Answers for Software Engineers

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Writing computer programs isn’t easy. So to assess a software engineer’s mastery of a language, Catherine Powell asks them to write a small application. Getting the technical assessment out of the way lets her focus her interview on the candidate’s adaptability, environmental fit and engineering approach. See more of our interview questions “Anyone can search the Internet and memorize answers to technical questions,” says Powell, the Dice Software Engineering Talent Community guide. “I want to know if they can anticipate… continue…

How To Land the Job, Even If You’re Not a Perfect Fit

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A member of our Dice Community asks: I’m not a perfect fit for the job based upon the posting. How do I convince them to hire me anyway? Let’s start by assuming your skills and interests basically fit with the role, even if you don’t have all of the requirements it calls for. Although most managers won’t hire a total novice for a complex technical role, they may select candidates who best fit their company’s environment, since a poor cultural… continue…

Plot Your Course to a Corner Office in 5 Easy Steps

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Ask a dozen technology executives to describe their career path and you’ll likely get 12 different stories. That’s both good and bad news. On the one hand, the ability to reach a corner office from different directions means aspiring CIOs and CTOs have a lot of options. On the other, the lack of a defined career path makes it difficult to plot your course. What to do? Try following these five steps. Step 1: Assess Your Talents, Skills and Interests… continue…

Which Tech Jobs Will Win, Which Will Lose in 2014

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If your job prospects improved in 2013, then you’ll probably like 2014. But there’s a caveat: You’ll continue to lose ground if you’re in a non-strategic IT role, according to David Foote, CEO of research firm Foote Partners LLC. “Overall demand will be about the same in 2014,” Foote says. “But sporadic skill shortages and an onslaught of new certifications will buoy the prospects and pay of professionals in key strategic roles. Professionals in operational roles are on the wrong… continue…

The Secret to Passing an Online Coding Test

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Here’s a question from a member of the Dice Community: I thought I was a pretty good developer until I received a low score on a test where you solve a series of problems by creating and submitting code over the Internet. Is there a secret to taking these types of tests? Thanks. Deciphering and solving complex problems on your own within a specified timeframe can be difficult. Here’s a list of developers’ best practices. Take Practice Tests: Take several… continue…