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How to Run an Advanced Job Search on Dice

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By Alicia Ouverson When you search for a job on Dice, you can perform an advanced search in several ways besides starting the home page’s quick search. Here they are. On your MyDice dashboard go to the “My Jobs” field and click the Search for Jobs link. You’ll be taken to the Advanced Search page. From there, you can create your detailed job search. Also on your dashboard, go to the “My Resume” field. If you have a searchable resume,… continue…

6 Hackathons You Should Know About

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory While you may think of spring as the prime hackathon season, many innovative events are held in summer and early fall. Here are six that you should know about. HackN’ Jill #HackYourSummer June 7 to June 8 New York, New York While many hackathons are male-dominated, Hack’N Jill’s goal is for each of its efforts to include at least half female participants. Hack’N Jill hosted Hacksgiving last fall, which attracted over 51 percent female developers. The… continue…

Game Developer Gives Pirates a Taste of Their Own Medicine

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By Scott Bowers Piracy is an issue that software developers big and small have to contend with. Some companies push tyrannical copy protection that can frustrate legitimate gamers, while others ship with no protection at all. Indie startup studio Greenheart Games took an unconventional approach to fighting off pirates with its maiden game, Game Dev Tycoon. The developer used pirate-favorite BitTorrent to seed its own “cracked” version of the game to the world, albeit with a slight modification in code.… continue…

Would My Client Hire Me Next Time?

By Brad Egeland Have you ever asked your spouse if they would choose you again if they could do it all over? I have, but I have to be careful which day to ask. Likewise, have you ever wondered whether your client would hire you again? Was your performance such that they would want you? For most of us, I’m sure the answer is a resounding yes. But there are always those uncertain cases out there, some of them even… continue…

Can Nintendo Win E3 Without A Press Conference?

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By Scott Bowers Last month, Nintendo surprised everyone with the news that they would not hold one of the traditional giant press conferences at E3. For many years the game industry’s major players have staged their own events, usually just before the show opens, to gloat about sales figures and to hype their upcoming products. While Sony unwraps more details about Playstation 4 and Microsoft showcases the new Xbox, Nintendo is struggling against difficult and evolving market conditions. More and… continue…

A Guest Worker’s Perspective on H-1Bs

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H-1B Special Report
by Samwise With immigration reform being a central topic in Washington, there’s talk of reforming the H-1B program, possibly increasing the number of visas made available each year. Dice asked me to share some of my thoughts about the program, hence this article. I’m here in the U.S. on an H-1B, currently working as a senior database developer. Why come to the U.S.? Many people wonder what prompts individuals to apply for H-1Bs. For me, and most others in the… continue…

Resumes: How to Effectively List Technical Skills

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Resume List
By Jennifer Goforth Gregory You know the problem: Everyone who reviews your resume — whether they’re a recruiter, an HR staffer or the hiring manager — spends mere seconds on it and wants to decide just one thing: Is this person worth calling in for an interview? To make them think Yes, every part of your resume has to be well thought out and carefully constructed. In tech, one of your resume’s most important sections is your list of technical… continue…

3 Strong Graduate Degrees for Business Analysts

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by Michael Goul Even though we keep hearing about Big Data and how organizations are increasingly using analytics in strategic planning and day-to-day operations, the people involved in turning those numbers into something meaningful are often overlooked. The role of a business analyst is one of the fastest growing in IT. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22-percent increase in these jobs through 2020, and a recent survey from Lavastorm Analytics shows 53 percent of the 600 IT professionals… continue…

Planning for the Financial Impact of Your New Job

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By Brian Spero Technology employers continue to struggle to find the right people to fill open positions, which is a good thing for people who are looking for work. Those with the right set of skills and experience can find themselves weighing several offers at once, a notion that has more IT professionals weighing the possibility of jumping to new company. As they mull things over, though, many job seekers don’t pay nearly enough attention to the financial implications of… continue…

From the Buzz, Piecing Together the Xbox 720

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By Scott Bowers Microsoft has announced that the date of the “Xbox Reveal” will be at a special event on May 21.  This is the first official announcement from them regarding their new upcoming console.  But just because Microsoft’s not saying a lot about the upcoming Xbox 720 – code-named “Durango” — doesn’t mean gamers are in a wait-and-see mood.  After all, if nature fills vacuums, then the gaming community argues rumors.  And so many rumors have been floating around… continue…