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Oracle-Nokia Deal Puts Pressure on Google, Apple Maps Apps

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Nokia Sign
Nokia’s deal to give Oracle users access to its mapping and location services puts a cap on what I can only call Maps Month. Apple, Google, Microsoft and now Nokia are all demonstrating their commitment to helping us find our way around. The partnership was announced October 1  at OracleWorld in San Francisco. The value of the deal wasn’t disclosed. Oracle has already built a link between its Fusion Middleware MapViewer and Nokia’s Location Platform. Oracle clients should soon see results… continue…

Can Redesigned Myspace Get Back in the Game?

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New Myspace
Myspace, the social network giant of the late Jurassic, has finally changed its design. Though long overdue, the overhaul may make the service a player in the quicksilver social networking scene. There’s real magic to be had when you swipe into the right hand section of the Myspace app. Similar to the new Google+ Android app, its swipe carousel actually defines the new design. Users will find their recent activity stylishly grouped in landscape mode and all information can be… continue…

HP Rolls Out Open webOS 1.0

webOS 1.0
Hewlett-Packard’s released Open webOS 1.0, just as it promised last year. It’s great that a company like HP would release an open source OS, but the question remains, how long they will continue to develop it? Will they have partners? Right now WebOS lies in the cloud because almost no one uses it. That aside, you can now download and port WebOS to any device you want. For example, HP ported the open source version to an HP TouchSmart PC.… continue…

Tim Cook Apologizes for Apple’s Maps App

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The World is Flat
Apple’s admitted that the Maps app in iOS 6 is, well, bad, with an apology coming from CEO Tim Cook. The Maps episode — in which Apple’s replacement for Google Apps was found to show bare patches where buildings should be, among other things — is reminiscent of the antenna signal problems discovered early on with the iPhone 4. (Steve Jobs’s early response to a user complaint: “You’re holding it wrong.”) Cupertino eventually offered each purchaser a $15 credit or… continue…

Google’s Snapseed Purchase Aimed at Facebook, iOS Users

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Google, in a surprise move, acquired Nik Software, the German company famous for its Snapseed app. If you’re an iOS user, you’ve probably heard about Snapseed. It’s one of the best photo editing apps around and won the iPad App of the Year award in 2011 for its unique editing interface. At $4.99 it has least 9 million users, according to Snapseed. Unfortunately, it’s not available for Android, but this will change in the future. The acquisition is a big… continue…

HTML 5 Delivery Expected in Late 2014

HTML5 Logo
Big news for coders all around the world: the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) says that HTML5 will reach recommendation status by 2014. This means that by the end of 2014, the HTML5 standard should be finished, and by 2016 we should meet the HTML 5.1 standard. It appears that the HTML Working Group will release an HTML 5.0 Candidate Recommendation. This will act like a draft HTML5 version and will provide details about features that are stable and implemented… continue…

Facebook Search Engine: Another Way to Track You?

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Just before Apple announced the Phone 5, Mark Zuckerberg talked with Michael Arrington at TechCrunch Disrupt, and the most compelling thing they discussed was a Facebook search engine. Up until then, such a project was only a  rumor. But from the tenor of their conversation, it seems that Facebook is well on its way to developing one. We’re basically doing 1 billion queries a day and we’re not even trying. Facebook is pretty uniquely positioned to answer the questions people… continue…

Is PayPal Finally Changing For Good?

Paypal Logo
I don’t know what’s happening, but PayPal is acting strange these days, and it appears that they actually care about users’ accounts. Don’t be so ecstatic, it could be just a marketing reinvention of PayPal, which recently said they are changing a little (design and other things). Hmm, now it’s not that surprising. Back to our main story, almost every user that had a business and used PayPal in the past had a problem or so. Some even ended up… continue…

Windows 8 New Interface a Worthwhile Change?

Windows 8 Start Screen
I’ve been wanting to write about the potential success of Windows 8 but I didn’t have a reason, or probably I was just too lazy. But after reading an interesting article in LaptopMag, I’ve finally been inspired enough to discuss whether I think it it will be a success, or not. The first thing I don’t like is that Windows 8 is being released a mere three years after the original Windows 7 was released. I installed Windows 7 on… continue…

iPhone 5 Disconnect: Expectations vs Deliverables

Apple iPhone 5
Apple’s iPhone 5 grabbed attention as one of the newest and coolest smartphones right now. But let’s talk about what users expected and what Apple delivered with this new iPhone. As the photo suggests, the new iPhone looks almost the same as the previous two versions(4 and 4S). Apple just made it a bit taller, slimmer and lighter than what we are used to. The new design is sleek and elegant and makes you feel that you are using a high-end… continue…