Dino Londis

Dino Londis is an application management engineer at a Manhattan law firm. He's a member of a team responsible for securing and maintaining the desktop. Before this, he worked as a network administrator, tier three support engineer, and helpdesk technician, all in the curious world of law firms. Dino also writes a consumerization column for BYTE.

Facebook Hacking Creates IT Dilemma for the Enterprise

Facebook HQ
Hackers who posted pornography on Facebook may not have had much in mid beyond embarrassing the social network and its users. A spokesman for the site says it’s identified the hackers but isn’t revealing their names.  It also hasn’t revealed how the hack was performed. Security blog Naked Security says it was performed through a known vulnerability in a specific browser requiring the user to post a URL in the address bar. A combination of social engineering and click-jacking allows images… continue…

More on How Gen Y Will Drive IT Crazy

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College graduates entering the workforce are putting greater pressure on IT departments to allow them to use their own mobile devices, unfettered Internet access and wide-open social networks. These are so important that they’re willing to accept less pay to get them. An online survey conducted by Cisco found that one third of the 1,400 respondents would sacrifice pay for an environment where they can use their own devices. Cisco predicts these increasing demands will disrupt IT departments, which are… continue…

ChromeOS Inches Closer to the Enterprise

Google Chrome Logo
Chromebook users are double-handicapped. If their connection to the Internet breaks they can’t work at all, and once they’re connected they’re limited to the Google desktop. Chromebooks run ChromeOS, Google’s other operating system. What Android is to iOS, ChromeOS is to Windows — or so Google would like it. Google advertises Chromebook to students as a cheap alternative to laptops running Windows or OS X. You can lease one for as little as $20 a month, where a comparable laptop… continue…

Alternative Ways to Charge Your iPhone

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iOS 5 and its affect it on battery life reminds is highlighting just how importance mobile devices have absolute necessities. In case you had any doubt. Caught without smartphone juice at the wrong time could cost you a relationship, a job or even your life. But before you run out to buy extra chargers, here are six devices that will keep your phone charged without plugging it into the wall. Crank One minute of cranking is good for one minute… continue…

IOS 5 Users Offer Power Drain Solutions

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Power Plant
iPhone users are discovering that the new iOS 5 is a power hog. Those who’ve installed the OS onto their iPhone 4 or 4S have noticed that battery life is reduced by as much as 30 percent. There’s much speculation in the blogosphere about the cause (Siri, more apps using location-based services, older apps not written for the new environment to name just a few). And as fast as iPhone users have coalesced with stories about the problem, many have… continue…

EFF Gives a Tentative Blessing to Amazon’s Silk Browser

Kindle Fire
When Amazon introduced its Silk browser and called it “optimized” because processing is done server-side, my first thought wasn’t, “Wow, this will be faster.” I thought, now we surf with zero privacy.  With Chrome I can surf anonymously, but would I lose that with Silk? The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the international non-profit digital rights advocacy organization had the same question. After meeting with Amazon, they concluded: Cloud Acceleration can be Turned Off Right on the first page, users are given… continue…

Google Wallet Partners with NJ Transit

Google Wallet users can now use the service to pay their fares on New Jersey Transit. The state’s public transportation system has become the first public transit system in the U.S. to partner with Google Wallet. For now, service is limited to customers with Citi MasterCards or Google Prepaid Cards on Nexus 4GS Sprint phones. Last year New Jersey Transit passed along a $300 million budget deficit to its customers by hiking fairs 25 percent. While the agency hopes technology like… continue…

Windows Works on the iPad With This Wireless Trackpad

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Citrix Receiver
Eight years ago I shared a data room with a network administrator. His dream was to break out on his own with a few colleagues and start a consulting firm. (He saw himself performing network administration tasks from the golf course.) All I could imagine was him standing on the sixth hole while trying to terminal service into Citrix from a laptop while his friends moved on. There were too many points of failure: his connection, the battery life on… continue…

The USB Drip Light is a Conversation Starter

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The future of light is the light emitting diode (LED), and the USB LED Drip Light has one-upped the bigger players with this conversation-starter light fixture that attaches to your PC’s or Mac’s USB port. Just plug it in and mount it to your cubicle wall. The manufacturer tells us it’s made from durable plastic, has a trickle power draw from your device, and can be filled with any color water you choose. It serves no purpose that I can… continue…

Is Interactivity Coming to a TV Near You?

Earlier this year, German viewers of the popular science show Galileo participated in a new form of interactivity with their TVs. Using a free app called Junaio, an augmented reality browser, they answered multiple choice questions by pointing their smartphone cameras at the screen. The app uses image recognition software to know if the viewer pointed at the correct answer. Instant feedback on their phone told them whether they got it right, and the show displayed how they scored against… continue…