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Khalid is a blogger, computer consultant and Internet junkie. He first got hooked on computers when he won an Atari 800 with a whopping 48KB of memory. In college, he discovered the wonders of Unix and the rest as they say is history. Since then he has worked with computers in one form or another: programming, integration, systems administration, general consulting, as well as co-founded gadget blog, Gizmos for Geeks. When he's not toying with some gadget or new piece of software, he's either playing soccer or spending time with his daughter.

How The Elusiveness of Technology Can Put You at Risk

What to click?!
Just recently, I read a survey that said that up to a third of iPhone 4 users think their phone is a 4G device. The numbers aren’t quite as high for Android and Blackberry devices, but they’re still well above 20 percent. That’s at least 1 out of 5 people. Here’s another personal anecdote — someone told me that they read (and believed) stories about Google and Apple tracking people and keeping all of that data. They also believed that… continue…

Xerox PARC Explores Content-Centric Networking

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Meshin content-centric networking
Xerox PARC — which became famous for inventing now-common technologies like the mouse, Ethernet and even GUI windowing environments –  says its next big project is all about putting content at the center of the network. PARC is working on a networking technology called Content-Centric Networking (CCN), which emphasizes a network’s content over its nodes. In other words, you don’t need to know about the network or where stuff is, you only need to know what you’re looking for. PARC… continue…

Google Wallet Stores Your Credit Cards, Lets You Swipe Your Phone to Pay

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Google Wallet mobile payment system
Google has just announced its heavily-anticipated Google Wallet payment system which turns your phone into a virtual wallet. Google Wallet will utilize the long-in-the-making NFC (near field communication) technology, which allows devices to communicate just by being near each other as opposed to being plugged in. Your Google Wallet will be able to store information like your credit cards, coupons and discounts, loyalty and gift cards and someday, even your driver’s license, travel and other tickets could be potentially stored… continue…

Barnes & Noble Heats Up eReader Competition with Touchscreen Nook

Barnes & Noble Touchscreen NOOK Wi-Fi eReader
Well, well, well. Guess who seems to have been reading each other’s internal memos? Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores. How so? Just yesterday, I wrote about Borders’ upcoming touchscreen Kobo eReader, and today Barnes & Noble announces it has a brand new NOOK that is also touchscreen. These two booksellers, who once ruled the bricks-and-mortar world, have been in a world of hurt with the growth of Internet giant, In recent years, Amazon has added to that pain… continue…

Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Twitter

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Twitter logo
Twitter has taken off in a larger way than perhaps even its founders ever imagined. Personally, when Twitter first appeared, I felt it had only limited appeal, at least in the way it was rolled out and marketed. Of course, Twitter has evolved and grown. Oh how it was grown. But did you know that Twitter can be used for more than just reading tweets about “Winning!“, keeping track of trends or breaking news? Here are just 10 unique, innovative… continue…

Borders Launching Touchscreen Kobo eReader

Kobo Touch eReader
Less than a week ago, Dino covered the story about Barnes & Noble’s new upcoming Nook eReader. Now here we are talking about the new Kobo eReader courtesy of Borders. This is a 6-inch” e-ink-based eReader that pretty much is meant to compete with the Amazon Kindle. While the Kindle has a leg up in terms of raw features, what differentiates the Kobo is that it’s a touchscreen eReader, as opposed to the usual d-pad control. What’s more, it’s priced… continue…

Are App Stores for Cars On the Way?

Lexus in-dash navigation system
Sure there’s an app for nearly everything and, at the rate things are going, there soon will be an app for absolutely everything. As we’ve seen them proliferate for various technologies, it seems almost natural that an app store or marketplace for automobiles would soon appear. And as fate would have it, Toyota and Microsoft — two of the largest companies in the automobile and software industries respectively — have teamed up to create just that. They recently announced they’ll… continue…

Become a Gmail Ninja Using These Features and Labs

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Become a Gmail Ninja
If you’re searching for jobs or doing something else that is generating a ton of e-mail, then you need to be as (time) efficient as possible in processing it all. If you use Gmail, here are my top recommendations for becoming very productive and fast. This is a combination of both built-in Gmail features and a host of Gmail Labs. Gmail Labs are not to be overlooked as quite  a few have been promoted to become standard features. Standard Features… continue…

Facebook Teams Up With Web Of Trust To Warn Users of Suspicious Links

Facebook and Web of Trust
I explained to someone that there’s no way you could find out who has viewed your Facebook profile. That’s because they had clicked on a link posted to someone else’s Facebook wall that said just that. Luckily for them, the scammers were just trying to get them to allow app access to their profile so they could post (spam) the very same message to all of their friends, and make some money by getting some people to fill out a… continue…

MiMedia’s New Cloud Storage Service and the Gold Rush to Get Users’ Data into the Cloud

Clouds in the Sky
Just this week, yet another consumer cloud storage provider, MiMedia, launched a new cloud-hosting plan that offers free 7 GB storage (presumably as a carrot to lure users into eventually signing up for their paid plans). Their next level up is a 250 GB option that costs $10 per month or $99 per year. They also have 500 GB and 1 TB plans. MiMedia joins the likes of Mozy, Carbonite, SugarSync, Dropbox, Amazon and Backblaze in offering backup/syncing plans that… continue…