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Don Willmott reports on the Internet, technology, and consumer electronics for a wide variety of publications and Web sites. He was Yahoo! Internet Life’s Technology Editor and also spent 14 years at PC Magazine in a variety of editorial positions. Willmott is the author of the book “PC Magazine Best of the Web” (Wiley, 2004). He lives in New York City.

Al Gore Has Seen the Future

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Al Gore can be very convincing. An Inconvenient Truth was a hard-hitting explanation of and rallying cry against climate change. In The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change, Gore has expanded his mission exponentially. As the promo copy puts it, “It’s An Inconvenient Truth for everything,” and even if the end result is dense and overwhelming, it’s still a fascinating read for anyone who’s trying to jockey for a profitable, productive — and sustainable — position over the next few… continue…

Food and Learning Strategies: ‘The 4-Hour Chef’

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Timothy Ferriss is a force to be reckoned with. A Silicon Valley lifestyle and self-improvement guru who has made a name for himself as a prophet of ultra-efficiency in all aspects of life, he’s a non-stop self-promoting idea machine with more than 300,000 Twitter followers, most of whom probably found him through his first book, the optimistically named 4-Hour Workweek. To follow up on that tome and its fitness-related sequel — The 4-Hour Body — Ferriss has come up with The 4-Hour… continue…

Why the Future Belongs to Big Data

Big Data, Big Analytics
When it comes to buzzwords, Big Data is currently at the top of the technology heap. You may have your own definition, but Michael Minelli, Michele Chambers and Ambiga Dhiraj, the authors of Big Data, Big Analytics, describe it this way: Big Data goes beyond the traditional limits of data along three dimensions: volume, variety and velocity. The combination of these three dimensions makes the data more complex to ingest, process and visualize. It’s the wide variety of available data… continue…

5 Top Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

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woman college graduate in cap and gown
As another academic year nears a close and a fresh crop of computer science graduates plunges into the job market, it’s the right time to ask a simple question: Where can they find the best opportunities? First things first. Who are we are talking about? “When I think about CS grads, I think about people who will be writing code or programming in one of the primary languages or building a product or application,” says Steve Kasmouski, President of Search… continue…

‘Future Perfect’ Sees Progress Through Peer Networks

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future perfect book cover
Long celebrated as one of the Internet’s deepest philosophical thinkers, Steven Johnson uses the publication of his eighth book, Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age, to make the case that a new model of political change is emerging, transforming every aspect of modern life along its way. Johnson is a huge fan of networks of all kinds, but especially distributed networks, the kind of decentralized peer-to-peer connections that pretty much define what the Internet is all about.… continue…

Alone Together: How We Use Technology to Keep Us Apart

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Alone Together
What’s wrong with technology? For one thing, it’s slowly but surely destroying our ability to have meaningful human relationships. At least, that’s what sociologist and MIT professor Sherry Turkle says. She’s been tracking the effects of technology on human interactions for close to 30 years, and she’s worried. In her compelling new book Alone Together, Turkle says our online lives, which barely existed when she wrote Life on the Screen in 1995, have become all-too-comfortable substitutes for direct human interaction. When today’s… continue…

How to Get a Job at Riverbed Technology

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San Francisco-based Riverbed Technology sells network performance solutions, including WAN optimization, application delivery controllers, network and application performance management tools and cloud storage gateways. As the company likes to say, “We make WAN environments work like LAN environments.” It takes 2,700 employees spread across 40 countries — though the majority are in San Francisco and Sunnyvale, Calif. — to get the job done. Riverbed’s high rankings on both Glassdoor and Forbes seem to indicate that its employees are a happy… continue…

High Demand Pushes Linux Salaries Higher

Salaries for people skilled with Linux are rising at nearly double the rate of other tech professionals, and job prospects are strong, too: Some 93 percent of hiring managers plan to recruit Linux talent in the next six months. Those are just two of the optimistic findings in The 2013 Linux Jobs Report, a global survey of 850 hiring managers and 2,600 Linux professionals conducted by Dice and the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering the growth of the… continue…

How to Get a Job at Raytheon

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Raytheon Logo
With 71,000 worldwide employees and $25 billion in annual sales, Raytheon has been one of the nation’s leading defense, aerospace and homeland security contractors for decades. Electronics, guided missiles, command systems integration and intelligence systems are all in its product portfolio. Headquartered in Waltham, Mass., this a company that really does need rocket scientists. How do you staff up a defense contractor? Kristy Kucharczak, Raytheon’s director of Global Talent Acquisition, likes to ask this very fitting question of job applicants:… continue…

What EMC Looks for When It’s Hiring

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EMC, the Massachusetts-based enterprise storage provider, is expanding into being a full-service cloud infrastructure provider. To put its solutions in place, it needs thousands of consultants to work with clients around the world. “We’re looking for people with high aptitude, tremendous attitude, and a incredible sense of urgency,” says Tom Murray, EMC’s vice president of global talent acquisition. At any given time, Murray oversees more than 1,000 active job postings. “Almost all our jobs are linked to our products, so… continue…