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Yahoo Investor Demands Look at Hiring Records

Yahoo Logo
Yahoo investor Third Point asked to inspect the books and hiring records related to the company’s hiring of CEO Scott Thompson. The legal filing by the hedge fund investor, announced in a press release, also demanded a review of the records relating to the appointment of Patti Hart to the Yahoo board, as well as several other directors. The request stems from accusations last week that Thompson had padded his resume. Yahoo will likely respond by announcing “a board investigation… continue…

Spacetime Teases Us with Dark Legends Trailer

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Dark Legends
Spacetime Studios is getting ready to release its MMORPG Dark Legends, so it’s teasing us with this trailer. Quick and creepy. (And if you’ve ever heard the old version by the Animals, you can appreciate just how creepy.) Here’s Spacetime’s description of the game: In Dark Legends Players will embrace the secret societies of vampires to challenge the hordes of undead, werewolves, demons and humans that hunt them. Dark Legends opens with the player recently raised and under the direction… continue…

Apple iPad 3 – Sony PS Vita Matchup?

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Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
Apple’s iPad was the first of many devices to put notebooks and ultrabooks on the ropes. Is it about to do the same thing to game controllers? When IndustryGamers’ Steve Peterson compares Sony’s PlayStation Vita with Apple’s looming iPad 3, he makes a good case that it will, whether he means to or not. It all comes down to this: Would you buy two somewhat-overlapping devices, totaling perhaps $700 at the low end, when one does more things better? Sure,… continue…

Tech Jobs for Returning Vets (Infographic)

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The job market for veterans can be as tricky as it is for everyone else. Fortunately, a bunch of programs are out there to help vets find work, and tax credits encourage movement on the employer side. PayScale says tech jobs top the list of positions returning service people are qualified for. To show how military and civilian skills can mesh, it’s put this infographic together. Graphic: PayScale

Ford Launches OpenXC to Spur Creation of New Car Systems

Car from 1984
Ford’s launched OpenXC, a platform based on Bug Labs’ open source Bug System, that’s designed to allow developers to quickly prototype ideas and test ways of connecting the automaker’s vehicles with new products and services. The idea was first discussed at TechCrunch Disrupt in September. At the time, Ford described OpenXC as “the ultimate sandbox to play in with minimal investment, where any and all ideas, concepts and theories for in-car connectivity can be shared, tested and verified.” Now, the… continue…

CleanSpace One: The First Orbital Vacuum Cleaner

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CleanSpace One
For some reason, this strikes me as being neat: A robot spacecraft, CleanSpace One, is being developed to suck in all of those satellite parts and other debris that are orbiting the earth, posing hazards to working spacecraft and generally getting in the way. But: Before CleanSpace One is ready for space, there are technological hurdles to overcome. One being the machine’s ability to come within range of an object in space, to be close enough to capture it. Another… continue…

Five of Our Favorite Networking Stories

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Networking Trio
Every time I write a post about networking, I get yelled at. People jump all over me to say either it’s not important, or it shouldn’t be important. So, I’ll just say that if you believe networking’s not important to finding a job, you’re wrong. If you say it shouldn’t be important, well, that doesn’t matter. It is important, like it or not, and these five stories explain why. Eating Lunch Has WHAT to do with Job Hunting? The Secret to Networking… continue…

Ruby on Rails is Our New Talent Community

Ruby on Rails Dice Talent Community
Ruby On Rails is the focus of our newest Dice Talent Community, a place where you’ll find articles, resources and discussions to help you learn RoR and hone your skills. The community’s hosted by Pedro Visintin, the CTO of Pedro started as a developer working with most mainstream technologies for Web development, and was a lead developer and designer of one of the most advanced home banking platforms at Banco Galicia. After working as a software architect in the… continue…

Jimmy Wales on RoR

Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales says he’s boning up on Ruby on Rails for family reasons. He tells the New York Times that right now he’s reading… …Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial — a book about Web programming. Ruby is a programming language, and Rails is a whole suite of prewritten software components that you can use to quickly create a highly functional Web site. The original version of Twitter was put together with Ruby on Rails. My 11-year-old daughter is… continue…

Facebook Rumored to File IPO Next Week

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Facebook is rumored to be near filing documents for its much anticipated initial public offering, according to All ThingsD and The Wall Street Journal. The filing could happen as early as Wednesday, and the lead underwriter for the offering is said to be Morgan Stanley. This would be the largest tech IPO in history, valued at between $75 billion and $100 billion. Facebook will raise $10 billion from the IPO, which could be used for a variety of investments in the social… continue…