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Turbocharge Your Time Management With These Tips

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By John White Are you currently attending or considering going back to grad school while juggling a demanding career and a busy family life? If so, welcome to my world! With two small children, a full-time position in sales and marketing, an executive MBA program, and blogging for various media channels, I am crazy busy these days. I have been forced to learn how to effectively manage my time. I have done so by having valuable conversations with my mentors,… continue…

SourceForge Interview: CMDBuild

Over at SourceForge, the August “Staff Pick” project is CMDBuild, a software platform that allows developers to configure a custom database of assets and design-related workflow processes. The SourceForge editors sat down with one of the project managers, Fabio Bottega, to discuss the project’s purpose and direction. Tell me about the CMDBuild project. CMDBuild is an open source, enterprise Web application to model and manage your IT asset database. CMDB stands for configuration and management database but CMDBuild is more… continue…

SourceForge Interview: A New Game Engine

Over at SourceForge, the August Project of the Month is the community-elected VASSAL Engine, described as “a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board and card games.” Project manager Joel Uckelman sat down to talk about the project’s origins and future. (Editor’s Note: Here’s the link to the project. Hello, Hacker News folks!) Tell me about the VASSAL Engine project. VASSAL provides a virtual tabletop for playing board games live over the net and by email. It’s cross-platform… continue…

SourceForge Interview: Enterprise Social Collaboration

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Over at SourceForge, the July Project of the Month (as elected by the community) is eXo, described as “a highly customizable, social-collaboration enterprise platform.” One of the project’s managers, Patrice Lamarque, talked with SourceForge about the project’s history and direction. Tell me about the eXo project, please. eXo produces a social collaboration platform for the enterprise, with software and add-ons. Large and medium-sized companies that desire social collaboration within their information system or that build an online community, social intranet, or a… continue…

Why Cultural Fit Is Critical to Your Success

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By Daryl Zapoticzny Gallup’s recent State of the Global Workforce analysis states that only 30 percent of professional workers in the U.S. are “engaged” on the job. The other 70 percent range from “checked out” at work to “actively disengaged.” You may relate to these statistics if you find yourself exploring opportunities elsewhere. Although technical skills can help your marketability, they don’t keep you immune from the drain of a company culture that doesn’t fit your values and modus operandi.… continue…

How to Search for Jobs by Company

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By Alicia Ouverson Have you dreamed of working for a specific company?  Want to know the quickest ways to find out what openings they have available?  You have a few options: First, go to the Dice homepage. Near the top, you’ll see the BROWSE JOBS bar. Click the ‘By Company’ link. You will be directed to the Employer Directory, where you can search the alphabetical listings to find the company you’re looking for. Or there’s another option, if you’re already… continue…

To Beat the Software Interview, Think Video Games

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By Ben Weiss I think we can all agree that interviewing for software development jobs could be a little more fun because as it currently stands, the whole process pretty much sucks. First, you have to get noticed, which seems all but impossible with modern day applicant tracking systems. When you do get noticed, you then need to go through the formalities presented by Human Resources, undergo a technical assessment from senior development types, then endure a problem solving and… continue…

Read This Before You Say Yes to a Counteroffer

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By Doug Schade You have found a new job, and put in your resignation, but your manager tells you that you are important and a key asset to the firm and provides you with an excellent counteroffer. As a job seeker, having two job offers is definitely not a bad situation to be in, but what should you do now? Below is advice on how to handle the emotional aspect of the counteroffer. Stick to Your Guns: First of all,… continue…

How to Improve Your Search Results on Dice

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By Alicia Ouverson It’s usually best to start your search off more broadly, using fewer filters and then add them in as you go to narrow down your search results. The Advanced Search page on Dice offers several different filters for this. But the most impactful piece of the search is the keyword search string. With the Keywords field, you can search by using “match all words,” “match any words,” or perform a Boolean search. If you’re not familiar with… continue…

How to Post Your Dice Resume Anonymously

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By Alicia Ouverson Some people prefer to post their resume without showing their name or contact information. Dice allows for this option– you’ll just need to set your profile as confidential. To do this: After logging into your Dice account, click on the ‘Manage/Add Resumes’ link in the My Resume section of your dashboard page. In the Available Resumes section, click the Edit link to go to the Edit Profile and Resume page. In the first section under Search Settings,… continue…