Jim Stroud

Over the past decade, Jim Stroud has built an expertise in lead generation strategies, social media recruiting, video production, podcasting, online research, competitive intelligence, community management and training. He has consulted for such companies as Microsoft, Google, MCI, Siemens and a host of startup companies. Currently, Jim Stroud serves Findly as a Director of Sourcing and Social Strategy. Prior to Findly, Jim Stroud has created and sold three online properties, managed an award-winning blog, published a weekly newsletter for jobseekers, a recruiter training magazine and co-hosted a popular technology podcast. Jim Stroud has also produced multiple web series devoted to such topics as: job search, recruiting, technology and language learning. Jim Stroud has been quoted by such publications as Globe and Mail, US News and World Report, Wall Street Journal and The Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Monster.com, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise and The HR Examiner have all cited Jim Stroud for his digital influence. Jim Stroud also served as the EmCee of SourceCon, the premier global conference on sourcing for three consecutive years. In 2013, Jim Stroud published "Resume Forensics: How To Find Free Resumes and Passive Candidates on Google." (Available on Amazon.com) When not online, Jim Stroud suffers from withdrawal symptoms that can only be soothed by chocolate chip cookies and family time.

How to Keep Up With Evolving Skills

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Are you looking for work now? Since you’re in tech you might want to take advantage of the demand for your skills. But how do you know that you will always be a hot commodity? The best way to make sure is to monitor industry trends and leverage your existing talent in new ways, or to develop an expertise in an emerging trend. Either way, this strategy takes time and a steady eye to pull off effectively. Let me walk… continue…

How to Find Jobs That Boost Your Entire Career

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Recruiters and others in the biz of HR often talk about “the war for talent.” It is a term originating from Steven Hankin of McKinsey & Company in 1997 and a book by Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones and Beth Axelrod. To quote Wikipedia, “…war for talent refers to an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees.” The question I pose to you is, “How talented are you?” Sure, you could point to your resume and what you achieved.… continue…

Do This Before You Accept That Job Offer

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In A Christmas Carol, Ebeneezer Scrooge is visited by three spirits who share events from the past, present and near future. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had such insights before accepting your next job offer? Well, in a sense you do, because you have a resume. You can reflect on your professional past and look around at where you are now. Alas, the future is beyond your grasp. Or, is it? With a bit of due diligence, you can… continue…

How to Automate Your Job Search

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OK, so imagine you are feeling unhappy in your present gig. So, what do you do? Flip through job ads on Dice, interview and wait for the offer letter to come in, right? Is that it? Sure, the grass is always greener in the cubicle across the aisle. But is it really? Before you accept any job offer, or any offer to interview, do a bit of research on the companies you’re talking to and automate whenever possible. Let me… continue…