Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson

Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson is a Los Angeles based writer whose work has appeared in the LA Times, Los Angeles magazine, Documentary magazine, Movie City News, and more. Her stories have covered the gamut from IT and healthcare to music and culture.

Biz Stone’s Lesson for Everyone Who Works for a Startup

The old adage “If you don’t ask, you won’t get” has a poster boy in Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone. Back in the early days, Stone emailed Ev Williams, the company’s financial backer: “Maybe this is inappropriate, but if I don’t ask, I’ll never know! What do you envision my title to be? Is there a chance I could be called co-founder?” Williams’ response: The request “wasn’t unreasonable.” Stone saw his opening and persistently and respectfully lobbied for the title. When… continue…

Deep-Skin Dedication to Spacecraft Engineering

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Terrance Yee loves space, so much so that the 45 year old spacecraft engineer, who lives in San Diego with his wife of 21 years and two of their three kids (the oldest is in college), is firmly convinced that the future of humanity lies beyond earth. To that end, he recently partnered in the company Black Sun Planetary Solutions, a cutting-edge, solar startup created to raise the funds necessary to advance breakthrough research and technologies that would cut the… continue…

How to Get Hired at Educational Platform 2U

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Founded in 2008, 2U, Inc., is on the cutting edge of online education. The company partners with universities like Brandeis, Boston College, Emory, UC Berkeley, Northwestern and Notre Dame to present dynamic course content that can culminate in accredited graduate degrees. Approximately 90 out of the company’s 550 employees work exclusively in technology and nearly all of the tech staff is housed in its New York hub. 2U uses a remarkable content delivery system to produce live, face-to-face online classes,… continue…

The Gardening, Accordion-Playing Tech Consultant

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John Buczkowski, who hails from St. Catharines, Ont., came to Boston’s Northeastern University on a rowing scholarship. After he received both bachelors and master’s degrees in Computer Science he stuck around, eventually landing in South Boston and working for, among others, Lotus. Over the past few years, he’s built a successful consulting company with plenty of repeat business. What makes him a true geek? Aside from his computer fluency, he’s also a passionate gardener and avid accordion player. He’s played… continue…

Transmedia Uses Tech to Change Storytelling

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Jay Bushman is an Emmy-winning transmedia producer, show runner and writer. He was behind the Jane Austen inspired, tremendously successful, 153 episode series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and more recently, its 27 episode summer spinoff Welcome To Sanditon. An innovator in the way we experience narrative entertainment, Bushman is the co-founder and leader of the group Transmedia Los Angeles, the creator of the Fourth Wall Studio series Dirty Work, and the genre-defying, animated steampunk show Airship Dracula. He’s comfortable telling… continue…

How to Get Hired By Carnival Cruise Lines

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Miami-based Carnival Cruise Lines has a large, highly specialized IT team that includes more than 400 dedicated staff that use the newest technologies for its business intelligence, data warehouse and ecommerce initiatives. This tech team isn’t the company’s only one: Its other brands – such as Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and Costa Cruises – all have staffs of their own. We spoke to Dwayne Warner, the company’s vice president and chief information officer, to find out what kind of… continue…

Retail Data Firm Quri Needs Rails Experts

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Founded in 2010, Quri is the retail “truth detector.” The San Francisco-based, mobile and Web company provides crowdsourced retail intelligence to help brands and retailers solve product execution issues on store shelves. To achieve synchronicity with the brand, Quri utilizes a nationwide crowd-sourced consumer force that provides same-day intelligence on every shelf in every store in the U.S., allowing its customers to dramatically increase their in-store effectiveness. Tyson, Nestle, Dannon and about 25 other major consumer packaged goods companies use… continue…

Layoffs Coming Soon to Travelocity

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A surprise agreement between online travel agency Travelocity and its larger rival Expedia doesn’t appear to be good for Travelocity’s IT staff. As part of the August 2013 deal between the online travel giants, Travelocity will cede development, content sourcing and customer service functions to Expedia. Meanwhile, Expedia will pay Travelocity a performance-based fee for its sales. According to a notice filed with the Texas Workforce Commission, Travelocity will soon begin a reduction of workforce at its Southlake, Texas, global… continue…

How to Land a Job at Amazon.com

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Despite a recession that kicked off in late 2007 and lingered for a couple years, Amazon.com’s workforce has grown more than four fold since those dark, dark days. The Seattle-based Fortune 500 company, which began in July 1995, today has approximately 97,000 employees worldwide, many of whom are in technical roles. And the company is far from reining in its hiring. It currently has hundreds of job openings available in the U.S. from data engineers to hardware developers to software… continue…

Hiring Advice for Boingo Wireless

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Boingo Wireless has a massive footprint of small cell networks, which cover more than a million distributed antennae system and Wi-Fi locations in a wide variety of settings and reach more than 1 billion consumers annually. The company’s platform is the only monetization engine of its kind, driving revenue through carrier offload, advertising, location-based data analytics and consumer products. The company has 185 employees, about half of whom work in technical roles. While the majority work out of the Los… continue…