David Chie

David Chie is the chief operating officer of Palo Alto Staffing Technology, where he applies an entrepreneurial approach to drive business growth and create demand for services. Born and raised in Australia, Chie launched Palo Alto Staffing Technology in 2011 as a sister company to 32 year-old Palo Alto Staffing Services, and currently leads the company’s fast-paced growth. Chie combines his extensive knowledge of diverse industries with high-level recruiting and technology experience to deliver superior results for his clients. Connect with David on Twitter: @davidjchie.

Avoid These 3 Mistakes to Keep Your Career On Track

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More and more, we see indications that the number of technology jobs is increasing. However, whether you’re  looking for a new job or not, you should be thinking about career planning. It’s an essential component to your longevity and competitiveness in the IT marketplace. As someone who works with talented tech professionals every day, I see people who understand the challenges of career planning and advancement. But many others make some key mistakes that could hold them back. To help… continue…