Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson

Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson is a Los Angeles based writer whose work has appeared in the LA Times, Los Angeles magazine, Documentary magazine, Movie City News, and more. Her stories have covered the gamut from IT and healthcare to music and culture.

Air-Sickness Bags? Unusual Ways Geeks Spend Their Off Time

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Sick Bags
While the archaic stereotype of a sweaty, plugged into the motherboard kind of geek continues to disintegrate, we’re still stuck on the one that posits that a 16-hour work day trumps any kind of outside life. Dice News connected with five tech professionals who have some unexpected hobbies. None of them are trapped at the office. They’re fully engaged in their outside passions and enjoy sharing them with others, thank you very much. Steve Silberberg: Bag Man “Well I’m not… continue…

Group Sees Need for More Art, Design in STEM

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Dream it. Code it. Win it.
In a quest to encourage creative programming, find new talent and develop more startup opportunities, an increasing number of nonprofit and for-profit organizations are funding formal coding competitions with cash prizes. The latest entry into the competitive coding scene is the nonprofit Dream it. Code it. Win it., sponsored by The MIT Club of NY, the MIT Enterprise Forum of NY and TradingScreen, Inc. The competition, which offers cash awards for the most creative applications, is for full-time students, 18… continue…

Uber’s Travis Kalanick Likes ‘Experiential’ Hiring

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Uber Logo
San Francisco-based Uber, brainchild of serial entrepreneur/CEO Travis Kalanick, is currently valued at $3.5 billion. Despite having been stymied by regulators in several key markets, the nearly four-year-old company is growing at a rapid pace. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Kalanick said his company plans to address its rocketing growth by growing its workforce from 550 to between 1,500 and 2,000 by the end of 2014. To meet staffing needs, Kalanick uses a unique hiring approach which… continue…

Why Your Tech Job May Be Killing You

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Computer Warning
Research is finally backing up once-empirical evidence that an office job can be as hazardous to your health as one that’s out in the field. Recently, Business Insider published a comprehensive list of the most common threats, and many of the examples part and parcel to jobs in the technology industry. Here are eight health stressors that you should pay attention to. Sitting Kills Sitting for lengthy periods puts tremendous strain on the body. Researchers from Kansas State University, who… continue…

Your New Hires Should Be Your Best Recruiters

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Team Recruitment
When you’re looking to draw talent into your company, one thing to consider is whether the people you hire can attract others from their network. Especially when you’re hiring managers or executives, an inability to bring in known quantities is a red flag for you to think about, says venture capitalist Hunter Walk. Investing in an incoming executive with personal agency can have significant returns, especially when compared to someone with great references but no former teammates willing to work… continue…

Krishna Gupta: Building Startups From the Web to Your Cup

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Krishna Gupta is a Los Angeles-based technology entrepreneur, occasional hard-rock guitarist, whiskey aficionado, real estate mensch and all around good-idea manufacturer. He has his dad to thank for his tech nerd and entrepreneurial genetic material. Before starting his own business, Gupta, Sr., was a hardware/software engineer during the pioneer days of personal computing. He was on the Sycor team that built the first microprocessor for Intel. He would bring home the latest and greatest computers, introducing Krishna to computing before… continue…

After 30 Years in IT, One Woman Sees More to Do

Woman Walks to Work
Sandra Ashworth, Unisys’s global director of channel relations and warranty, is an evangelist for women in IT. A member of CompTIA for more than 20 years, she’s currently the chair of the organization’s Advancing Women in IT Community. Ashworth’s been in the IT services industry for more than 30 years in capacities including field management, operations, vendor relations, customer service design/implementations and supply chain marketing. “I started out on an ad punch machine while I was in high school,” she… continue…

4 Weird Ways to Get Attention for Your Company

Bunny Car
How can your startup get attention when people are so inundated with pitches that it’s nigh impossible to penetrate? Considering what SEO consultants can cost, investing in guerrilla marketing shenanigans may be a great way for you to get some significant attention. Here are a few ideas that worked: Prank the Competition WePay made quite a statement in 2010 when it dropped a 600-pound block of ice in front of a conference by competitor PayPal at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.… continue…

Kaplan to Launch Ruby on Rails Boot Camp

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National education and training heavyweight Kaplan Test Prep has teamed up with thoughtbot, a consulting firm that makes Web and mobile apps, to launch a Ruby on Rails immersive boot camp called Metis. The companies are entering a nascent and burgeoning niche market to produce the kind of high-level development talent designed to fill jobs across the country. “The current disparity between supply and demand for developer talent … means fluency in coding and software languages is a much-needed capability in… continue…

The Dice News 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

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Enterprise Pizza Cutter
“Holiday gifts for your guy,” “holiday gifts for your girl…” We’re throwing out those old tropes and offering a gift guide for the tech-centric. We’re also eschewing seriousness and good taste. So whether you’re fulfilling Secret Santa obligations, finding gifts for those relatives you usually don’t shop for, or just giving into a whim, hang loose and keep smiling. Your lowest common denominator desires are just a click away. Sartorial Statements Inflatable Beard $3.95 Not everyone has the genetics to… continue…