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Why Developers Should Pay More Attention to Smart TVs

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Amidst all the hype about the stunning features and dynamic technology behind rapidly evolving Smart TVs, one thing seems forgotten: Its ecosystem won’t grow itself. If they want their products to truly succeed, then Panasonic, LG, Samsung and other manufacturers need to do more for developers. UltraHD(4K) is the New 3D The field is fast-paced. FullHD and 3D are already dropping behind UltraHD, which offers four times the resolution of FullHD with technology is similar to Retina Displays, boosting the… continue…

ARM’s Cortex-A50 Series: Ready to Rule in 2014

ARM Cortex A50 Comparison
We’re not yet to 2013, and ARM is already thinking of 2014. At the beginning of November the maker of microprocessors and other products for the digital world shared with the rest of us some details about their next 20-nm SoC processors: Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53. The Cortex-A50 Series will actually take the current Cortex-A15 processor to the next level, as it can be used by a larger suite of devices, from smartphones to laptops, tablets or server products. That’s because chips… continue…

Nokia’s ‘HERE’ Location Service Puts You ‘There’

Nokia Here Logo
Nokia’s edging toward Google Maps with  HERE, a new location and mapping service. With HERE, 20 years of mapping experience and services into one service that can work on some of the most used platforms—Android, iOS, Mozilla Firefox OS— and beyond. I tested the Nokia HERE service homepage on my Desktop and it worked great on all four major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. By using a Nokia account, you can access your personalized maps data from any device. You… continue…

Skype and Windows Live Messenger Get Hitched

Microsoft confirmed that in 2013 it will retire Windows Live Messenger. It’s really more of a marriage, where all 100 million Messenger users will be integrated into Skype—retaining the Skype name—so you’ll be able to reach all your contacts through both instant messaging and video calling. Skype was acquired by Microsoft in May 2011 for $8.5 billion, in a move that was pushed by Bill Gates himself. Eighteen months later, it’s clear why Microsoft acquired Skype. The software giant wants… continue…

Windows Leader Sinofsky Exits Microsoft

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Microsoft Headquarters
Steven Sinofsky, one of the brightest minds behind Microsoft’s Windows, will leave the company after 23 years. Julie Larson-Green, who’s been with Microsoft since 1993, will takeover his position. Both Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Sinofsky, president of Windows and Windows Live, sent letters to employees announcing the departure. Sinofsky joined Microsoft in 1989 as a software development engineer, and worked on Office, Windows, Windows Live and the new Surface tablet. It’s been no secret that he masterminded some of… continue…

The Plan to Stop the Jerks Who Stole Your Phone

Locked Phone
Attention, anyone who ever lost a cell phone and never got it back: All major U.S. carriers are joining forces to create a merged database of stolen mobile phones to block the devices from being used on other carriers. Even if the measure comes a little bit late in cell phone history, it’s great news for those who lose a phone from here on out. It appears that police chiefs from major cities and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission asked… continue…

Android Market Share Soars

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Google is enjoying one of the best anniversary presents ever: the astonishing ascendancy of Android to the top of the smartphone OS heap, with 75 percent of worldwide market share—a feat managed in just four years. Now, three of every four smartphones sold recently runs on Android. Moreover, IDC’s release of third-quarter 2012 worldwide smartphone shipments shows that Android is still gaining on rivals iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone. Google’s open-source OS jumped from 57.5 percent share in the same… continue…

Xbox Gaming Tablet to Surface?

Xbox Live Dashboard
Microsoft is getting ready to launch a new Xbox Surface gaming tablet, according to rumors. Back in June, there were similar reports about an Xbox Surface tablet that seemed quite legit. Multiple sources have told TheVerge that those rumored specs were true.  Here’s a look at what people are saying about the specs and what I think will be likely: The Xbox Surface is said to feature a 7-inch LED display that will support a maximum resolution of 1280 x… continue…

Apple Bites Into Its Core Management

Right in the middle of a hurricane and a Google Nexus announcement, Apple let loose with a major management overhaul. A bit of bad news may ultimately turn out to be good news for Apple fans and the tech world. Here’s the whole story. Apple announced a new iPhone and iOS 6 in September. Unfortunately, Apple also replaced Google’s Maps app with its own mapping application. Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iOS, took the stage, as usual, and among… continue…

LTE: The Compromise Google Is Willing to Make

Long Term Evolution is hot this year, as a lot of OEMs and phone carriers slowly start to implement the high-speed mobile data standard. Google, however, is among those that seem to think 4G LTE isn’t yet ready for primetime. This week Google announced its new flagship smartphone, the Nexus 4, built by LG Electronics. The device comes with some great specs: a 4.7-inch, 1280 x 768 IPS display that has 320 ppi; the newest 1.5-GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro… continue…