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This Week’s Most Popular Stories

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MIcrosoft Front Door
For a hot summer weekend, here are the most popular stories on Dice News this week. Skittish Microsoft Workers Weigh Their Options: Even before CEO Steve Ballmer released his manifesto detailing the organizational changes he planned for Microsoft, a number of employees were getting ready to bolt. Tech Consulting Jobs Gain Strength: Consulting jobs are gaining strength in part because companies remain tentative in hiring full-time workers. That may not change for a while. Fate of H-1B Reform Uncertain in… continue…

GoDaddy Plans Sunnyvale Office to Accomodate New Hires

Go Daddy
Web-hosting company GoDaddy is preparing to open a new office in Sunnyvale, Calif., in order to accommodate an influx of new hires. The company now has about 100 open positions across the country, including spots for Web engineers in Silicon Valley, network engineers in Scottsdale, Ariz., and developers in Denver. GoDaddy opened the Sunnyvale office — its first in the San Francisco Bay Area — in February with 40 people. By June, that number had doubled as it built out… continue…

Top Tech Career Questions and Answers

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From crafting effective cover letters to creating a strong technology resume, Dice News Career Guide Leslie Stevens-Huffman and I got together in a Google Hangout to answer some of the most common questions job seekers ask on Dice. Topics Discussed Roll up to the times below to see coverage of specific areas. 01:05 Fair Salaries 04:37 Customized Resumes and Cover Letters 08:05 Marketing Yourself 09:54 Networking 13:15 Selecting Appropriate Jobs to Apply to 15:50 Cover Letters & Online Job Postings… continue…

This Week’s Most Popular Stories

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U.S. Visa Thumbnail
For your reading pleasure, here are the stories most read by your fellow Dice users this week. H-1B Reform Might Bring Unintended Consequences: The Senate’s immigration reform bill would impose higher costs to obtain H-1B visas and raise the required wages of visa-holders – moves that could have an effect opposite of what the measure’s Gang of Eight authors intended. Employers and analysts say that rather than protect U.S. workers, the proposal could lead to more work being sent offshore.… continue…

Women in Technology: Pain and Potential

WIT Special Report Thumbnail
For nearly a decade, the pool of women in IT has remained roughly a quarter of the technology workforce, demonstrating little advance despite their comprising approximately half of the overall civilian workforce in 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the challenges and frustrations women in IT confront at each juncture of their career paths remain unique when compared to the experiences of their male counterparts. This month, we present a special report on Women in Technology –… continue…

Introducing the Dice Tech Career Tool Kit

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Dice Logo
Job hunting — though it can be stressful, demoralizing and frustrating — is a fact of life for pretty much everyone. In IT especially, it’s important to approach your search in the right way if you want to get the best shot at impressing hiring managers, who are incredibly picky. To help, we’ve created the Dice Tech Career Tool Kit. It offers some of our best advice on each aspect of finding not just a job, but the right job,… continue…

Mobile Game Landscape Gets More Complicated

green labyrinth
Despite all the hype surrounding mobile games — and all the money companies are investing in efforts to push them — the business model to support them hasn’t yet made itself evident. You’d think that would give some running room to independent developers who’ve got a clever approach to attracting, keeping and making money off of players. But that’s more easily said than done, especially when the industry’s leaders are putting a lot of effort into remaking themselves. Part of… continue…

Cisco Looks to New Grads for UX Solutions

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Cisco Logo Thumbnail
The people at Cisco are smart enough to know that a key factor in the company’s future success will be the user experience. Specifically, if consumers can’t easily get its devices to do what they want them to do, they’re not going to be worth very much. As a solution, Cisco is hiring fresh college graduates and putting them to work on projects designed to make sure that customers find its products logical and easy to use. The idea is… continue…

This Week’s 5 Most Popular Stories

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For your reading pleasure, here are the stories most read by your fellow Dice users this week. NSA Needs Geeks in Utah: Despite a job market for IT specialists that seems a little rocky at moments, there’s a huge new opportunity for IT people with the right skills, the will to relocate, and a little discretion. Actually make that a lot of discretion. An Inside Look at How Apple Trains Its Geniuses: Who needs certifications for tech support and sales… continue…

GoDaddy’s New Ariz. Center to Add 300 Jobs

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Go Daddy
Hosting giant GoDaddy will add 300 jobs when its new Global Technology Center in Tempe, Ariz., is complete. The ground-breaking for facility was held last week. The facility’s 150,000 square feet will house 1,300 employees including engineers, developers and customer service staff, the company said. GoDaddy currently employs more than 3,400 people worldwide. The company expects further growth at the center, even beyond the already planned 300. The building should be completed by mid-2014. In a press release, GoDaddy CEO… continue…