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Mark Feffer is the Managing Editor of Dice. He started as a videotape editor back when there was videotape to edit, then joined the news desk at Dow Jones News/Retrieval, the company's first online product. He produced The Wall Street Journal's first multimedia CD-ROMs and published his novel, "September," in 2006. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, their fierce terrier, and a schnauzer who wonders why she ever left California. He's a member of the Project Management Institute.

These Are the Top 10 Cloud Skills Employers Want

The term “cloud skills” is something of a misnomer. Truth is, there’s no single set of skills you need to get a job working with cloud technology. Instead, employers are looking for a mix of skills that will vary depending on the job in question and the candidate themselves. In other words, they’re looking for breadth rather than depth in any one area. As the cloud continues to grow, so does the need for tech professionals who can develop the… continue…

This Simple Move Will Build Your Network

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Tip of the Day When people think about networking, they usually put it in the context of meeting other people. But when you’re out there developing a group of contacts who can help you with advice, job tips and raw information about potential employers, it’s important to remember these same people are looking for you to help them. How do you do that? One way is to link them up with other people you know. Every introduction you make adds… continue…

How to Answer Open-Ended Interview Questions

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Interview Panel
Tip of the Day When you’re asked an open-ended question during an interview, success is about delivering a good answer and delivering it well. The first part is about preparation, while the second is about communication skills. Can you deliver a clear, concise, well-structured answer? Here are two structures that will help you: Nugget First: In this approach, you lead with your thesis, or “nugget.” For example, if you’re asked about a challenging interaction with a co-worker, you say something… continue…

How to Turn Around a ‘Bad’ Recruiter Call

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Confused Telephone
Tip of the Day We’ve all heard stories about the recruiter who calls with an opportunity that doesn’t line up with your skill set at all. The more you talk to them, the more you’re convinced they’ve barely glanced at your resume. How do you handle the situation? Be professional and turn it to your advantage. Remember that most recruiters–whether they’re prepared right now or not–can be good contacts for you down the road. Keep the conversation business-like and try… continue…

What to Include in Your Resume’s Skills List

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Resume List
Tip of the Day Your resume’s list of technical skills is among its most important features, so take the time to make it as effective as it can possibly be. After all, this is the place where you demonstrate the depth of your experience with the tools necessary to do a certain job. One of the most common mistakes tech professionals make is to include a laundry list of skills here. Instead, include only those where you have an intermediate… continue…

This Is Why Tech’s Diversity Won’t Change Any Time Soon

Diversity Puzzle
Since Google last week gave the world a look at the diversity of its workforce–or lack thereof–the tech media has been full of articles dissecting what most people already knew: The industry is pretty much male and white. Google said that just 30 percent of its employees are women, 3 percent are Hispanic and 2 percent are black. In technical roles, 60 percent are white and 17 percent are women. For comparison’s sake, women make up 47 percent of American… continue…

Company Research Matters Every Step of the Way

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Tip of the Day Employers are looking for someone to solve a specific problem for them, and they hire the person who does the best job of selling themselves as The One. To do that, customize your approach to each job you apply for. This shows recruiters and hiring managers that you aren’t generic. The first step is to do your homework. You want to demonstrate that you’re a match on all levels for the position, not just in your… continue…

Tech Firms Focus on Cities In Pursuit of Younger Workers

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Boston Waterfront
  Tech companies across the country are increasingly setting up shop in urban areas, driven by the need to hire younger workers who aren’t about to give up their city lifestyles. At the same time, they have to consider older professionals who don’t want the hassles of a longer commute. The move is particularly pronounced in Boston, home to a large community of colleges as well as a vibrant tech industry. You can see it in the numbers: Last year… continue…

Network Concerns Drive Hiring for Security Professionals

Mobile Security
  Demand for the skills necessary to secure networks and data continues to drive opportunities for security specialists. During April, job postings for security-related positions rose 20 percent year-on-year, according to business intelligence firm Wanted Analytics. Click here to search security jobs. More than 7,800 security-related postings were available during the month, the company said. The most commonly advertised jobs that included a need for security knowledge were cyber security analyst, software engineer, systems engineer, systems administrator and network engineer.… continue…

Remember This When You Network

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Young People Networking
Tip of the Day Networking is one of the most effective tools there is for getting a job. To be effective at it, you have to work at it. Remember: You can’t tap perfect strangers on the shoulder and expect them to do you a favor. So don’t just ask for help. Offer your own by sharing job leads and news, providing recommendations and introducing people. Being thoughtful is a part of this, too. Send congratulatory notes when someone gets… continue…