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Forget Plastic, Try A Bamboo Smartphone

Forget about plastic, carbon, or painted, anodized aluminum-sided smart phones. The phone of the near future may be encased in bamboo. The eco-phone idea was sparked when Kieron-Scott Woodhouse designed a Sony Ericsson Xperia LED phone made out of steel and bronze. The concept got a lot of buzz and Jerry Lao contacted Woodhouse and asked him to help design a new phone. They wanted to work with natural, renewable materials and ADzero,the bamboo smartphone, as well as their company,… continue…

Android Apps Are Vulnerable to SSL Exploits

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Although Google invested a lot of time and money in their Google Play Store—formerly known as Android Market—to bring it to the same level as Apple’s AppStore, it still needs a lot of work. One of the biggest imperatives for Google is to strengthen the security of its apps. A new German research report, which was released during the annual ACM Computer and Communications Security Conference (CCS) 2012, uncovered big security issues. Thus far, Apple hasn’t had big problems with apps, aside… continue…

New iPad Meet… The New iPad!

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iPad 4
Forget about “the New iPad.” Meet… the new iPad! Aren’t you excited that the iPad 3 you bought a mere six months ago is now obsolete? What on Earth is Apple Thinking? Nothing could be more confusing and surprising than Apple’s oddly timed release of the iPad 4 and its throwing the iPad 3 under the bus. Except perhaps the inexplicable, continued availability of the iPad 2. There’s a lot of the fuss about the iPad 4′s Lightning port, as… continue…

Favi SmartStick Turns Your HDTV into a Smart TV

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Favi SmartStick
If you are thinking of buying a Smart TV, maybe you should pause to reconsider. The guys from Favi will soon release a smart stick that could turn almost make your existing TV smart, without nearly the expense. As if that weren’t enough, this stick comes with specs. Yes, real specs just like a gadget. To make it work you to plug it into your TV via HDMI and USB (to get power). It’s compatible with all HDTVs that have… continue…

Mayer Poaches Google’s de Castro for COO Slot

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Henrique de Castro, head of Google’s global Partner Business Solutions Group, will join Yahoo at chief operating officer in January. It appears that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is indeed using her former employer as a recruiting ground, as many had expected. De Castro’s loss is a blow for Google but a notable win for Yahoo, and he didn’t come cheap. Mayer offered him a $56 million pay package, according to All Things Digital. He’ll be worth it if his experience… continue…

Microsoft Takes Surface Orders; Apple Hints iPad Mini Launch

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Microsoft Surface
Microsoft’s ready to take pre-orders for its Surface and, perhaps more importantly, announced pricing for the Windows 8 RT  versions. Coincidentally I’m sure, Apple sent invitations yesterday to an event that’s speculated to include the iPad Mini’s unveiling. Surface Orders Since in the short term only the RT Surface will be available, I’m betting that at least pricing for the Windows Pro version will be revealed at the Windows 8 release on October 26. In terms of pre-ordering, you’ve got… continue…

Can Microsoft’s Infusion Give Nook a Chance?

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B&N Nook HD
Microsoft is investing $300 million in a partnership with Barnes & Noble that will develop digital reading products. The Nook Media venture was first announced in April under the name NewCo. The partnership, Nook Media LLC, is structured as a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, which sells about 300 million books a year in stores and online, and claims 27 percent of the eBook market. Nook Media will focus on delivering a Windows 8 reading app for Microsoft customers. Microsoft is known for… continue…

Android Fragmentation and What Google Can Do About It

Jigsaw Puzzle
Chitika ad network’s stats on iOS 6 adoption between September 18 and October 1 should make Apple users happy. In fact, they have every right to taunt their Android friends. For right now the sad truth for Android fans is that their fragmentation persists, while Apple customers needn’t worry this will ever be an issue for them. A Little History Apple is great at building operating systems. They have a long history of creating robust products like Mac OS, originally… continue…

PayPal Plans to Cut 400 in Product and Tech Groups

Facing competition from established players like Google Checkout and Bitcoin as well as startups like Stripe, PayPal plans to lay off up to 400 employees. The cuts, which equal about 3 percent of the company’s employees, will primarily hit the eBay unit’s product and technology groups, Bloomberg reports. Given CEO David Marcus’s vows to shake things up at the online-payment granddaddy, the move may not have been entirely unexpected. When chief executives start sending messages about shaking things up, layoffs… continue…

iPhone 5 QC Rules Add Pressure on Foxconn’s Workers

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Foxconn Assembly Line
Surprise. More tough times at Foxconn. Last week, 4,000 workers were on strike amid “strict demands on product quality without providing worker training for the corresponding skills.” On top of that, they couldn’t take vacation during the week’s long national holiday. Why? Apple’s iPhone 5 has some problems, like scuffs and scratches right of the box. Until now Apple’s never had design or quality issues on its devices. It happened this time because demand for the iPhone 5 was so… continue…