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Austin Tech Companies Worry About Talent Shortage

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The Austin tech sector’s growth between now and 2017 will be complicated by a thin pipeline of STEM talent. Today, technology companies contribute some $21 billion to the local economy, about 25 percent of the total, according to the Austin Technology Council’s Technology Economic Impact Report. This year, nearly 80 percent of those businesses expect to add staff, and the report predicts the sector will create some 9,000 jobs by 2017. As a result, says ATC Chairman Joel Trammell, area… continue…

Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality Gaming Makes a Comeback

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Oculus Rift
By Rob Pakus Nowadays it seems the gaming and gadget hype is all about 3-D TVs and next-generation consoles. I’m more interested in the evolutionary reincarnation of virtual reality gaming, specifically in the form of Oculus VR’s virtual reality headset, aptly named the Oculus Rift.  In case you missed the excitement, here’s a quick summary of its rise to fame. Kickstarter Launches a Virtual Reality Brand Oculus Rift founder Palmer Lucky is an avid VR headset collector, as well as… continue…

Netgear Contest Pushes Connected Appliance Apps

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Netgear’s launched an app-development contest meant to encourage developers to create solutions for connected homes and businesses, and to join its Smart Network Developer Program. The winning developer will get $10,000, but of course all participants will be encouraged to market their apps through the Netgear genie+ marketplace. The company wants to offer consumers more options for interacting with connected devices, like refrigerators and other appliances, which are increasingly seen as potential development platforms. Cedar Milazzo, the company’s vice president… continue…

Create Virtuoso Cover Letters With These 9 Stories

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If you respond to job postings by sending in a resume by itself, I’ve got bad news: You have to send a cover letter, too. Even in this day of job boards and email, the cover letter is the first thing employers look at when they open up your application, and they’re bound to at least skim it before they go on to review the work history you’ve listed in your resume. Yes, it’s another step in an already laborious… continue…

Tech Jobs: Hiring in the South, a Tough Season in Games

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Our weekly snapshot of who’s hiring and who’s firing across the IT landscape. Hiring IBM has begun to hire some of the 800 technology workers it plans to add over the next four years to staff its new services center in Baton Rouge, La., The IBM Services Center: Baton Rouge will provide software development and maintenance services to customers in the U.S. Specifically, workers there will handle app development and app management, as well as systems integration. [Dice News] InfusionSoft,… continue…

Rackspace’s Academy: Training and a Job, Too?

Online Training
Cynics will say that Rackspace’s creation of Open Cloud Academy is self-serving, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help tech professionals who want to expand their skills. Rackspace, after all, is a player in the open cloud world, and offering courses based on its internal training programs looks like a logical way to share hints of the company’s thinking about its services specifically, and cloud practices in general. The six- and eight-week courses will be held at Rackspace’s headquarters in… continue…

7 Stories on Avoiding Job-Search Mistakes

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Quicksand Warning
Even the most diligent, most competent people make mistakes from time to time, and sometimes even simple-seeming goofs can have worse consequences than you’d expect. This is especially true in job hunting, where pretty much everyone on the other side of the table is looking for ways to eliminate you. This usually happens in the early stages of the process, when employers have to whittle their initial surge of resumes down to a manageable pile. While most reviewers will overlook… continue…

New Coating Keeps Your Smartphone from Drowning

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Circuit Cards
by Gabriela Jugaru Dropping your smartphone into the water, spilling your coffee on it or worse yet, having to fish it out of the toilet bowl happens on a regular basis. For the people that own them it can mean the end of the world, especially if you’re one of those who carries your life around on it. As some people would rather cut off their leg (not really) than part with their smartphone, there have been many attempts at… continue…

Embed Dice News in Your Blog for Free

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Dice is experimenting with a new idea: content embedding, a way to let content loose in the same way that YouTube liberated the video to go viral. Last week, we made it easier than ever for you to use Dice content to build the audience on your own blog.  The embedded content includes photos, bylines, our logo, everything needed to make content sharing easy…and legal. The way we’ve made it easier is by adding to every Dice story that… continue…

Seven Reasons to Keep Searching Even Though It’s Summer

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GUEST COLUMN, by Patty Coffey, Winter, Wyman: Like it or not, the perception that companies cut back hiring during the summer is a myth. In fact, they fill positions at the same — if not an increased — pace during the hottest months of the year. Job hunting during the summer can be tricky though, and it’s important to avoid two particular hazards: timing and schedules. Because of vacations, trying to schedule interviews can be complicated. An interview process that… continue…