Leslie Stevens-Huffman

Leslie Stevens-Huffman is a business and careers writer based in Southern California. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the staffing industry and has been writing articles, blog posts and moderating the Dice Discussion Board since 2006. In addition to her writing pursuits, Leslie is a part-time instructor for UC Irvine Extension and a member of the Human Capital Institute’s Contract Talent Advisory Board. Leslie has a bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism from the University of Southern California.

Interview Qs for ITSM/ITIL Consultants

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The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is rapidly becoming a widely used framework for IT management around the world. Its growing popularity has boosted demand for trained consultants, while raising the value of ITIL certifications. Although consultants are expected to reduce operational costs, standardize processes and improve the quality of service delivery by applying ITIL’s cohesive set of best practices, they tend to embrace the notion that ITIL should be adapted—not adopted—to suit a company’s needs. Check out the latest… continue…

How to Ask for a Raise… and Get It

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Wage satisfaction is slipping among IT professionals. According to Dice’s latest salary survey, only half of tech pros are happy with their compensation, and 37 percent believe they could find a new employer this year. If you like everything about your job except the pay, why not ask for a raise before you decide to jump ship? Knowing what your boss expects and how to broach the subject can increase your chances of success when it’s time to ask for… continue…

Interview Qs for DevOps Pros

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As more companies tear down the silos that separate software development and IT operations, market demand for DevOps skills is on the rise. Experience with Puppet, the popular open source DevOps tool, tops many hiring managers’ wish lists. Check out the latest DevOps jobs.  Joe Sanchez, an IT operations manager for Grand Canyon University, is one of those hiring managers, and he wants more than technical skills when hiring for his DevOps team: “I look for creative, free-thinking people who… continue…

How to Identify the Skills You Need to Advance

Whether you’re gunning for a promotion to project manager, or just want to expand the scope of your current role, you’ll likely need to master a collection of new skills in order to advance your career to the next level. The hard part is figuring out which skills will take you where you need to go. Yes, you might spot some of the required technical skills by studying job postings for your desired position—but even the most detailed job posting… continue…

Overcoming Recruiters’ Most Annoying Habits

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Recruiters are often the gateway to an awesome company and a high-paying tech job. But to get a recruiter’s help, IT professionals sometimes have to put up with some annoying habits. No. 1: They Bombard You With Unsuitable Positions “The first time a recruiter offers you an unsuitable position, firmly and clearly restate your criteria,” advised Scott Love, a recruiting industry trainer and speaker based in Washington D.C. Being clear about your goals from the outset and partnering with a… continue…

Interview Qs for TOGAF Enterprise Architects

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Enterprise architects with TOGAF experience are in high demand. In fact, The Open Group Enterprise Architecture Framework (TOGAF) was recently named the highest-paid skill in a quarterly survey compiled by IT analyst firm Foote Partners. While a TOGAF certification can help an EA land an interview, it doesn’t guarantee an offer. Hiring managers often ask situational or behavioral questions to see how an EA will apply the popular framework and standards during an interview, according to Dr. Bill Estrem, founder… continue…

Interview Qs for Ubuntu Developers

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It’s a good time for developers to learn Ubuntu. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, recently announced plans to turn Ubuntu Core into an operating system for the Internet of Things. Canonical has also built a mobile-friendly version of Ubuntu that Spanish manufacturer BQ Aquaris installed on a smartphone earlier this year. Check out the latest Ubuntu-related jobs. So what do hiring managers want out of a candidate skilled in all things Ubuntu? Jono Bacon, the senior director of community… continue…

Forging a Career Path When the Route Is Unclear

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Up-and-coming companies seldom offer well-defined career paths that guide IT professionals from one position to the next. Enterprising employees are instead expected to identify an emerging role or need and pilot themselves to the next career opportunity. “You have to know where the company and your particular niche is headed to steer your own IT career,” said Katy Piotrowski, CEO of Career Solutions Group, a career planning firm based in Fort Collins, Colo. “The key is finding an opportunity that… continue…

Will Your Next Employer Advance Your Career?

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A lack of career progression is the No. 1 reason why people quit their jobs, according to a list of deal-breakers compiled last year by BambooHR. Poor work-life balance came in second, with pay dissatisfaction the third-leading cause of worker defections. If these complaints sound familiar, you may already be seeking greener pastures. But how can you tell if your advancement and earning potential will be any better at another company? Here are four ways to investigate your chances of… continue…

How to Talk Tech to Nontechnical People

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Communications isn’t just a skill for IT professionals in business-facing roles. Today, practically everyone who works in IT needs the ability to communicate technical concepts and information to end users. Recruiters say hiring managers are often willing to substitute one technical skill for another when they consider candidates… but communication skills are a non-negotiable requirement. So what’s the secret to communicating technical concepts and information to nontechnical folks? Check out the latest IT management jobs. In addition to patience and… continue…