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Don Willmott reports on the Internet, technology, and consumer electronics for a wide variety of publications and Web sites. He was Yahoo! Internet Life’s Technology Editor and also spent 14 years at PC Magazine in a variety of editorial positions. Willmott is the author of the book “PC Magazine Best of the Web” (Wiley, 2004). He lives in New York City.

What EMC Looks for When It’s Hiring

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EMC, the Massachusetts-based enterprise storage provider, is expanding into being a full-service cloud infrastructure provider. To put its solutions in place, it needs thousands of consultants to work with clients around the world. “We’re looking for people with high aptitude, tremendous attitude, and a incredible sense of urgency,” says Tom Murray, EMC’s vice president of global talent acquisition. At any given time, Murray oversees more than 1,000 active job postings. “Almost all our jobs are linked to our products, so… continue…

No Sales for Your App? Try a New Approach

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In today’s app-tastic world, Apple, Google, and now even Microsoft continue to pound the drums, inviting developers to create apps and seek their fortunes in the companies’ respective app stores, where millions of apps fly off the virtual shelves every day. Chris Jones, a Canalys VP and principal analyst, noted that most of the game companies had multiple titles generating revenue. Zynga had 15 in Apple’s list of top 300 grossing iPhone apps and nine in the Google Play store. Zombie… continue…

New York City’s 10 Coolest Startups

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Silicon Alley keeps expanding. New York City’s startup scene is flourishing as funding finds its way to the brightest ideas. Money is flowing not only from local heavyweights such as Union Square Ventures and AOL Ventures, but also from legions of angel investors and even Kickstarter. Many of today’s startup pioneers have been around the track once or twice before, and they seem to realize more than ever that every good idea needs to be accompanied not only by wishful thinking,… continue…

About Windows 8: It’s the Interface, Stupid.

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Microsoft has plenty of reasons to worry about Windows 8. Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars the company is spending on marketing, initial surveys of IT buyers suggest a reception that’s cool at best. Last quarter, about 24 percent of more than 1,200 North American and European hardware purchasers said they had no plans to migrate to Windows 8, though they expect they will at some point. David Johnson of Forrester Research, which conducted the survey, said only 4… continue…

More Money for Mobile App Developers in 2013

Mobile application developers can expect a good year in 2013. Among other things, their pay is expected to rise by 9 percent. Behind those numbers, which come from Robert Half Technology, is something simple: Supply, demand and general agreement that the use of smartphones, tablets and other connected mobile devices is going to explode. Cell phone manufacturer Ericsson says that by 2017 there will be 4.4 exabtyes of monthly mobile data traffic worldwide (that’s 4.4 billion gigabytes). By then, some… continue…

For Google’s VC Business, Money Is No Object

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If you’ve got a great startup idea and all you need to get going is $1.5 billion, now you’ve got a place to go. In an announcement that attracted quite a bit of interest in normally jaded Silicon Valley, Google Ventures, the independently run venture capital arm of Google, announced that for at least the next five years it will boost its annual funding to $300 million from $200 million , or to $1.5 billion over five years. I don’t blame Google… continue…

What DISH Network Looks for in New Hires

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DISH Network wants to fill about 60 tech positions in the U.S. When it’s time to watch TV, 14 million households fire up their DISH. Englewood, Colo., DISH Network depends on cutting-edge technology to deliver entertainment services, including 200-plus channels of HDTV. It also offers a service to give its customers the ability to watch TV programs on compatible PCs, smartphones or tablets. The company’s history of technological innovation has helped land it the 88th spot on InformationWeek’s most recent list of… continue…

Turn Your Old iPads Into Cash

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In the midst of the tablet-buying mania in which we currently find ourselves, a question arises: Is there a viable market for tablet trade-ins? Absolutely. Whether you’re prepping for some holiday tablet purchases or are budgeting for a 2013 IT tablet spend, you may as well try to squeeze a few bucks out of the barely obsolete gadgets that suddenly aren’t good enough anymore. Perhaps the best-known trade-in site for cell phones and related devices is Gazelle, which calls itself… continue…

After Sandy, Thinking About Offsite Backup

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Data backup, archiving and recovery aren’t exactly sexy. They are mundane tasks that IT doesn’t get too excited about. But then along comes a once-in-a-decade event like Superstorm Sandy, and suddenly secure data backup and recovery is the most exciting thing in the world, at least to businesses that find themselves in the path of the storm. Not in a hurricane zone? What about a fire or even a water pipe that bursts? Among Sandy’s painful lessons is the importance… continue…

How to Land a Job at CSC

CSC, the global technology consultant based in Falls Church, Va., has about 1,600 available positions in the U.S. They span all aspects and levels of IT and development and include 200 positions for application, Web and mobile development. With more than 95,000 employees working in some 70 countries, the company is in the midst of transitioning from a traditional public-service contractor to a more dynamic private-sector tech solutions provider. “While we’ve done lots of consulting in both the private and… continue…