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Apple iPhone, iPad Sales Outpace Competitors

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Apple reported staggering earnings for its first quarter, surprising industry followers and analysts. Profit was $13.06 billion on revenue of $46 billion, and earnings per share, at $13.87, were far more than the $10.08 per share analysts had predicted, according to AllThingsD. Strong sales of the iPhone and iPad drove the monstrous results. The iPhone was the best-selling smartphone, accounting for 44.9 percent of all sales, said PaidContent, reporting on data from WPP’s Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. The share of Android based phones… continue…

Google’s Rivals Battle Back With “Don’t Be Evil” Tool

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Google rivals Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have picked a fight with  the search giant by launching a browser bookmarklet called “Don’t Be Evil.” The bookmarklet rewrites Google Search Plus Your World search results to return content from Twitter and other social networks, according to AllThingsD. The move is in response to the recent launch of Google’s personalized search, which favors results from Google’s own social network, Google+. The bookmarklet can be downloaded from, a web site created by the… continue…

How To Simplify Your Social Profiles’ Care and Feeding

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Guest Post, by Michelle Greenlee: Searching for a job in the Information Age entails more than simply updating your resume and brushing up on your interview skills. Today’s quick access to information online can give you an edge during the hiring process. Candidates are often advised to clean up their social profiles before employers see them.  It’s good advice if you’ve made a habit of embarrassing yourself in the past. However, there’s more you can do to make a good… continue…

10 Tips to Help You Nail Your Next Tech Interview

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Tech interviews. Preparing for one is kind of like getting ready for a blind date at a certification class. The more you know about the person you’re about to meet and the subject you’ll be quizzed about, the better. To boost your chances of making a great impression and scoring high, try these 10 tips. They come from Adriana Ganos, a Senior Technology Consultant with Winter, Wyman in Waltham, Mass., and Matthew Ripaldi, a senior vice president at Modis in… continue…

How to Decide if You’re Cut Out for Telecommuting

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Guest Column
GUEST COLUMN, by J. P. Giugliano, Winter, Wyman. A lot of companies are offering the opportunity to telecommute as a perk, and many people say they’d like to take them up on it. Other companies are essentially virtual – everyone works from home. But the truth is, working where you live isn’t for everyone. So if you’re offered a job that lets you telecommute, consider these points. Evaluate the Job As You Would Any Other Opportunity Don’t let this particular… continue…

How to Write Unbeatable IT Cover Letters

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Standing Out
By following a few simple guidelines, you can create an unbeatable IT cover letter that is sure to help you get your foot in the door of numerous career opportunities. continue…

Customizing Your Resume Increases Your Chances

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Structure your resume properly, and customizing it becomes a snap. Why customize? So you can target job openings more effectively. continue…

Six Ways NOT to Get a Job

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Off-the-Rack resumes and networking only when you’re looking for work are just two examples of what not to do. continue…

Older Tech Skills Still Have Legs

Social media has attracted a huge amount of ink of late, but the overall growth in IT jobs tends to be much broader. continue…

DiceTV Update: Jobs at YouTube (Video)

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YouTube is undertaking the biggest hiring spree in its history, with plans to increase staff by more than 30 percent in 2011. That’s 200 new jobs. The company’s primarily seeking software engineers to design, implement and test new products. They need to know how to create high-volume production apps, prototype quickly, and write server-side code. It’s also looking for user experience designers and researchers, and Web developers experienced in Linux, Unix, Flash and standards like HTML, CSS, XML and Javascript.… continue…